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No One Is Above The Law

Ex Congressman Anthony Weiner, of New York, sounds great, has a perfect ring to it. Was the most arrogant self centered law maker of the twenty first century, next to Nancy Pelosi, “The Incompetent One” of California and Barney Frank, “The Clueless Never Wrong One” of Massachusetts, finally went down for the count. He put an abrupt end to all his constant degrading, tormented lies and fabrications that he projected to the American people. This was definitely an insult to our intelligence.

 He has finally exited his Alice in Wonderland fable of being the targeted victim, into a truthful reality of self inflicted shame. He definitely threw out the first stone and like a boomerang it came back to hit him hard, right between the eyes that destroyed his Goliath political career at his own David hands.

The man was so conceited that he submitted, eventually at his own admission, the vulgar distribution of pictures pertaining to censured parts of his body to participating female members associated with Twitter. One could only imagine if any or all of these pictures were intentionally or mistakenly sent to anyone of our respectful loved ones. Who are our Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Aunts, Cousins or our Wives, especially if any of them happens to be underage?

What is going on with our Nation, when an elected member of Congress, reverts back to the Caveman mentality of displaying an inappropriate personal exposure, relinquishing all morals of decency. Have we turned into a barbaric society of acceptable heathenism, without thinking of the consequences or do these individuals truly actually believe they are above the law, worthy of a Royal Monarch?

President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “No Man is above the law and no man is below it: nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it”. This holds true with anyone, who feels invincible with the complete arrogance of not realizing the consequences of their actions. Eventually the piper must be paid his due, and justice will be served.

This man not only brought shame to his wife, his name and his family, but he also enhanced the tarnished reputation of his already unpopular, distrustful, unscrupulous self centered profession as an elected member of the House of Representatives.

Unfortunately this shameful display of perversion affected us all, including our Great Country, The United States of America. The most excellent elated result from all this turmoil which also included horrendously visualizing the Ex-Congressman’s photo, with his shirt off, thank God we were spared the rest, was his much deserved resignation.

This also has to be one for the history books, when a Liberal Marxist Socialist Democrat, was finally thrown under the bus by some of his cohorts, joined by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” asking for his political demise is astonishing. Usually they close ranks, place the covered wagons in a circle, and defend the guilty party with multiple forms of deceptive tricks.They needed a gimmick or should we say a sacrificial lamb to improve their creditability, and unfortunately for Weiner he was expendable. It only proves that miracles do happen.

We mustn’t let this act of forced chivalry fool us, a leopard cannot change its spots no matter what new and improved detergent it uses. We the citizenry of this Great Country must take all the credit. This victory must never be stolen or acknowledged by any undeserving political hack or the bought and sold main stream liberal media.

It was the strength, fortitude and outrage demonstrated fearlessly by the American people that enhanced his ultimate withdrawal from power. Every Governmental leader from small town politics to the Federal Government even the egotistical, overconfident, big and pig headed Democrats know our strength. The last election proved the American people could make or break any politician. We must keep them under our thumbs. The people must never fear its Government but the Government must fear its people.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance”. Our great forefather must be proud of our peaceful resistance of using the power of the vote, and peaceful assembly joined together with our God Given alienable rights, the Constitution and freedoms of the speech to reclaim our rightful place as a Government Of, By and For the people. This placed a speed bump which slowed down the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, The Progressives and the Obama Administration's attempt in manipulating and destroying our freedoms?

We must never allow our elected officials to unscrupulously and dishonestly police their own without public intervention. The good old boy method of punishment and reprimands must cease immediately. If we allow this system to exist, without protest, then we might as well rename Our Nation’s Capital “Sodom and Gomorrah”. The fungus would spread like athletes foot in a public shower and the only antidote is the voice and outrage of the American people.

Remember we must never place ourselves in a subservient prostrated position of yielding to anyone of our precious Constitutional rights. Never forget that freedom isn’t free, there is always someone, some organization, country or group, religious or atheist camouflaging themselves in wolves in sheep’s clothing waiting in the wings to destroy our liberties. We must never falter. The enemies of our freedoms are many. We must never become passive or complacent.

We must continue the good peaceful fight of righteousness, protection and self perservation . We are Americans and we must never forget this special honor and privilege.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014


  An American Tragedy

Once again the Republican Party has been strategically manipulated by our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, who provided no plan or leadership. His only alternative offered was to spend and spend and spend. This continual reckless actions of abusing and escalating our economy into complete ruin, showed no urgent indication in correcting his clueless mistakes. This mockery was applauded by his base of Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats. Fortunately, this plan was immediately rejected by “common sense” members of his Party, who are up for re-election and the Republicans.

Compromise was finally reached, before the so-called Obama target date of potential doom and gloom was reached, but at what cost? This financial duel, or should we say the “sellout of incompetent fear” has led our Great Country to lose its “Triple A” bond rating, in which we proudly held since 1917.

Drastic cuts in our National budget should have been established immediately. Waste and fraud was ignored during this budgetary process. There must be a full evaluation and audit provided on who, what, when, where, why and how each Department, Entitlement or Subsidy is freely, and liberally dispensing our hard earned, blood, sweat, and tears tax revenue.

No one except the elected representatives of the Tea Party had the strength, courage and fortitude to change and challenge the wasteful inept Government control, in our Federal, State and local Governments. Thank God for the Tea Party. Yet they are being thrown under the bus by the cowards of the confused Republican Party establishment and the politically correct spend thrift Democratic Party of fools. Who consists of embracing high taxes, socialism, passive resistance, bowing, kneeling, apologizing, lies, innuendoes and political correctness?

If our elected, over stayed their welcome, scared imbeciles, ever had the strength, courage and fortitude to eliminate only fifty percent of the thievery which exists in our bloated governmental conglomerates, that are full of corruption and questionable larceny, it would not only pierce our deficit, but it would probably put us in the black.

If we secured our boarders and refused to offer, on a silver platter undeserved entitlements, to the illegal alien invaders that swarm freely into out land, sucking the life at of our economy and workforce, this will help eliminate our deficit and reduce unemployment.

If we kept corporations, here, instead of them manufacturing in others Countries, because of high taxes, anti-business bureaucracies, rules and regulations. Then we can once again produce, with unmatched pride and excellence, products that are: Made in America”. This will help eliminate our deficit and reduce unemployment.

If we eliminated needless, useless forced subsidies of all those liberal organizations that should be self sufficient, and fend for themselves such as A.C.O.R.N. and N.P.R. (National Public Radio), this will help eliminated our deficit.

If we cut completely from our vocabulary all the foreign aide we dispense to hostile nations that are aiding, hoping and praying for our demise. This will help eliminate our deficit.

If we scrutinized, evaluated and wiped out duplication of Government Services, Agencies and Departments. Together with, the limitation of creating multiple non-essential high salaried political hack “good old boy” positions, contracts, kickbacks and payouts. This will help eliminate our deficit.

The dinosaurs in Washington D.C. can’t think or react outside the box, they’re menu is flat, stale and unappetizing. Fortunately, there’s a new Chef in town called Tea Party with the necessary ingredients to stir the pot.

This is just a few malfunctions observed by a concerned citizen of the United States of America. Imagine the added unseen atrocities that really exist, which are sucking the life out of our National economy into a slow death of despair. No one except the members the Tea Party has seriously addressed these issues. 

The Republicans better wake up and smell the roses. They’re losing creditability fast with the American people. They better join forces with them or sink into oblivion. After all the Democrats are constantly catering to their base of liars, buffoons, leeches, vagabonds, snakes and traitors.

The Democrats always use fear when all is lost, especially holding the despicable “Sword of Damocles” over the heads of our military and our elderly. Social Security is a separate fund, in which the government borrows from it. The checks by law can’t be withheld or stopped, but this didn’t put a halt to their frightful rhetoric.

Medicare is going broke with the help of Obamacare. Which is transferring (5) Five hundred billion dollars from its funds, to pay for this unpopular, forced down our throats, health plan full of horrors. There was little or no mention of it, from any media outlet, why?

Someone must inform the Republicans in Congress that they won the election and have control of the House of Representatives. Unfortunately for them and the American people, they’re acting like bungling, ineffectual, confused losers.

We must peacefully take back our Country and our freedoms. Vote; Write, E-mail, Phone, protest, legally assembly. Exercise your precious God given inalienable rights and our Constitution. The will of the people to self govern themselves must be preserved. Our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness must never be compromised.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014  


    A Chromosome Short

The constant audacity demonstrated by our present body of representatives now serving their United States constituents, with an exception of a few are an abomination in decency.

Our Federal Government did experience some self inflicted turmoil. These elected members demonstrated that they were a chromosome short of intelligence and ethics, such as Nancy Pelosi, “The Incompetent One”, Harry Reid, The Incoherent One and Barney Frank, “The Clueless Never Wrong One”. These are just to name a few on a long list of Benedict Arnold, home grown Judaist to our Country, and the Constitution. They turned their backs without good conscience on an America Of, By, and For the People. They’re rapidly developing our freedoms into oblivion and into a sorry state, molded in their own greedy, self serving Socialist, Marxist image, by worshiping their false tarnished golden idol called Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One” our President.

There are members of Congress and the Senate affected by an unrestrained wide open endorsement of mass corruption that increases with age without any fear or form of punishment or reprimands. They habitually abuse not only our Nation of laws, but they revise it to their own unscrupulous meaning and justification, leaving them untouchable, while others, who don’t mirror their philosophy are chastised for lesser violations. They make the laws, so they feel they could obviously disobey them, it’s like having the fox watch the chicken coop. It has no conscience, sympathy, mercy or remorse after it devours the chickens; the only thing that matters is satisfying its own selfish hunger.

Even when we vote them out of office or they forcefully resign or retire into the sunset we never learn our lesson. Unfortunately we have a sad record of replacing them with individuals that potentially have the same untrusting caliber. They fall into the trap of being manipulated marionettes, controlled by the puppeteer, bought and sold by the highest bidder.

They obviously have no respect to comply with the desires, wishes and well being of the people. The undeniable truth is their prejudicial documentations of agreeing, supporting and voting for almost every sacrilegious maneuver endorsed by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. No matter how irrational or absurd by swallowing the kool-aide. This was proven with their vote on Obamacare, which cost many their elected political careers?  They follow blindly without administering good decent sympathetic judgment, while disregarding any responsibility of potential consequences, even if it slowly demises our Country.

This slow painful torture will eventually have no Disneyland ending, of living happily ever after, but it will leave few options available and will definitely contribute to a mass regression of quality of life. Anyone agreeing to this disgraceful display of accepting exorbitant increases in payments, without productivity, must definitely question one’s intelligence. There are some Representatives that truly believe in a logical approach, but unfortunately they are a minority.

The same mistakes are repeated, throughout the years. Do they really expect pounding businesses, big and small with heavy imposed taxes will actually entice them into increase hiring, expanded construction and produce products that are made in America 

These have been proven hindrances and a total sellout to the residents, the taxpayers and especially Capitalism, which made our Country great and prosperous.  Their philosophies obviously diminish quality of life for most.  It does though; allow the increase of an already bloated spendthrift government with more money to waste, while foreign Countries and foreign illegal aliens reap all the rewards.  Their goal is plain and simple, redistribution of wealth. As Abraham Lincoln once said “you can’t make a poor man rich by making a rich man poor” Our representatives definitely believe they can accept this stance, but they have been proven wrong in every way. They can’t read the handwriting on the wall, right in front of their noses. How many residents and citizens of the United States of American are actually employed by our generosity of forced stimulus and subsidies.

We have devastation on our own land by massive tornadoes and brutal weather, yet there are individuals in Congress refusing to help, denying these taxpayers, our own brothers and sisters much deserved help and assistance, claiming there’s no money in the budget. While they continue to send unlimited aide throughout the world, even to hostile corrupt Countries. Look at all the money sent to Haiti after the earthquake, Indonesia after the tsunami, not to mention all that receive our foreign aide that never benefits the people, but government officials do become billionaires at our expense. Doesn’t charity begin at home.

They demand “Respect” but this must be earned and not automatically given just because you are an elected or appointed puppet. It’s also a two way street? So far our President, the House of Representative, and the Senate didn’t even reach that first plateau in obtaining this privilege.

The President is great in blowing his own deceptive horn, while portions of the Country are violently deteriorating into oblivion. We as taxpayers forcibly compensate many multiple forms of political patronage, including bonuses of obnoxious payouts, promotions, fabricated positions, duel and triple job holders, hidden salary increases, deal making, nepotism, paybacks, rehiring of retirees, and corruption. Only the anointed businesses and their corporate heads that are blessed by his highness our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” are eligible to succeed and expand, without limitations.

All this while Obama  authorizes smoke in mirror tactics, which includes, extended unemployment benefits, instead of jobs, high gas and energy prices, inflation, recession, escalated taxes, runaway spending, clueless policies, ignorance, incompetence, worthless currency, food stamps, welfare, unjustified social crutches and Obamacare.. Don’t you as a resident, taxpayer and citizen of this great Country feel humiliatingly used, abused and violated.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014


This past storm called “Sandy” has proven one thing; we are a vulnerable Nation, full of incompetence. We thought here especially on the Northeast coast were so invincible to anything Mother Nature can throw at us, as we did in the past, yet we experienced a very rude humbling awakening with this storm of extreme magnitude.

We were warned for over a week, by all those who predict the weather that “Frankenstorm” was coming our way, yet our elected and appointed leadership and government agencies, including our utilities companies were so ill-prepared. The aftermath was so despicable it left us all defenseless in a disgraceful dreadful mess of substandard inefficiencies.

Parts of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut were devastated, causing injury and death. People were pleading for help, crying out on bended knee and all they received for days and days was a photo opt by President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. I didn’t realize this before until our illustrious Governor from New Jersey was hugging Mr. Obama. The two of them looked like the perfect couple.

Then you have insensitive idiots like Chris Mathews commentator on MSNBC saying while closing coverage on election day after Obama’s re-election “So Glad We Had That Storm Last Week Because The storm Was One Of Those Things”. Mr. Jackass people died in that storm! People were injured because of that storm. People were homeless because of that storm. People had no heat because of that storm. People suffered because of that storm. Sure Chris what’s a few people dying as long as it helps Obama remain in the Presidency for another four years. You are and your liberal friends hideous demons?

Some are still without power for over (10) ten days, and the end of their turmoil seems to have no end. The power companies repetitiously state in a sarcastic voice or a recording “it’s going to take longer”, while using the standard “Please be Patient”.

The political hacks seem powerless while the people suffer and suffer without any relief. This is a disgrace? Are we in America or some third world nation?

This is an unacceptable (F) grade, “a total failure”. There were trees down for days, affecting electric poles, wires and power transformers, blocking streets, leaving hazardous situations to all residents, residing in the area. Sections of the Jersey Shore looked like a war torn nation, yet their reply was continuous, “Please be Patient”!

Staten Island was left to fend for themselves, while Mayor Bloomberg brought in needed generators and supplies that should have been delivered to the distressed area; instead they were delivered to the scheduled New York City marathon. Only after public protest and media humiliation of His Honor, the Mayor was forced to yield, concealing the event. Mayor Bloomberg feel their pain, instead of being an uncompassionate money making zombie of shame.

We received messages from government officials, especially Governor Chris Christie and all our local governments constantly stating we must brace over selves, for the inevitable,but no information or communications from the “Electric Company”

These phone calls were given before and during the storm, announcements were made by the media but after the lights went out, there was a sound of silence. Did the politicians actually ignore their own warnings and dropped the ball? Was there every precautionary method used to diminish hardships? Obliviously they weren’t.

Why weren’t the National Guard troops deployed before the storm making essential preparations? No generators, no transportation, no gas, no power, crowded shelters, no communications, looting, personal effects stolen, fires were standard operational procedures?

Information was almost non-existent, even by any non-electrical equipment. Sympathy, compassion and understanding were thrown out the window, by the same authorities we relied upon. We were not only victims of “Sandy”, but we were also exploited by numerous government and private agencies, especially by the gas and electric companies.

As always the first responders, Police, Fire, EMT’s were exceptional, and neighbor did help neighbor, thank you!

This is the 21st century, the age of instant information and technology, yet we found ourselves going backwards in time. Our cell phones were inoperative. We had no electric; heat, computers, internet, or television, food was dwindling or getting spoiled. We were forced into a wilderness of darkness and silence. Terrorist actions could have been administered and we would still have remained clueless. Any modern forms of communications came to an abrupt halt except for the radio.

The utilities companies have a monopoly, with a monopoly there is responsibility. They must be held to higher standards. Competition always improves services, but with them there is none. If I don’t like my cable, I can go some where else. If I don’t like my phone service I can go some where else, If I don’t like my electric company, I remain in darkness!

My company in New Jersey is Public Service Gas and Electric (PSEG). Unfortunately, they are totally inept, but as most we are stuck with their abuses, lies, fabrications, incompetence and arrogance. There was absolutely no information or dialog administered from them to their customers.

They run it as they will and the hell with their customers. "You don’t have power be patient, sooner or later it will come back when we decide to fix your problem"?

Naturally, which can be expected, with no confidence, most of our local government Officials are clueless, and show no sense of direction!

They must be forced to update their system, with better organizational structure, networks and emergency procedures to combat any and all catastrophes. This will not only enhance efficiency but will also decrease hardship to their customers. They’re quick enough, with all their arrogance, to shut off your power if you don’t pay your bill on time, but what consequences are placed upon them when they experience unnecessary incompetence and fault?

All they do is manufacture and offer excuses, blame others or: Acts of God”. They obviously weren’t prepared to handle this situation; this was out of their league, why? Are they accountable to no one, but themselves? Hopefully this didn’t adversely affect anyone’s health?

They should not only take the high road of common decency by offing all residents that experienced loss of power credit, for the days lost including any additional reimbursement for all food spoilages or anything else lost through their malpractices?

My prayers and sorrow are extended to all those, everywhere, who lost their homes and property, especially for all those who lost family members and dear friends in this travesty. God Bless and Protect us always.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

      Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday when we as a society celebrate with eager anticipation of the unofficial start of summer. The grills come out, propane tanks are filled. Rentals, hotels, motels and time shares are reserved. Pools are cleaned up and ready to go. Lakes and the beaches are open, with wishes of golden sands and swimming in unpolluted crisp clear blue waters. Boats are set in placed and stacked with essential gear and fishing poles

This is a time when a day off from work and school is openly accepted.  Sales are offered at most retail stores and malls.  Restaurants and eateries are packed, while family and friends are reuniting in an elated celebrating atmosphere. Long walks in the parks are common, while joggers keep a brisk steady regimented pace. Multiple outdoor activities and exercise are tremendously escalated and are always readily availability for anyone who wants to participate. While professional baseball games are played for our enjoyment and entertainment.

 It is also a time for laughter, joy and celebration, but it’s also a time of worry, sadness, loneliness and despair, not only to all the Americans that are suffering through an economy of high unemployment, inflation, foreclosures, bankruptcy and recession, while experiencing the day to day realization that our paper money and currency is rapidly becoming worthless.

We must never forget the true meaning of this most deserving holiday by having us all stand together taking time out from our hectic schedule of events and offer respect and recognition to the remembrance of all our fallen heroes.

These courageous individuals, who fought for God and Country, and relinquished the ultimate supreme, sacrifice in defending our great Country, the United States of America in each and every war, conflict, or police action.

We must never forget, with a complete and extended acknowledgement from all our hearts, to each and every brave man and woman serving in all our branches of the United States Military, including all civilian personnel, and our loyal allies. We must continually thank every one of them, relentlessly, no matter where they are stationed, at home or abroad, for their unselfish dedication and bravery.

These gallant individuals generously protect each and every single American. Their courageousness in these hazardous life threatening situations is given freely and without total regard for their self-preservation. They unselfishly and without question extend their infinite acts of bravery to every American, without prejudice. They liberally administer their complete dedication, affection and faithfulness to defend all our precious freedoms, our Constitution, and our Flag while preserving a Nation of, by and for the people. Their audacious, noble, heroic unending love for America and all its people, must be totally appreciate.

We must never develop a case of amnesia, no mater how slight on remembering their tremendous sacrifices.  We must never deny them or their families any deserving rightful benefits, including monetary, medical, or educational.

Let us all pray for the “Unknown Soldier” and all our fallen Brothers and Sisters, "May They Rest in Peace", in God's love and protection. May Almighty God also bless and protect all those presently serving, and their loving families always. Pray they all come home safe and sound

These defenders of freedom must always have the confidence and strength that America's love, trust, and loyalty are always with them. These heroic champions of liberty must never be forgotten. Stand Tall with Them America and May God Bless Us All!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014

 Homeland Security Debacle

Is The United States Department of Homeland Security alright? Are they actually mentally sound? Are they living in an “Alice In Wonderland” fictional fantasy in which they truly believe evil Queen Maleficent was wrongly profiled as a hideous monster but in reality she was a very loving person? Is Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano qualified to take on this ever changing challenging position as the leader in the trenches of defending America and its people? Absolutely not! She continues to demonstrate her incompetence and idiocies day after day without remorse, good conscience or dignity.

Her propaganda and clueless motives are a hindrance.  This federal organization, with her at the helm, is so willing to sell short the lives of the American people for the sake of remaining politically correct. It has been a dumping ground, full of falsehoods and humiliation. This is no reflection towards the brave men and women who risk their lives daily to protect our homeland from terrorist, tyranny and destruction.

She is a sellout. She is at fault. She disgracefully undermines her position which ultimately leaves all our brave federal agents at risk including the American people. This well respected agency went steadily downhill with her leadership. The humbling submissive policies and misguided extended truths, of blowing her own horn are leaving our Country virtually defenseless, and at the mercy of our enemies. It seems to mirror the bowing and apologetic image of his highest, our Socialist/Marxist Liberal Democratic President Barack Hussein Obama, The Chosen One was mistakenly elected into office, by a naive American electorate.

Did anyone have the privilege of watching the new and improved Commercials, sanctioned by the Department of Homeland Security? They portray different scenarios pertaining to possible crimes and terrorist plots initiated by potential terrorist. According to these bogus ads, it’s a good thing our society is made up of a melting pot of nationalities and races, to defend us against the evil white race menace, from their unmerciful destruction. All potential terrorists displayed in these ads were identified as white men.

Do you think I am a stand up comedian making a joke? Do you actually think I am manufacturing this fabrication of singling out a particular race or gender of certain people? This is the truth! This Country’s leadership, with little or no protest from any other political party, together with the despicable Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic ideologies, with the help of the “Pro-Obama” main stream media has legitimized the discrimination towards particular groups, of religions, races and sexes. This abomination has shown little or no protest or outrage from the American people or by any other political parties.

These groups in particular are easy targets to ridicule, because they have no established protective organization to defend them from being a whipping post to the yellow belly Progressives. Multiply adjectives of descriptive degradation can be administered without any repercussions against the “Erroneous Buffoon” making any idiotic statements that incorrectly labels and identifies them and their families in a demeaning capacity. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there, threats, ultimatums and relentless mockery are also fair game and sanctioned by these donkeys. (Symbol of the Democratic Party).

These groups don’t strike any fear of retribution to anyone, including the meek, spineless, cowardice lawmakers throughout our land. They are the only ones that aren’t extended the privilege of being protected by the so called false idol of “Political Correctness”. That’s why the power of the vote and unity is our most important tool for reprisal.

The commercials only acknowledged, recognized, branded and unfairly categorized all white males as potential terrorists and they must be thoroughly observed and selected, without any hesitation. Naturally all those who dropped a dime and called law enforcement authorities, concerning their suspicious nature as a potential threat were all nationalities accept the white male and female.

This made an obvious statement that all non-whites are law abiding citizens and can not be possibly be displayed as terrorists, which is nonsense. This also suggested that without their brilliant observations of racially profiling one of the only groups permitted to be harassed, sanctioned by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party and the bleeding heart Progressives, America will be safe. This is a travesty of justice and against all American principles. Where are the equally balanced scales of guaranteed God given inalienable rights written and etched into our Constitution, by our forefathers?  Have we given up on our principles?

What are they afraid of? Who are they afraid of offending, obviously it’s not these selected groups, including some of our loyal allies. Meanwhile our Countries security is going down the toilet, with criminals crossing our boarders, killing our citizens in their homes, kidnapping, drugs, gangs, violent crimes, with no end in sight, but we must never speak or single out the real culprits. Don’t ever mention, accuse or identify through profiling any Muslim as a terrorists or extremists, you will be chastised as violating their rights. We must be tolerant and demonstrate political correct to their possible and potential dangers

Don’t ever try to defend Yourself, Your Home, Your Property or Your Family from any animalistic criminal element, especially with a gun, you will be arrested, put in jail and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Didn’t you know that only criminals and the most violent sadistic cretins are permitted destructive murderous weapons and not the law abiding citizen? What have we become?

Yet we allow, or be subjected to arrest and put in jail by the T.S.A (Transportation Security Administration) full authorization to humiliatingly and freely grope, frisk, x-ray, strip nude our mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, aunts, uncles, the elderly, our children our babies, and the disabled. Just to defend no profiling, of the untouchables, enhanced political correctness, and having a false sense of security Are we doing this as not to offend the deranged barbaric brainwashed heathens, ready, willing and able to sadistically and unmercifully murder us.

Are we that self conscience out of fear of being called a prejudicial racist Nation that we are willing to risk our lives, our freedoms, by following the Liberal agenda of “passive resistance”, allowing them to manipulate and leading us literally as lambs to slaughter? Are we willing to relinquish our freedoms, and to be used and abused by our own government, Of, By and For the People, not to insult the potentially well known mass murderer? Law enforcement has been using “Profiling” ever since it conception. It is an excellent tool to use, but only if it’s used correctly, for the right reasons, aimed at the right offenders.

If it’s red and round with a stem and looks like and apple, tastes like an apple, smells like an apple then it must be an apple. No matter how you dice and slice it, or attempt to change its appearance, you can’t make it into an orange. When it concerns the health, welfare, preservation, defense and survival of myself, my family and the innocent American then there’s no option but to use any and all means possible for preservation.

This is a disgrace? Wake up America, speak up, and peacefully take back your honor, dignity and self respect. Change these malfunctions in our National Security. There’s still time to correct these problems, before it’s too late.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014


The Obedient Susan Rice

United States, United Nation’s Ambassador Susan Rice is the perfect example of Government gone wild, answerable to no one but the powers that be. She considered herself part of Obama’s untouchable squad of mindless demons and zombies, capable of doing, saying and performing anything dastardly and immoral, without any consequences. Well aware that they would be immediately protected by the Administration, including the main stream liberal media lapdogs but most importantly the color of her skin. This name calling racist remarks, line of defense, was immediately enacted, displayed, portrayed and re-enforced by editorials written recently in the Washington Post.

These so-called bigoted accusations and strategies are getting worn out and tiresome. This so-called white guilt is an insult to once intelligence. Their attempt to hide all malpractices, ineptitudes and incompetence enacted, by any particular race, creed, color or religion are actually demeaning, humiliating and undermining the individuals’ abilities to succeed on their own merits. This is not a game; if a person can’t handle the position then they must be replaced.

She only assumed (we all know what that means) thought that as long as the Teflon Dictator, Obama the Great was in her corner, cheering her on, telling her what he wanted her to say, while whispering sweet nothings into her ear she couldn’t be touched by the heathen hordes of human civility. It was quite evident with anyone with common sense and are able to use (10) ten percent of their God given intellect must realize that her talking points tour on all the major networks right after the Benghazi massacre was definitely not in her own words.

Her spin was verbatim with all the Obama foreign policy bureaucratic elite, reiterated by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton that stressed it were an anti-Islamic movie that stirred the pot that enticed the mob, which escalated into an atmosphere of destruction on our Embassies, inflicting innocent, needless, senseless despicable death of our Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens and the murder of three, other American fallen heroes, Tyron Woods, Glen Doherty, and Sean Smith.

Susan Rice unfortunately downplayed this tragic devastation by making total fool out of herself nationally and in front of the world, on center stage with a spotlight placed upon her head. Unfortunately during her fifteen minutes of fame she displayed a descriptive and disturbing mockery, of herself, by becoming labeled as Obama’s perfect little marionette.

She was very well trained and brainwashed while knowing her place in the governmental food chain of this Administration. Speak when spoken to, and never tell the truth or freely offer your opinion without being coached and rehearsed.

This philosophy is standard operational procedure used by most to survive the wrath of the devouring Socialist vultures led by David Axelrod of picking one, carcass clean to the bone, of anyone who disobeys and doesn’t follow orders. These words such as common decency, morals, humanity, compassion, human life, dignity, honor, respect, self respect must be immediately stricken from your mind and your vocabulary. You are appointed in name only with no free will, and can easily be replaced.

She is the product of Washington D.C. literally, born and raised, with all its defections and infections. Its just like saying our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has no ties to the Islamic faith, when he was raised and educated , at an early age to follow, participate and worship that faith. It’s just like saying he has no wishes, desires or aspirations to convert America into developing an atmosphere of Socialistic ideologies and programs, while manufacturing a realm of redistributing, when his mother, father, grandparents together with his educational mentor and hero Frank Marshall Davis were Communist sympathizers. Let’s call it for what it really is? Don’t hide the truth and sugar coat it? Remember this; a leopard can’t change its spots!

Anyone denying this has either swallowed the Kool-Aide, too obliviously clueless, or simply doesn’t care. The same goes for Susan Rice. An individual can’t be raised in and environment of corruption, thievery, greed, vanity, governmental deviants, lies, ineffectiveness, and the self serving, without it rubbing off on you. Her sick D.C. world is surrounded by a toxic atmosphere of poison that has the ability to create ruthless, unscrupulous deviants in all makes and sizes developing an incurable infectious plague with no antidote.

This analogy is so scary, but the similarities are frightfully uncanny it must be revealed. Their unconventional mentality seems to have produced a sick insane justification for their illogical, unorthodox behavior. Let’s go back in history, to the Nazi trials at Nuremberg. The prosecutor asked each hideous defender, the same question, “Why did you commit such heinous crimes against humanity”. Why did you kill, mane or torture without sympathy and good conscience without any human feelings or mercy? This statement was the repetitious answer given, under oath, to support their claims of innocence, “I was only following orders”?

Susan Rice did not commit any crimes against humanity, and she had nothing to do with the death and destruction initiated against our American Heroes or Embassies, as far as we know, but let’s ask this most pertinent question, “how far would she have gone, to protect Obama and this Administration”?

Our President Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One” has a strong desire to nominate her as our next Secretary of State, replacing her with Hilary Clinton. Is she worthy? Is she capable?

If she is confronted with the same scenario as Benghazi or faced with some other difficult hard pressed situations, needing immediate attention in the future, will she be afraid to act and make a decision? Will her hesitation or indecisiveness, place more Americans in harms way? Will she leave them alone, defenseless at the hands of our enemies, left to die as sacrificial lambs obeying Obama’s policies wishes and demands without question or protest by saying “I was only following orders”?

You’ll be the judge, because even if you are so naive as to think “Foreign Policy” doesn’t affect your life? Then one day you may find yourself one day speaking a different language, while saluting a strange flag?

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

     A Liberal Dilemma

Political Correctness has gone wild. It has also negatively affected the most mindlessly arrogant creatures on the face of this earth called, “The Liberals”? Who couldn’t even tell a simple story without getting in trouble?

An American Diplomat, named Maureen Chao, who is the vice consul of the U.S. consulate in Chennai, India, was recalling an event relating to one of her past memorable experiences she had in India, to students at a University.

This seemingly opened an unintentional can of worms, when the dialog became too explicit in identifying and describing a particular group residing in India called the Tamilians or “Tamil”. Her remarks recounted her own physical appearance after a (72) hour train ride.

She told the students that her skin became “dirty and dark like the Tamil”.  She might have meant this as an off colored joke or black humor (pardon my pun). Her statement may have been overly exaggerated by a sensitive Indian Government. Unfortunately, what ever was or might have been the reason, it brought the usual outcry, protest and bogus appalling outrage of racism.

I’m not in the business of making excuses for the Progressives, but here was a woman, throughout her life, most likely wore her heart on her sleeve. She was in the Peace Corp and dedicated most of her total existence, on this earth, in relentlessly serving and rescuing selected foreign cultures, from their own potentially self inflicted demise. God forbid she should first help, and support America and all her fellow American bothers and sisters, especially the children. This displays a little contempt and insensitivity.

She wasn’t a Republican. She wasn’t a Conservative. She wasn’t a Libertarian and she especially wasn’t a member of the Tea Party. She thought being a certified bleeding heart liberal; she had a so-called bond with the people of the world, especially in India, where she once temporarily resided. She thought she had a free ride, but obviously she was mistaken.

Most Countries only tolerate us, for whatever can sponge out of our generosity, which also includes the naïve individual, willing to sacrifice their dignity and their own survival for accepted barbarism. There’s an old saying “no good deed goes unpunished”; well this is a perfect example.

She has probably and most likely never had a racist or prejudice thought or bone in her body, but she was still called that most evil word in which most fear “Racist” Who cares, it’s just a meaningless word that is drilled into our heads as the vilest form of human labeling. This is just another fabricated, manufactured tool used by a particular person or group in manipulating leverage while maneuvering for unearned, unlimited forms of rewards and compensations.

This is quite comical, and enjoyable. Naturally she was forced to say “I’m Sorry” crawling on her knees, begging for forgiveness to the Indian government and its people. There was a small glitch, they didn’t accept her apology? What now, will she be forced to go through hoops of fire and bark like a dog?

Never mind India, she should beg for the forgiveness of the American people and her beloved Country, The United States of America, for turning her back and displaying a subservient lack of pride and dignity. This disgraces and humiliates us all? 

This politically correct fungus is spreading all over the world.

We can only stop this garbage by freely speaking our minds, without fear, and never apologizing for its contents. If you said it, you must have meant it, so stand by it, and never faultier.

The individual who stated “Apologies are a sign of weakness was absolutely correct. Especially if weakness can also be defined as regret, terror, fright, panic, horror, cowardice, and incompetence.

This Country has created and produced a generation of awkward degrading wimps, within all aspects of our government. Our leadership has no respectful qualities or dignity.

Regrettably, look who we have at the helm of our ship, steering us into this humiliating direction, our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. He has anointed himself as a shameful embarrassment. He positions himself as a degrading meek, docile role model and poster child for the passively weak.

God Bless American and please Protect our beloved Country from ourselves.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014


                 Mother's Day

This weekend we as a Nation will celebrate one of our most precious loving, respected family Holiday. This day we reflect and recognize our true appreciation of our most trusted asset of human support and development. We honor without any reservations a person we hold most affectionately in all our lives and who administered a secure solid bond can never be broken. They taught us right from wrong and displayed limitless warmth, care and devotion.  Who are these unique and remarkable champions, our Mothers, of course?

This year, unfortunately, I will experience Mother’s Day for the first time without my Mom, Julia, who passed last year. Her strength, courage, intelligence, goodness, generosity and love will be forever etched into my heart and felt throughout my life. I miss her dearly.

This statement seems to have some validity, “You never realize your age or how old you really are until you lose your Mother”.

We truly never acknowledge all the most important nurturing things they do for us, big or small that truly affects our lives in the most positive way, until they leave our world. We assume that they will always be there, but sometimes reality and the circle of life takes precedence which is above and beyond our control. 

Though a day out of the year dedicated to honor all Mothers is most appropriate we must never stop there.   Our Mothers should be accredited for all they do every second, every minute, of every day.

Let’s also use this time to offer our high admiration for all women, especially all those who are associated and complete our lives to the fullest, our wives, our sisters, our daughters, our relatives and friends. May we never lose our love, appreciation and high esteem for each and every one of them?

Happy Mother’s Day.

William P. Frasca.

Copyright 2011-2014

Hank Williams Jr. And The First  Amendment

Freedom of speech is finally dead, please say it isn’t so? We all knew that our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his family were the sacred cows, the Holy Grail, placed on a pedestal by the main stream liberal sellout, yellow bellies of the media and press dominated and manipulated by idiotic, absurd politically correct jerks.

They were and are the “untouchables”. Now I’m in total agreement that any and all public figures’ offspring, the adolescent family members, the children are definitely off limits. The children should never suffer, be abused or ridiculed because of their parents. They must be left alone.

All public figures, elected and appointed bureaucrats must expect positive or negative rebuttals of all dominations. Their spouses such as our First Lady, Michelle Obama, must be placed in that same category? If you verbally attack, impose your will on anyone, and decide to join the rhetoric, such as she does constantly throughout her husband’s tenure in office. She must expect to be criticized and considered fair game to counter any and all opinions, demands, arrogances and vocal participations.

Unfortunately if you are a Republican, Conservative or any Party besides the Socialists Marxist Liberal Democratic Party and The Progressive movement, these human decencies and respect for the oppositions’ children are not recognized. These so called human beings are despicable? Go ask Governor Palin, if they were decent towards her children. They fabricated any and all non-sense against them, because she didn’t agree with their sick mentality and ideologies? They treated them all as Public enemy number one, even relentless nitpicking towards her Down Syndrome son, Trig.

There was no praise offered for her son, Track joining the United States Army to fight for our Country, and protecting their and our rights for freedom. Please pray that the Good Lord will protect all our brave soldiers, military, civilian and enforcement personnel, their families, including all our allies. 

Let’s continue with our freedom of speech, which is protected by the First Amendment of our United States Constitution. Public United States Citizen Hank Williams Jr. spoke his peace of mind and opinion on “Fox and Friends. He made a statement comparing our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” to Adolph Hitler. Williams continued his opinionated statement by mentioning Obama's golf outing with Speaker of the House John Boehner. He said it was a political mistake, on par with "Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu." This was his absolute right to say as an American citizen.

The vultures on ESPN, once again showed their true colors of being pathetic cowards to the unscrupulous demigods, bowing crawling and kissing the feet of the politically correct morons, who aggressively and constantly attack truth, justice and the American way. Don’t dare to contradict their beliefs or their leadership? They immediately, without even letting the corpse to get cold, after (23) twenty three seasons of brining in Monday Night Football, with “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight” and “Are You Ready For Some Football”, they unmercifully, without appeal pulled and fired Hank Williams Jr. from that same day, Monday Night Football Show. What Country are we Living In? I might be the only one but I will continue to boycott ESPN for being weak, unfair, feeble minded sad losers, afraid of their own shadow?

No one should be subjected to these strong arm tactics, forced to beg for forgiveness or subdued into submission, for exercising their right to free speech? This must not go unchallenged! Show your support, contact ESPN and demonstrate your outrage!

America my America you are slowing deteriorating into oblivion. This must never happen in our beloved Country. This is sacrilege!  He didn’t yell fire in a crowded movie theater; he just spoke what was in his heart, rightfully criticizing, “The Chosen One”. President Bush was called worse, yet did you ever hear of anyone being fired, from using any vulgarity in public or private against him? This is an atrocity!

Why does media bias exist, is it because we became so complacent as lambs to slaughter by the Liberals, knowing that they are fighting the Silent Majority, who remains silent? Even while one of their own is scarified, on the Progressive alter of repressive tyranny, sitting passively on their hands while our Country is rapidly falling?

It is a quick death of a free Nation? What could you possibly tell your children and grandchildren, when they ask, “What happened to our freedoms”? “Did You Do Anything to Protect them”? Did anyone defend them from The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic hordes of contempt? I’m not joking! What would you say?

What would you tell them, when they ask, what is the First Amendment? What is the Constitution? Why was it taken away? What is a hamburger? What is Coca Cola? What is salt? What is bacon and eggs? What is a McDonalds? Why can’t I be educated? Why were these books burned? Why can’t I choose my own career?  Why do I have to live here? Why can’t I live there? What happened to my freedom of choice? What happened to my freedom of expression? What happened to a government of, by, and for the people? Why is my life so limited? Why am I guilty and must prove my innocence? Why am I in jail with no appeal? What did you do to stop this form of total control and dictatorial rule? What will be your answer? Hank Williams Jr. is just the beginning.

I am not stressing any violent overthrow of the government, this is totally out of the question, because we are Americans, not barbarians and firmly believe in these mighty words, “We The People”. There are multiple peaceful legitimate legal measures to correct this outrage and protest at out disposal. Our Forefathers gave us the tools; we must use them all to bring America back from the depths of despair, away from the clenches of forced totalitarianism. We must protect America, our Constitution and all our inalienable rights, without compromise! God Bless America Always?   

Wlliam P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014

      Obama And The

Wall Street Communist

The Wall Street protesters seem to have some support from anonymous people. There are strong indications that George Soros has a hand in this, but naturally he denies these accusations?

The movement raised almost $300,000 dollars in contributions and multiple supplies of food, clothing and shelter. Like any other demonstration willing to accept donations, these questions must be answered? Who is actually backing them and supporting their activities against the financial capital of the world. All these monetary, material assistances given, must be revealed?

Are they legally established as a non profit organization? Or are they just used as a front, with smoke in mirrors to hide their true identity and motives? Are they in it for profit? Who is actually responsible for auditing everything accepted and distributed? These contributions are obviously, extending their stay, by keeping them protected against the elements and nutritionally sounds?

If they do disband who receives the money collected? Where does it go? Is the Internal Revenue Service going to audit them or are they getting a free ride from the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratically controlled Senate and Minority Representatives in Congress, including our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”?

Obama is showing his true realistic colors by giving them his full cooperation. This also proves he has affection towards a red flag with a hammer and sickle. Does he fantasize, this symbol, potentially replacing the (50) Stars, representing the United States of America in the blue background of our Precious American Flag?

He did more to divide this Great Nation than the Viet Nam War of the sixties? What a shameful, reprehensible individual?

Are the Republicans once again, taking the backseat, afraid of making a decision and stance, like sitting ducks? Afraid to defend themselves against the politically correct, who judges and criticisms them constantly? Are they determined to show their yellow streak, once again, allowing the devious, to go untouched?

The Communist/Socialist enjoys spinning their rhetoric of blame, by condemning Capitalism, Big Business, Bush and the Republican Party? As they did for years, combined with many other Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratically controlled and manipulated policies, programs and organizations, in the name of so-called bogus social injustices?

I’m not against the right to non-violent assembly, as long as it remains peaceful. This is the United States of America, and it is protected by our fantastic Constitution. The only thing that concerns me is that this has all the earmarks of an elaborate scam to recruit unsuspecting clueless individuals to excel The Communist, The Socialist and The Unionist into positions of extreme power and profit?

In God We Trust” No other words meant so much, too so many.

Our economy is rapidly declining, and our currency is worthless. This adds gas to the fire by resurrecting the deceitful, corrupt, dishonest and the unprincipled. It's easy to rile up the youthful inexperienced babes in the woods, by brainwashing them into believing that America is evil and is no longer the land of opportunity but a land dedicated to the rich, and separated by the have and have nots?

If you take a good look at those who are participating, they are the Naive, The Communist sympathizers, The Unions, The Socialists, The Wealthy Hippocrates, The Homeless, Liberal College Professors and The Misguided Clueless Unemployed Youth. Who are looking for something for nothing and a social gathering of merrymaking? The organizers don’t care who participates, as long as they have warm bodies, to visualize an enormous untouchable rally.

There’s plenty of insincerity to go around with this so-called rebellion against Wall Street and the Banks. No criticisms though, against our Teflon President, Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One”, who had a tremendous hand, and maneuverability in collapsing our economy, but why does he continue to go unscathed?  

If you go back into history this form of elaborate falsehood has been used to the full advantage, by many dictators and unstable individuals rise to power. The evil beliefs and ideologies associated with Communism and Socialism ruled over their people, with an iron fist, enslaving them into an existence of non-development, by successfully killing their spirits. They viciously eliminated all their freedoms and liberties. Progress and advancement was forcefully denied and only offered to a select few?

The leaders of these aggressive actions were administering, to themselves, all perks and luxuries, forcing the rest to live in a suffering society of forced compliance? These demonstrators are easily duped into believing that Communism is the answer because everything would be fairly and equably disturbed to everyone. No one reads history, because history does repeat itself? If they did, the true meaning of Communism would be realized, stressing that it’s definitely “not the answer” and if it was then “how stupid was the question”?

There is a classic book written by George Orwell called “Animal Farm”? This is a must read! Especially for all those who are participating in this senseless endeavor. They would obviously think twice on who or what they are sticking their necks out and foolishly supporting?

Do you think for one minute they could congregate in this capacity in a Communist society without being beaten into submission, executed or secretly vanish into oblivion, in the middle of the night?

Movements such as these were very common in the sixties. They were mostly used as a legitimate form of peaceful revolt, with a few exceptions. People would gather, to socialize and party, while expressing their complaints, gripes and objections, singing and dancing to anti-establishment songs, carry signs, with  free food, marijuana, alcohol, drugs and sex, similar the Wall Street crowd.

It was one big endless celebration of total enjoyment, without any stress or strain associated with the daily reality of life itself. There were altercations with the Police, but it also served as unity against authority and the establishment. Where they are now? Well for most of them they conformed to the same Capitalistic system, they were originally protesting? Hopefully they’re all getting ready to retire and ready to collect their Social security checks. Capitalism if left alone works!

America throughout the years has been constantly confronted with individuals and/or groups ready, willing and able to go against the status quo. This has only made us stronger, which enhances our appreciation towards all our sacred ideologies, inalienable rights, liberties, freedoms and our precious Constitution. God Bless America Always. Please Pray For Our Troops!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014 

     Political Correctness

           In The N.F.L.

This is beyond comprehension! Just when you thought you saw and heard everything, something else comes along that shatters that thought. Now the National Football League, (N.F.L.) has unbelievably gone to the land of the spineless cowards? They’re falling into the same politically correct gibberish that has been plaguing us ever since the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives have devised this controlling forced bogus non-sense of fictional guilt on all those who ignorantly believe this garbage and are foolishly scammed into following this unwritten law full of phony trickery and deceptiveness?

 This so-called atrocity against the sacred politically correct golden calf was committed and displayed by the Denver Bronco wide receiver Eric Decker. After he caught a 56 yard touchdown reception by Tim Tebow; when he went down on his right knee and gave a military salute to honor all our Veterans. 

Eric Decker was not only penalized on the field for this respectful symbolic acknowledgement, but may also be fined? How can a sport that prides itself on being American as apple pie and has the distinction of developing self esteem and excellence has stooped so low as to humiliate themselves in this matter. It provides no rhyme or reason to the distribution of any logical positive message?

Don’t get me wrong they do a lot of good by supporting these worthy organizations and others such as the U.S.O., The Tillman Foundation, and the Wounded Warriors Project and Breast Cancer. Then they go and spoil it all by saying to the Veterans we don’t endorse any player saluting you?

Does the N.F.L. truly believe that they have the conceited audacity that their image surpasses and is greater than all the sacrifices made by all our brave unselfish courageous men and women of our military, throughout the existence of this Great Nation? These individuals generously protected all our freedoms and liberties. They have successfully defended them from our enemies that were ready, willing and able to take pleasure in contributing to our demise?

This of course is not the N.F.L.’s intention? Their own protective “gag order policy” is geared to put a halt to any and all possible growth of multiple displays of personal individual acknowledgements. Together by stymieing all “on the playing field” acts of unlimited unauthorized honors bestowed upon anyone and anything.

They should be reminded that our Veterans are not anyone or anything; they’re our heroes, our champions of freedom, our protectors. This bogus excuse is a disgraceful act of dishonor which has the distinct odor of submitting to all those who blame America first, while foolishly and idiotically describe our precious military as imperialistic barbarians. This is a weak cowardice way of protecting their butts, as not to offend the over sensitive, Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and Progressive buffoons.

Eric Decker went down on one knee symbolizing prayer with a respectful salute. My interpretation right or wrong identified his actions as praying to the Good Lord, while highly praising and thanking every Veteran for their noble service. He is a Patriot, and should be commended without being unfairly reprimanded for his patriotism.

Write, call and communicate in any way, shape or form possible, to the National Football League (N.F.L.), showing and stressing your outrage and objection to this unjustified un-American situation. We must never be afraid to express our right to protest all injustices, especially to all those who attempt to deny any of our freedoms, they’re too precious. We must never be afraid to acknowledge God or our Veterans.  Freedom isn’t free. God Bless Them and America Always!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014

Obama And The Supreme Court

This Administration is clueless to the fact that healthcare can be control by the federal government with all it incompetent bureaucracies, and sub intellectual vanity of idiocy. It is true, we as American citizens are slowly but surely loosing all our inalienable rights as a free nation.

Recently, we also discovered the true colors of the Supreme Court. We now realize that our survival as a free Nation rests solely upon our own courage, convictions, judgments and defenses, with the help of the Good Lord’s Guidance and Will, “In God We Most Definitely Trust”.

We always foolishly, in the past and present, trusted the Supreme Court to fairly and honestly interpret the Laws according to the Constitution, protecting our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, were we so naïve? Instead of performing their positions admirably, we constantly received pompous interpretations from conceited individuals willing to sacrifice the freedoms, ideologies, health and well being of the American people, by voting primarily to enhance their own selfish personal or pressured beliefs.

One especially, so-called Conservative Judge, Chief Justice, John G. Roberts Jr., appointed by George W. Bush, broke ranks, and recently sided to keep Obamacare, stating it was a tax, allowing it to continue as law, instead of identifying it as a forced government mandate to purchase a product. His one deciding vote literally put a stake in the heart of Constitution and reduced our liberties and freedoms of choice. His vote gave the green light to forced compliance, while releasing unrestrained government control and intervention. His only logical motive anyone could see was to be well liked and seeking the approval, by the same individuals who despise his very existence?

We discovered that politics exists even in the Supreme Court of the United States of America, the Judicial Branch of our Government. We discovered that they usually vote with The President who nominated them to their position, or along Liberal\Conservative party lines, with a few exceptions. Most follow this creed, instead honoring their sworn oath of duty to defend America and the Constitution.

The Judicial branch of Government was enacted, by our forefathers, to be free from political and social influences, the untouchables, rewarding them with a lifetime appointment. Yet this Branch with the resent acceptance of Obamacare, and other unorthodox rulings, gave guarantees to the people that it can be humiliatingly swayed as puppets, to the puppeteer.

America has lost its direction. We now know that we must intelligently use our most powerful weapon we have, to determine our faith and that is to vote.  This coupled with our hunger and determination for freedom, the Constitution and the free enterprise system. We can and must change our undignified present day course of initiated government destruction. We must flex our muscles, showing these conceited demigods within our Government that we are the employers and they are the employees, who can at anytime be fired and serve solely at our discretion and pleasure. Voter apathy and voter fraud is our enemy. We must reaffirm that we are still a Government Of, By and For the People.

Some of our civil servants in Government fail to realize that we have three separate but equal branches of Government. No branch has the supreme supremacy to rule our Country alone in a dictatorship capacity, even though some actually believe this in their own minds.  One must be dependant upon the other. Our out of control President seems to believe his own surrogates’ propaganda, which proclaims him as the absolute ruler. He circumvents the law and the Constitution whenever he so desires, unscathed by Congress and The Supreme Court?

We the People must accept responsibility for our own destiny. We allowed, ourselves for too long, to be control and manipulated, by the greedy, corrupt, self serving, bigheaded, pigheaded bureaucrat These individuals have only one desire and that is to make us dependent upon their unquestionable authority. We have the unique chance to change this dismal existence of control and mandatory compliance, this November 2012, with the power of the vote!

The power of the vote is our only hope to cut and break the shackles that bind our “Inalienable Rights”? The power of the vote is our only recourse to re-instate the precious words of our Constitution. The power of the vote is the only force to counter these adversities and to virtually stop tyranny and the egotistical forms of submission, “dead in its tracks”. The power of the vote will protect our established religions and religious freedom from bigoted discretionary selective approval. The power of the vote is the only telescope that will once again enable us to see the bright clear blue skies of freedom and liberty. Two years ago we started our quest to take back our Country, by changing Congress. Now we must change the residents in the White House and the Senate.

President Obama back in November 2010 didn’t get the message sent to him by the people. He still danced to the beat if his own sarcastic arrogance and his conceited self admiration. He turned his back on our Country, Our Constitution and the American People.

This self induced disparaging policy, in which we permitted for years, and escalating referring to “The Tail Wagging the Dog”, must end. Government is just our tool to use at our disposal. If we permit ourselves to be enslaved by a runaway inflated Government, with unchained, unanswerable powers then there is no hope for our survival as a free nation.  God Bless America!  Pray that The Good Lord will show us His Mercy by protecting us from our own destruction

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

    Obama Did It Again

Once again our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has not only disgraced and made a mockery out of all that America has stood for since and before its conception, but he also demonstrated unconscionable insulting gall and conceited attitude of ignoring the Name of God in his 2011 Thanksgiving speech to the Nation.

This man, besides any popular belief can’t change water into wine and he most definitely can’t walk on water? Even though some, if not most of his naïve intolerant narrow minded supporters comprising mostly of Socialistic Marxist Liberal Democrats, and the Progressives, not to mention his unscrupulous public and private hand picked appointed deviants, thinks he can?

Wouldn’t it be great if he really was fore filling the prophecy of the second coming of the Messiah? Then he could obviously change the unemployed into the employed. There would be no need for healthcare, because he could heal and cure the sick, eliminate all diseases, illnesses, mental and physical handicaps not only in America but also the world?

He would perform such miracles as ending corruption, incompetence and thievery within all realms of our Government, vanishing bigotry, all hypocrisy, and the self centered, self serving. He would, with just a simple wave of his hand end social greed, poverty, hunger, hatred, violence, racism, war and prejudice.

He could part the dead sea of wasteful spending, bailouts, pork, illegal handouts, unqualified, undeserving entitlements, selfish gluttony, and the blood sucking financial leeches. He would help the deserving and the needy? He would punish the wicked and reward the good. He would restore the prominence of our currency, end inflation and lead us out of the desert of despair, repressiveness, humiliation and degradation.

We all know this is an extreme fantasy and even though he’s a legend in his own mind, he’s definitely not the Savior, is fact he’s not even a magician. He can’t perform miracles or trick of illusions. This man has failed not only as the Leader of The Free World, but also as President of the greatest country in the world and in history, The United States of American. His reverse identified status of the Midas touch, which turns gold and diamonds into garbage of coal is his trade mark. He ruins almost everything? He can’t make a valid constructive decision, he’s stalled in neutral? Why would anyone that has achieved so very little in his governing capacity, be so sarcastic and vain, with the complete audacity of self love, as to deny any acknowledgement, prayer or assistance from a Supreme Being?

Who was he trying to impress? This ludicrous move on Thanksgiving Day, of not thanking God, and omitting him from his speech, could only possibly cater to his kool-aide drinking liberal base and the atheist? Every known reputable religious organizations and beliefs recognize that there is a God. He may be called different names, worshipped differently and reverently identified in all recognized capacities, but there’s always a God, who is Most Powerful and Holy. To deny him his rightful place, respect, thanks and praise is an unforgiving travesty.

Time and Time again Mr. Obama has proven that he is unfit to lead. His unconventional unorthodox ways of dictating his will of forced compliance on us all is not a positive attribute, but a sad hindrance. Do what I say and don’t do what I do is his motto. The world naturally evolves him, is his creed? All perfect, unwilling to accept fault is his ego. We became so numb to his shock jock mentality that nothing he does seems to be a surprise us. Anything and everything is expected.

Is this what we want as a President, absolutely, positively not? Remember all the cold hard slaps in the face he gave us, including disrespecting God, Our Country and The Constitution, while administering uncompassionate grief, denial, betrayal, suffering, hardships, humiliations and his total disregard for the will of the people. Never forget these atrocities on Election Day, November 2012. Make a loud statement, by saying enough is enough and we’re not going to take anymore, by voting him out of Office, and never looking back.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014

Merry Christmas, End

    Religious Bigotry

The joyous season of Christmas is once again upon us; it arrives and departs so quickly. It brings all the warm, happiness, prayers, hope and generosity that we share with one another and our families. It brings us to the realization that not all things are perfect, but we can comfort one another in the time of need or hardship.

Over the years this Christian Holiday has been constantly and relentlessly attacked by the self proclaimed bigots and scandalous Hippocrates of our society. They laugh at our beliefs, symbols, and prayers. They ridicule and deny the presence of God and Jesus. They administer a mockery of all that we hold dear and sacred. They justify this by falsely using our precious Constitution to defend their sick wrath of defiance towards certain Religions, having the audacity to use fictitious ideology of a man made mandatory compliance, consisting of the separation between Church and State. This Country was founded on Judeo/Christian beliefs and acknowledgements, such as the Ten Commandments, the basis of all laws?

Their untrue interpretations of these words are being, selectively chosen, picked, and twisted, to forcibly inflict their atheist beliefs on others. This is an obvious disrespect which illegally imposes limitations on only certain selected acts of faith. This must be condemned and identified as ludicrous, ridiculous and idiotic measures of the first degree.

Christians, Jews and other passive beleaguered expressions of worship are always easily targeted by the Socialists Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives. They conceitedly and falsely announce them selves as liberators to the American people, defenders of the Constitution, only when it suits their sick warped agenda. They despicably display their aggressive reactions and actions towards the meek and tolerant, while they proudly wear their yellow cowardice badge of dishonor and humiliating tattoo of bigotry quite evidently, by allowing and granting certain Religions a free ride out of fear of physical retribution or political correctness. This is an abomination and against all American principles, yet these individuals of the minority are dictating to the majority, why?

Our brave troops are bravely and unselfishly fighting for our Country, The United States of America in the name of freedom, including protecting all our God Given Unalienable Rights. This unless I am mistaken includes Freedom of Religion. No where does it state, “For Only a Selected Few” or the elimination of our revered signs of worship on public property? We the people pay our fair amount of taxes, we have every right granted to us by God and as Americans in which we should never be stymied, silenced or denied our beliefs, values, morals or proper place.

These liberal demigods are beyond human American decency. They are the dredges of our society, sewer rats that come out only at night, hiding behind the shield of darkness, waiting to devour the weak, going back into their holes at the first signs of strength or day light. They are literally compromising our rights.

We, as Christians don’t twist anyone’s arm, to participate or join, like some religious affiliations, but all are peacefully welcomed to participate, no one is forced.

Keep the Government out of our lives; don’t sell your rights and freedoms, for a false sense of security or baseless, groundless, inexcusable, illogical political correctness. Don’t disappoint our brave gladiators, who are risking their lives and losing their limbs so your life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness are preserved forever. Don’t let them down, exercise your freedom of speech, continue to question authority, and especially don’t trust the government. Remember these immortal words of our last Conservative President Ronald Reagan when he said, “that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help

Please remember our Troops, during this most Holy Time. Every branch of the United States Military, including all civilian personnel, and our loyal allies must always be acknowledged in our hearts and minds. Our total appreciation must also be extended, towards all these brave men and women, wherever they’re stationed, at home or abroad, for their generous dedication, valor and never be so slightly relinquished.

Please pray that they will have a blessed protected Christmas Holiday and that they will return to their loving families, safe and sound from harms way. Words can not express our total admiration, for without them, our heroic veterans, and all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, freedom is just another word. Thank God for each and every one of them, please protect them and their families always.

I am a Christian, I am tolerant, I wish everyone who is not, all the best in whatever or whoever they hold sacred in their hearts and in their own personal beliefs. I believe in my Lord Jesus Christ as My Messiah and Savior, not our President, Barack Hussein Obama, the So Called Chosen One or any man or women on this earth. I'm proud to say Merry Christmas, Happy Easter and I will always, most definitely keep the Holy, Blessed Name of Christ in Christmas. I wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy, Safe, Prosperous New Year, whether you like it or not.

So acquire a copy of the United States Constitution. Read every article, paragraph and amendment with sincere reverence and pride. When finished, give it a big kiss and “Thank the Good Lord” every day, with every precious breath, that you are blessed, with the privilege, of living in our beloved one free Nation, under God

Wlliam P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014

The Price For False  Security

Our Freedoms are constantly being invaded and under attack. We must not allow this to happen. We must stand up and defend them? We all knew that our elected and appointed officials on all levels, of our Government are trying to limit our God Given Inalienable Rights, brought forth and initiated by our Forefathers which are documented in our Constitution.

This malicious unconscionable thievery from those elected or appointed ingrates is an abomination, which must be immediately stopped, but must also be continually observed. The unscrupulous must never be permitted such power and control. They will make numerous efforts to justify, stymie and manipulate us into doing their bidding, by mutilating and circumventing the Bill of Rights, in the name of National and Personal Security. One our most famous American intellect, who had a major role in the establishment our Great Nation, Benjamin Franklin once said,” Those who give up their liberty for more security neither deserves liberty nor security”.

Did we actually ignore his words of wisdom and warnings by selling our souls willingly to The Government of the United States of America, for a phantom form of protection? Have we finally thrown our hands up in the air, surrendering to all those who wish to have total control over our lives as free Americans? Have we lost all our voices in controlling our own destiny, by following like sheep to slaughter? We the people have been placed in a cube and forced to dance to the tune of piper. Our outcries have been muted by the elite liberal fascists of our Society. We are now living in a Country with limited freedoms, and we don’t even realize this is happening? Why have we placed ourselves in this compromising situation.Let’s speak the truth for once without the fear of being called a racist or bigot. I will freely accept these false labels from all those who cry wolf and used these meaningless, empty words to silence the masses, in order for me to exercise and preserve my precious God Given Inalienable Rights? No one should worry about any accusations manufactured by the Liberals and the Progressives. They used these tactics to maneuver those with a self imposed guilt, handcuffing them into offering penance, to for all those horrified situations created in the past, which has no bearing on themselves, the present or the future. Wake up! This is just another form of manipulation? Don’t fall into that trap! 

Most terrorist acts of violence committed or attempted, planned or enacted are by Muslim extremist, yet we hear horror stories of forced humiliations inflicted upon and endured at the airports of selected innocence. They are initiated by the Gestapo tactics used by the (TSA) Transportation Security Administration. They target so called random, natural born citizens, harassing our elderly, our infants, and our children. They degrade individuals by strip searches and groping body parts in the name of security and being politically correct, with no accusations of profiling. This is an abomination, especially in a so-called free society.

This false security is only smoke in mirrors, because these illusions that are being performed in full view are countered by behind the scenes parcels of all shapes and sizes are loaded onto the planes without any scrutiny. Is this what you are selling your freedoms for, an incompetent proformance  from a magician's bag of trickery?

Now they have their eye on the prize, the most useful essential educational tool used in today’s market to obtain pertinent  multiple free forms of information and communication, which is the internet. This gives everyone the opportunity, young or old, rich or poor to express themselves fairly and equally.

It offers an excellent diverse alternative, balancing out the bogus falsehoods and foolishness pertaining to the mainstream Liberal medial, on radio, television and all printed materials. They unconscionably use this erroneously to sway to sway their audiences at every turn attempting tobrain washed them into endorsing their warped sick philosophical ideologies, whether, they like it or not. Imagine if we didn’t have the internet, our President Barack Hussein Obama; The Chosen One would be untouchable, given another free ride of ineptitude, while displaying all his dictatorial Socialist words, deeds and action, without criticism. He and Michelle would be placed on a pedestal and worshiped as perfect Monarchs. How disgusting!

If this happens then the Government would have succeeded, in obtaining a stranglehold on our freedom of speech. They could use this in an attempt, to shut down any news organization, websites, public or private, leaving it to their discretion in determining whether they should stay, be shut down or eliminated. Thumbs up or down hail Cesar?

The Government could then have a free reign to withhold pertinent quality of life knowledge. Secrecy will be maintained in any or all unscrupulous measures from the public relating to any activities. Criminal punishments can be administered, to silence any objections. This is a scandalous outrage. Every person should stand up and express their anger. Are we just going accept our rights to slowly diminish by these demigods of self admiration and corruption?

Peacefully write, call, and voice your opposition towards their arrogance or any Bill that could intimate, punish or limit the Power of Free Speech, or any of our God Given Inalienable Rights. We must never yield to the unprincipled, dictatorial Politician. There must be a constant watch, because they are reprehensible. Our freedoms are too precious to lose, because of complacency, political correctness or freely allowing the ignorant, self serving and corrupt to have unlimited powers to forcefully rule over our lives.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014


Don't Give Up, We're Winning

Each and every Conservative, Libertarian and Independent American Citizen and Patriot must extend their unique dedication, celebration and congratulations loud and clear, because whether they believe it or not they’re winning. Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives are running scared. Their bogus political ideological war of increased fabrications, with an “Alice in Wonderland” fantasy, compounded relentlessly with lies, innuendoes, strong arm tactics, and fear, has escalated into epidemic proportions.

Their erroneous claims to blame past policies enacted by previous Administrations, and Administrators are playing the same old rhetoric to hide their failures. Their Civil War atmosphere to divide this Great nation into the have and have nots which is obviously geared to develop class hostilities are failing miserably. Even though we will probably still hear and see more of this non-sense, with periodic forms of violent and non-violent demonstrations. They can run but they can’t hide from their Socialist ineptitudes, and runaway incompetence, corruption, and thievery.

We the free people, of the United States of America, who believes in defending and protecting God and Country, without any compromises, are the new American Patriots. We must accept this role without any hesitation. We must never relinquish our goal of maintaining a government, of, by and for the people. We must always preserve and protect all our God Given Inalienable rights and the Constitution?

 We are loyal, proud supporters of this great Nation, who will use every legal, peaceful means and tools possible, given to us by our intelligent, brilliant brave forefathers, written and documented in our Constitution. Compulsory forced government control, dictatorship and political apprehension, must never be tolerated. We honor and respect with complete reverence, our precious American Flag, which is recognized throughout the world as an outstanding symbol of freedom and liberty. We support our military and all law enforcement agencies

We are the people who have the strength and courage to break free from the shackles placed upon us by the self made law of political correctness non-sense of rancid garbage. We are the individuals that must stand up and be counted. We the people must be very proud of all our achievements

Why should we be so honored, because we have accomplished the impossible? We have overcome all the negativity expressed loudly by the liberal media (Obama’s Dogs) by muffling their ignorance and arrogance. We have used the internet, developed websites; have written numerous e-mails, made phone calls, wrote letters, and use any and all unedited forms of communications, at our disposal, to spread the truthful words of American liberation, enhancing less government control over our lives.

We have no longer accepted the words of false manipulative demigods and puppets. We freed ourselves from the main stream news media, corrupted reporters and idiot mindless moderators. The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats have finally met their Waterloo and are on the run. They are so frightened and sacred of the Silent Majority that they finally heard their Loin’s roar, spreading truth, justice and the American way!

The proof is the liberal media has definitely increased their bogus hidden misplacement of the truth, and harassment, approved by Obama and the Socialist Progressives, preaching their self proclaimed believes without substance, in endorsing their agenda. They obviously don’t hide their love, infatuations, admiration and affection for our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. They made sure he is well protected, from his bungling. Their forced, misguided direction of extended truths is escalating their despicable treacherous and horrendous abominations. They conceal pertinent information from the public concerning all that is unholy, a total disgrace to their profession. They are the dancing monkeys of the organ grinder, begging for their master, entertaining any audience that is willing to listen.

We the people are winning; every word of truth, liberty and freedom. How do we know this, because we are constantly being viciously attacked by these social heathens of untruthful manipulation? Patriot Websites are being assaulted. Written articles are being discredited. Social communications and networks are being compromised with Big Brother monitoring and harassing suspensions of accounts. They try to intimately stymie all those who legitimately question the motives and unorthodox ideologies of our self proclaimed King and Queen Barack and Michele Obama, the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives

All those who criticize honestly, as free Americans are immediately abolished and silenced. This goes against all American principles, and unlawfully denies and hinders freedom of the speech. This is an obvious sign that the scales are being tipped into our Patriotic corner. If we weren’t making such an impact, then they wouldn’t be so hostile? Although we presently have the wind to our backs, and the momentum, we must also heed this warning; of never becoming so complacent that we would allow our potential victory to turn into the agony of defeat.

We must be willing with unlimited undying courage and without selfishness to aggressively pick up the gauntlet and save this Country from ruin. Keep up the pressure, speak the truth, question their authority, don’t be afraid and don’t be forcefully silenced. Don’t be worried or terrified of their expected intimidating name calling or labeling. Did you eve hear this expression, “Sticks and stone will break my bones, but names will never hurt me”? Appeal their unlawful and unwarranted suspensions or blockages, speak up! If they close a door open up a window, we will not be defeated. We will peacefully take back America, because this is our Country, the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

There were too many sacrifices made from our remarkable forefathers, and all those courageous individuals who fought throughout our history that protected our Rights and Freedoms, from tyranny. Don’t disgrace their honor of relentless unselfish valor. Remember freedom isn’t free. It’s an honor to stand united against oppressive totalitarianism. I’d rather be free to control my own destiny, then to crawl on my hands and knees living in a manipulative, maneuvering environment of subservient appeasements and dishonorable surrender. God Help And Protect Us All. God Bless America!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014


Liberty And Justice

           For All

What happened to Trayvon Martin was a senseless tragedy and loss of a young life. This should never happen to anyone. My prayers and wholehearted sympathy is extended to his family.

The main stream liberal media and their cable networks always smells blood, especially when there is a so-called alleged White on Black crime. They always jump to conclusion, by manufacturing false events and accusations without reviewing any and all pertinent forms of facts and evidences. They declare their own non-supported conclusion of guilt, without a legitimate form defense. An individual of Caucasian persuasion, or any Non-Black is always, made out to be a racist demon, possessed by the devil, to attack and destroy the Black Race. This is reprehensible non-sense in stupidity. They keep on replaying the same hideous escapades of past atrocities which have no bearing on the present. The days of Segregation are over yet their inept antics and allegations are reviving this ideology, enhancing, reversed inequality.

The racist form of existence in which this Country experienced has been eliminated. Unfortunately it’s reverting back to the extreme opposite, reversing the colors of ignorance, discrimination, prejudice and favoritism towards another race and selective religious affiliations?

All those ignoramuses associated with the bought and sold unbalanced liberal media has the mitigated gall to be judge, jury and executioner of the alleged shooter, George Zimmerman. We do mean alleged, because he wasn’t even charged with a crime? Even if this situation changes, we must still offer and extend him every right, courtesy, protection and privilege given to everyone else. Even though George Zimmerman is only half “White” but these broadcasters of innuendoes relentlessly stress this part of his ancestry. These people are despicable. We as American must stop this prejudicial madness of reverse targeted discrimination?

If we don’t, then we are no better than the hypocrites that show their true colors by being labeled narrow minded and opinionated promoting miscarriages of justice. Where is the outrage, anger and protest from the liberal press, when an alleged perpetrator happens to be Black, and the crime committed is an unspeakable act of violence? Where is the outrage, anger and protest when these sociopaths of human garbage submits brutal sadistic hostile aggressive forms of unthinkable inhuman barbaric acts of cruelty to an innocent White victim or any other identified Ethic Race of People, including Blacks.

Yes there is Black on Black murder and violence? Where’s the outrage, anger and protest. Where’s the predetermined tattooing of guilt without documented information, while denouncing their actions? These erroneous announcements of Media bias, together with our President, Barack Hussein Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder are the number one culprits in dividing the People of this Great Nation. The relationships between races, religions and financial classes have been at an all time low. Healing has turned into an infectious cancerous blemish.

Are we as a society condoning an uneven unbalanced separation of justice? The accused is always presumed innocent until proven guilty. This is our American form of justice. Yet, they by-pass the law, by choosing to report only certain crimes, and refusing to broadcast any of these unmerciful animalistic tragedies that are inflicted, by certain preferred criminal elements. There’s absolutely no formal rage or unsupported bias accusations. It would probably be posted on the back burner of some third rate newspaper, the internet, or completely stymied by these authoritarian self righteous bleeding hearts. This is a scandalous outrage and abuse of power which gives discredit to their snake oil bogus profession.

Now the circus comes to town lead by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. These so-called self proclaimed black leaders, come out of the woodwork whenever its time to stir the pot, enhancing their declining creditability and popularity, boosting and feeding their inflated egos.

They are a scam, a sham, charlatans, endorsing racial separateness and dominance. They live by bullying, pressure and threats. Remember these phony, false accusations administered by Tawana Brawley, accusing six White men and Crystal Mangum, who accused the Duke Lacrosse team. Both made up untrue misleading imaginary scandals. These incidences are only used as an example, on the caliber of people we’re dealing with. We must take their words with a grain of salt? They compound racial hostilities by creating a wedge between the races. These events have no place in our community. They must be silenced, punished and totally discredited. Their voices enhance hate and lies. They’re not leaders but self serving anarchist.

The Black Panthers have also arrived, preaching violent vindication. They stood on their sidewalk pulpits, chanting “We Want Zimmerman Dead Or Alive” placing a bounty on his head, demanding justice, even if it’s by their own hands. George Zimmerman is now in hiding living in fear of his life? This is an uncontrolled vigilante mob announcing and threatening mob violence, singling out their victim. Where is Eric Holder the incompetently racist, United States Attorney General?

Why are they permitted to dictate coercion, horror, fright, panic, intimidation, and possible violence, so openly? Why wasn’t there a single word expressed or an informational report given from the Three Monkeys Liberal Media? Why are they silent? Why are we as Americans silent and accepting these daunting aggressions, without demanding an investigation? This must stop? Mob rule whatever color must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law?

Imagine if the Tea Party urged such non-sense, or was caught standing in front of a voting area on Election Day holding night sticks. They would be chastised and condemned for their actions every second, of every minute, of every day. They would be hounded, arrested, spied upon, raided and harassed by all aspects of law enforcements, associated with the Local, State and Federal Government. This is disgusting. This is definitely a tale of two cities, in which Obama and Holder has already taken sides?

Our first act of duty is to vote Obama out of Office. Vote him out this next November 2012 Presidential election, without any hesitation. Your vote does count; end this nightmare of injustice, inequality, incompetence and selective selection. Let’s make America once again a Country in which we can proudly say these words “Liberty And Justice For All”.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

Big Brother In The Sky

Look up into the sky, is it a bird, is it a plane, no it’s a Drone. Drones aren’t new; by any stretch of the word, in fact we hear something about them everyday relating to their military capabilities with an outstanding success rate. Their missions performed in hostile enemy territory, are unmatched by any opponent encountered with no harm or injury administered to any of our troops, because they’re unmanned. They’re an essential documented weapon that virtually attacks and destroys, when necessary, all adversities, eliminating all known aggressive combatants, terrorist and their leaders

As we admire these modern day marvels, we can only be elated at the outcome performed relating to their excellent achievements. As Americans we should be proud of our Yankee ingenuity, but should we also be cautious, that we are not authorizing and cheering on an approved Big Brother complex waiting in the wings, ready to use all its abilities to watch our every move?

The Obama Administration is now considering, or could have already started these Drones to be flown in American airspace, which is suppose to be used as a tool in aiding law enforcement. Its capacity is to monitor any and all criminal activities and a pertinent protector of national defense.

Our history has proven that we as Americans must question any and all Government motives for their sincerity? Whenever they try, to increase their illegal, unauthorized, powers in the name of protection and the law, we lose a little more of our freedoms. Whenever they try to use an established justification to circumvent the Constitution, by passing and misinterpreting the First Amendment and the Bill of Rights we lose a little move of our freedoms.

This added program, if associated with National Security of our boarders, would inhabit a very popular response, but we should never be so complacent, as to blindly say, “The Government Knows What Its Doing”? Certain particular mandatory established rules, regulations and protections must be adhered to its performance.

Very few would question or offer any objections to them. Especially if they are properly used to patrol, seek and observe all unwelcome invaders, terrorist activities, thieves, cartels, drugs, murders, kidnappers, who are ready, willing and able to illegally cross over into American soil initiating despicable acts of violence, harm, injury or destruction. Or when it is operated as an enhanced aid to enforce law enforcement over American skies, to combat and defeat crime, would possibly make a lot of sense, but where does the legitimacy start and ends?

These factors, including monitoring our shores, would obviously increase tolerability as a legitimate welcomed instrumental apparatus of resistance. But wouldn’t anyone feel a little threatened, victimized or violated if they were secretly observing your every movement while relaxing on the beach with your family, or on a boat, with friends and family docked at a pier?

Could they be used on non-productive surveillances to improperly spy on innocent private citizens, living their personal lives by performing simple acts such as having a barbecue, cutting the grass or swimming in a pool? Would they still be appropriately received and welcomed with open arms?

What would actually happen if by some remote chance these Drones are hacked into their system, manipulated and maneuvered by hostile forces or our sworn enemies?

No question, these Drones exceeded their worth in performance, and they can easily improve our quality of life, but at what cost, our liberty? Will they relinquish too much malicious unmanageable power into the wrong hands?

This is another huge enormous intrusion into our lives, without our permission, justified in the name of a fortified shield against evil. This information was minimized to the public, by the media, what else is new? If it’s written and approved by our Pharaoh Barack Hussein Obama, “the Chosen One then it will be done and obeyed. What happened to a government that was established by these words and principles, A Government Of, By and For the People?

There are too many questions to answer? Will there be proper searches and seizes, with approved warrants, or will there be escalated exploitations committed by the same people that were sworn to obey and defend the Constitution? Could all information, pictures and personal activities collected, be made public without proper consent, and do process, disregarding our equal and balanced scales of justice which claims a person is innocent until proven guilty?

Will there be any reprimands or ramifications issued to anyone illegally obtaining information, by these Drones? Don’t think there will be no abuses! We are venturing into a new realm of investigating, reviewing and documenting, with the potentiality of causing destruction. What will be the checks and balances to protect the innocent? Who, What, When, Where and How will this be monitored? Will proper legal procedures be enacted and followed correctly?

We all are too familiar with the Government justifying our limitation of rights, freedoms and liberties constructed and guaranteed by the Constitution if the United States. This is usually followed by abolishing all rights to an appeal.

Look what happened at our airports with the TSA, (Transportation Security Administration). Their Gestapo tactics are unacceptable in a free society. They dehumanized individuals, infants, children, disabled and the elderly. They are all fearful of checking a targeted threatening group, by following correct politically correct protocols. This idiocy is to defend against profiling, while there are packages being loaded into the aircraft unobserved and without any examinations or inspections.

This is a disgrace, which should never happen in America. Are we just going to tolerate these injustices or are we going to stop it, and peacefully bring back America as land of the free and home of the brave.

George Orwell’s visions of 1984 are beginning to develop into a molded sculpture of controllability. We as American have been identified as willing participants in government abominations, eagerly and mindlessly willing to follow with restrictions and restraints, for a false sense of feeling safe and secure. We as American have lost our courage of protest and outrage. Where is the outcry of demanding respectable competence from the Obama Administration? Why are we forced to obey or pay the consequences by a run away government that is so arrogant it contradicts our established ideologies? Why do we sit on our hands while we are deliberately getting slapped down by selfish serving bureaucrats that don’t respect us or our wishes? Why did we as Americans allow this to happen?

Now its the Drones, then in the very near future it will be a secret organization pulling you out of your home and arresting you in the middle of the night, just for being an outspoken American Citizen or someone in power wants you out of the way. Your rights will be denied. You will appear in front of a kangaroo Magistrate and taken to prison with no, recourse, representation or appeals, never being heard from again, all this in the name of national security. Sounds familiar, well history does repeat itself?

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

Manipulations Or Mistruths?

September 11, 2012, a day that not only marked the anniversary of one of America’s horrific tragic events, where Muslim extremist and terrorists senselessly and unconscionably killed mass innocence, destroying both Towers of the World Trade Center, and massive damage and murder to the Pentagon.
We must never forget all those first responders, public and private that saved lives, by courageous risking their own lives to save others. We must never forget all those who became ill coming to their rescue. We must never turn our backs on them. We must never forget all those American heroes on Pennsylvania Flight 93, who unselfishly thwarted America’s enemies that saved our Nation’s Capital. These are our Patriots, our domestic home grown defenders of our Nation.
We must never forget what happened on that day. We must never forget who our enemies actual are, and who did this. We must never make excuses for their inhumane actions, by illegitimately and falsely accusing ourselves responsible for these abominations in cruelty. We must never show any weakness as displayed by our President Baracck Hussein Obama, by bowing down, apologizing to all those who terrorize, with the strong desire of destroying our Nation.
The resent attacks on our Embassies have brought up questionable motives within our Government concerning these events. Are we the people of the United States of American being lied to by this Administration or are we just being manipulated to believe that our freedoms of speech caused this animalistic reaction throughout the Muslim world. This ridiculous assumption is only smoke in mirrors hiding the true facts identifying the Obama Administration has failed miserably in foreign policy.
Let’s look at a few events that allegedly might have happen concerning the attacks and murder on the United States Embassy in Libya. We must state the word allegedly, because different information is constantly changing and the truth is remarkably being faded into mistruths. This is with the help of the so-called American free press that will do everything in their power to see Obama is re-elected. They’re a disgrace, shamefully hiding behind Obama’s ineptitudes and incompetence, glorifying his every move. They are unquestionably the definition of controlled puppetry, with no honor no substance, no pride that provides a humiliating disservice to their gullible audience.
There are a number of uncertain unclear issues centering on these dreadful sickening actions which occurred at the Libyan embassy’s attack and murder, by Muslim extremists. The Administration has been constantly changing their rhetoric as different evidences were known, backing themselves in a virtual corner of mistrust, lies and innuendoes.
First the President of Libya Mohammed Magarief stated that the anti Islamic movie trailer had nothing to do with this so-called random act of violence, as stated by the Obama Administration and his surrogates. He said this was definitely well planned stating that “They chose this date, 11th of September to carry a certain message”.
Did this actually happen with the help of the Libyan security guards, stationed at the Embassy, who were suppose to be defending it, the Ambassador and all its occupants? Was it an inside job?
Did the Ambassador inform the Obama Administration and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton that his life and the lives of others at the Embassy was constantly being compromised and threatened, as it was later discovered in his diary allegedly obtained by CNN? Why was a news outlet able to acquire the personal property of the Ambassador providing essential evidence instead of our Government personnel?
Why weren’t enhanced security measures enforced?
Did the attack on the Embassy happen before the actual riots, adding additional proof they were planned and not a spontaneous reaction or action to a so-called anti Islamic film?
Were there documented intelligence briefings initiated several weeks before the assault stating that there is a problem developing, pre-warning all involved? Did our President Barack Hussein Obama actually miss most of these briefings?
Was the Ambassador tortured, sodomized, killed and dragged through the streets by these animals, displaying their conquest as a despicable trophy or did he die at the hospital from smoke inhalation as initially stated by the press?
Are we, The United States of America still using our taxpayer money to aid the Muslim Brotherhood in unanimously taking dictatorial control of the Middle East, including all additional densely populated Islamic Countries throughout the world?
Did our tax dollars actually paid for and assisted this planned attacks on our Embassies? Were we actually unknowingly bestowing aid and comfort to our enemies pertaining to this barbaric behavior, because of our Governments inept submissive, subservient foreign aid policy?
Is our Government trying to white wash these events as they did with Eric Holder’s debacle of “Fast and Furious”? Has his policies made America weak in the eyes of the world? Can we actually put up with another (4) four years of Obama’s ineptitudes and his entourage of mindless walking zombies of uselessness and ineffectiveness.
These are just a few questions that must be answered, there are many more. The age of Obama transparent government made as a promise by him in the 2008 presidential election has proven to be false and without substance.
How many other empty words and promises will come out of his mouth to keep the crown upon his head? The American people have short memories. This should show proof that he will say and do anything and everything to get re-elected. Nothing is sacred, all will be offered as sacrificial lambs at the altar of his Presidency.
Again you must ask why does the liberal media protect and defend this Administration. They are given great power and protected in our Constitution with these words, “Freedom of the Press”. Great power comes with great responsibility, but presently they have failed to meet these standards.
If statements words and documentations can be aggressively altered, to sway reactions and facts to twist and manipulate thinking, then what is truth?
If these chain of events no matter how grotesque can be completely redirected towards creating fictitious accounts and bogus accusation establishing a fairly tale ending. Then you can truly make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
They will have us believe Obama is winning by a landslide. Obama is ahead by ten points in all the swing States. Don’t let them frighten you out of voting! They are attempting to once again sway and control our emotions, brining a defeatist attitude. They are outstanding in distorting the facts following the lead of their master Barack Hussein Obama.
Pay no attention to these sellouts of American ideologies, liberties and freedom. Think for yourself, and investigate by using your own free will. If you follow then you will be ruled, placed under the thumb of tyranny. They play us for fools and sometimes we display foolery, but there’s time to rectify our mistakes in judgment.
Vote this November 2012, and remember, never forget all the plagues, humiliations and hardships this President and his Administration has bestowed upon God, America, The Flag the Constitution, the American People, denying us of our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
William P. Frasca
Copyright 2012-2014

A Shift In Strategy

President Ronald Reagan was the master of maneuverability, and one liners, hitting his opposition calmly with a velvet hammer, before they realized they were hit. The Democrats were putty in his hands, molded to approve most of his policies while being in control of Congress and the Senate. His distinctive charm, personality, determination, stubbornness, strength and courage, morals and convictions, proved to be no match. These attributes were used as tools which made most of his battles so easy, it was like fighting unarmed individuals. This is why, to this day, the Liberals are still feeling his presence.

The Constitution, The Flag, God and Country, together with the Will of the People prevailed. America was America once again, a Government Of, By, and For the People, with all its greatness, fear and respect, throughout the world. We were once again free Americans, released from the clutches of the Carter Administration, The Liberal Democrats, The Progressives and total Government control. He even kept his own Party members on the straight and narrow. There was virtually no dissention.

Today the Republican leaderships are learning from their past mistakes, and seem to be following President Reagan’s characteristics. They came to realize that their lack of unity was their Achilles heals? Their bickering only shows their indecisiveness and uncertainty? This appearance of having no clue on which way is up, or which way is down, is finally concluded as non productive. Their dazed and confused look is reversing into strength and confidence. These slogans, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”, and “Divide and Conquer”, are being etched into their minds and hearts.

The Marxist Socialist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives are also showing the same infectious signs of separatism that the Republican’s once experienced. The main perpetrators, of this act were Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, going against the statements made by President Barack Hussein Obama concerning “Bain Capital”. Both of these critics happen to be Democrats and Black and elected leaders in their own right.

Obama has his own well deserved problems to contend with while almost loosing to a convicted criminal in the West Virginia’s Democratic Primary, and having problems in other States, including Texas.

The strong wall of Liberal Democratic defense, of protecting each other through thick and thin, has developed a hole, with the possibility of it expanding into the Lincoln Tunnel. Even though Mayor Booker was immediately chastised for his negative diction, by Obama and his supporters and was forced to eat his words. No matter what he claims to have said, his recorded diction was announced verbatim on a nationally televised liberal program and station, “Meet The Press”. It was hilarious to see the commentator and the other guests almost choking on their own swallowed vomit from Mayor Booker’s remarks?

Naturally, the Republicans should never compromise their morals or ideals for the obvious guilty, but they always went out of their way to attack one another, and I am not referring to the Tea Party. They’re a refreshing asset.

This was expressed on most governmental levels of the spectrum. It absolutely positively made no sense. The Conservative Republicans before and after Ronald Reagan were fighting a two front war with numerous well known various forms of Benedict Arnolds rising from their own rank and file, destroying their Party’s strength. Today it’s a new Party?

Will Governor Romney ignore the past mistakes of then 2008 Presidential candidate John McCain’s, who used a failed passive resistance strategy, by not attacking and brining to the surface Obama’s unscrupulous associations with characters such as Bill Ayers, or his questionable position as a community organizer, and his affiliations with devious groups? Will this also include the controversial unethical ideologies and preaching’s of Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

The Super Packs won’t allow this to happen. If you thought the Republican Primary was brutal, with each of Romney’s foes picking up steam, and then immediately knocked down to the canvass, out for the count. Just wait until the future match-up of an Obama/Romney contest, you haven’t seen anything yet? Romney is using an intellectual approach as being the coach and telling his players to play honorably, but his players are doing everything in their power, legally, to win the championship trophy.

Did the Republican/Conservative Party learn their lessons of the past, and has finally come together. Time will tell, but there are positive indications they have? Did they realize that splitting up, attacking one another, and staying home on Election Day helped create the Socialist Monster we now know as Barack Hussein Obama, President. They still have Congressman Ron Paul, who is a candidate for President, and will probably stay in until to the Convention, but he lacks the resources. Let’s all pray he doesn’t run as a third party candidate, guaranteeing an Obama victory?

Whatever the case may be, almost all of his opponents have dropped out and endorsed him for President, creating a winning atmosphere, with the Texas primary clinching his nomination. He’s their choice, and it’s his position to lose. He’s their gladiator selected to pick up the gauntlet, and placed into the Presidential arena against, Barack Hussein Obama, in November, 2012. Congressman Ron Paul is still an announced candidate for President and will probably remain until the Republican Convention. He is the last holdout. Let’s hope he remains loyal to the party

Romney must be a leader, and take lessens from President Ronald Reagan by not dwelling or allowing maneuverability to be made by the Democrats and The Progressive. Their strategy is plain and simple, which is to take over his campaign, by using false accusations and identifications with no substance that labels him negatively. If he falls into their trap, this will take time for him to defend” which would obviously derail his message, and momentum.

Out of all of President Reagan’s debates with Jimmy Carter in 1980, what words stands out the most? What was his most memorable statement made, still remembered and still quoted today? “Are you better off now than you were four years ago” a classic. What a genius?

May God Please Bless, Protect and preserve America, “Our One Nation, Under God”?

William P. Frasca

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The Fearful Media Hypocrisy

The media in mostly all aspects of their occupation have lost creditability and respect within the hearts and minds of the American people. Some still adhere to journalism excellence, but unfortunately this special and essential profession has sunk so low that they have kissed the bowels of the most hideous disgusting sewers, know to man. They have no one else to blame for this subterranean burial, except for themselves. They have swallowed the Kool-aide in a mass self inflicted suicide mission of total destruction. All their legitimate prestige, esteem and honor in informing and reporting the news openly and honestly has been destroyed.

Their clouded atmosphere of questionable information, of most subject matter, has developed into a well earned distrust. They attempt to steer the populous into the direction towards their sick, warped agenda which can be affiliated with any particular person, place or thing. They bellow their own empty headed opinionated non-sense using manipulation of words that interprets their own philosophical viewpoints and statements.

These pre-determined explanations and dialogs places key suggestions, which are totally insulting with anyone that has the intelligence and ability to think for themselves. As though they’re administering this information to individuals that are intellectually challenged, without comprehension, yearning the need for someone to clarify and to define what was already said. This is an insult which further demeans and degrades us as clueless, incompetent morons.

Most news references, especially the main stream liberal press refuses to state the facts no matter how appalling or inhuman, when identifying a selective identification of a perpetrator in any hideous incident. They pick and choose their hostile reporting, which is usually aimed at the safe, easy, non retaliatory subjects. This not only proves they’re cowards, but also conveys a communication travesty to their viewers and listeners.

It’s their civic duty is to investigate the truth and inform honestly. They have lost touch with their true meaning relating to “The Power of the Press” by fabricating mistruths, and fantasizing pathetic past atrocities to manipulate and maneuver society into a frantic rage. They have the audacity to use and justify certain discriminations in races, creeds, colors, sex and religion that supports their liberal ideology, and protects their unholy alliances.

They single out what’s right and wrong, in their own sphere of uselessness, authorizing themselves to become judge, jury and executioner to all those who object. They display their bias, bigotry and cowardice with pride.

Here is a prime example where discerning information is geared to sway the community, which totally disregards the supreme right of every American citizen, who allegedly commits a crime, “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”. The heavily broadcasted incident down in Florida, where a young black man was allegedly shot and killed by a Hispanic White man, brought all types of innuendoes, false description and information which identified him as a racist animal. At that point in time there weren’t even any charges brought against him by law enforcement? This not only made a mockery and field day of our judicial system but it also placed the suspected individual in harms way. There was even a bounty placed upon his head, by the New Black Panther Party. Where was Eric Holder, The United States Attorney General when all this was happening?

How does a scandalous situation, of this caliber happen in America, which indicates the predetermined guilt of an individual without any charges or a trial by his peers? The fact is if any form of violence occurs to this person, then everyone involved should be arrested as accessory to the crime. This form of hangman’s mentality, of mob rule lead by some members of the Press must be addressed. They have a moral obligation to uphold the high standards of reporting non-opinionated investigative truths, without affecting their Constitutional right, because any reckless action on their part could possibly produce consequences.

There was another alleged bias crime, which happened in Norfolk Virginia, The victims were two white reporters. They stated that they were brutally attacked by approximately thirty Black individuals.

These were members of their own profession, in which they didn’t think twice about throwing them both under the bus. Their editor himself refuses to acknowledge that a bias crime was committed, without an investigation, and refuses to conduct one. He even waited to report the incident, to the public, why? If there’s doubt, then investigate? Just don’t assume, and bush it under the carpet. He’s supposed to be an experienced journalist? These two victims now have security because they are receiving death threats.

Why does anything that involves a person of color, it is immediately considered untouchable no matter how violent, uncivilized, brutal, ruthless or heartless, as long as this cruelty is committed against an acceptable prey? It’s never identified as bias, racial, or newsworthy and always swept under the carpet or placed on the back burner. Any violent crime, against anyone, racial or not, if found guilty, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?

This form of reverse discrimination in reporting must be protested, by demanding balanced legitimacy. Unfortunately the Caucasians are easiest targets, with no established legal protective organizations. Even our established legal system, has demonstrated partiality, in protecting the rights of the criminal, over the innocent victim, without offering proper legal retributions. These are only a few examples, the list is endless?

Why does the most of the Liberal Press cower and live in fear, authorizing cover-ups and excuses when confronted with real life reality towards any particular group? Aren’t we a nation of laws, with the symbol of blind justice holding a balance scale for all? Or are we now totally accepting anarchy, dog eats dog, every man and women for themselves in their own self defense for survival. Will the laws of the jungle rule, where the lion picks and devours its prey, while the hunter’s arms are tied, and our screams are silenced by ignorance of those in authority? Wake up and smell the roses America, and discover that its sweet smell is camouflaged by the foul stench of hypocrisy.

William P. Frasca

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 No Obama 2012

The Obama Administration has sold the American people a bill of goods for the past (4) four years. They have humiliated America and the American people. They have made numerous compromises to our sovereignty, by adhering to other Countries decisions and requests towards our self rule and destiny. They gave away our elite unmatched Space program to the Russians on a silver platter. Hopefully this will not be a terrible mistake, creating an atmosphere of defenseless to our National Security.

Obama’s apology tour brought shame to America. He has accepted the United Nations policies and programs as law of the land, using them in attempt for him to eliminate our “Right to Bare Arms” circumventing the United States Constitution and the balance of powers.

This Administration with the help of the mindless incompetent Socialist Marxists Liberal Democrats and The Progressives have ignored the wishes and outcries of the people, by ramming their own interpretations of an America molded in their image. They forced a revised unread, unproven healthcare system by throwing not only the American people overboard with an anchor wrapped around their necks, but also created increased sub-human care for the elderly and the disabled. Death panels are not a sci-fi fantasy of the future, but it is a reality with Obamacare.

 The Obama Administration left the American citizen defenseless at the mercy of the terrorist hoards at our Embassies. Any and all Americans that lost their lives, including all those who were mentally or physical disabled by these attacks are just unfortunately collateral damage for their own selfish ideologies. Their philosophy is to bow and kiss the feet of our enemies, while undermining our integrity. They are sellout to the extreme. They lie and cheat. They live the “Life of Reilly’ do what I say but not as I do, while America suffers.

They ignore the Constitution regarding religious freedom, placing shackles around all established beliefs, except for the atheists and the ones they accept out of fearful of retribution or potential violence. They mock our religious symbols and God Himself. They are, spineless, gutless disgrace of insensitive cretins, preying on the meek while endorsing the code of the barbarians. They are hypocrites centering on themselves with no morals or decency.

Whether you know it or not, Obama doesn’t run the Country? How can he when he is always performing recreational activities instead his swore duty as President of the United States. It was quit evident during the Libyan crisis.

 The vicious unwarranted attacks on our Embassies, Citizens and Property, was left clueless, initially condemning a film, while Obama continued to campaign as though nothing had happened.

The humiliating take down and burning of our American flag then being replaced with a grotesque flag of destruction was most reprehensible. The savage despicable murders of our Brave, Heroic Patriots Ambassador Chris Stevens, former Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith, who formerly served in the Air Force, were cruelly victimized by a hoard of malicious unconscionable misfits. While Obama disgracefully and unsympathetically calls their deaths “Optimal” on the Jon Stewart Show. The only thing that mattered was his own conceited vanity of protecting his own selfish existence as President.

Do we as Americans have amnesia? Are we so naive that we are willing to forgive and forget these Administrations atrocities of the past and re-elect this part-time spiteful President so he can finish our ruination, as a free people and Nation. Are we forgetting the fact that millions of Americans are out of work, homeless and are complied to take part-time jobs or low income employment just to survive? Are we forgetting that our money is worthless and inflation, no matter what they say, because I do the shopping, is rising uncontrollably?

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty”.

Let’s these words will bring strength of wills, anger and forcefulness into this November’s presidential election of 2012, defeating our President Barack Hussein Obama, making him a one term President.

The narcissist regime of Obama and his merry den of Progressive thievery, with unlimited incompetence have not backed down from their Socialistic goals and agenda. Obama describes himself as a modern day Robin Hood when actually he’s Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

The sharp fangs of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives have been filed down, in the past, by the power of the vote, which must never been underestimated or taken for granted. They defeated all those who attacked our freedom, and stymied our existence as a free Nation and People, in the past and must continue to do so in the present and future.

Only the Liberal Democrats and The Progressives have the audacity to self proclaim themselves as the purest of Judges, Jury and Executioners, convicting an individual without a shred of evidence or proof.

We are a Country infected by an Obama disease. His disease brought us humiliation, homelessness, despair, violations of our inalienable rights, reduced purchasing power, dictatorship, ineptness, sarcasms, fiscal depression, inflation, no budgets, regressive achievements, high gas prices, corruption, greed, trillions in debt, runaway deficits, robbing one half billon dollars from Medicare, leaving it in shambles, to pay for Obamacare, obviously denying benefits to the seniors and the disabled, personal financial ruin, Socialism, lack of respect, elimination of businesses, layoffs, reduced salaries, unscrupulous false questionable unemployment statistics, reduction in military strength, leaving our brave troops at risk, threatened to withhold their pay and benefits to their families, no hope, empty promises, strong arm tactics, clueless leadership with a circus atmosphere, hardships, individuals graduating from college penniless with no jobs. Individuals on fixed incomes losing their savings and are broke. Pensions are going bankrupt. 401 K’s have become non-existent. No mortgages, no money. Middle class is getting strangled with high food prices. Food stamps are out of control and costing more. The poor is getting poorer, and more dependent upon the Government, worthless paper money, with portfolios rapidly decreasing. The Country is burning, while Obama Fiddles! He’s out of touch, he’s out of control? He is an empty vacant useless leader. Can you trust this President, absolutely not! Do we want another four of this, absolutely not!

He and his cohorts divided America with lies, innuendoes, hostility and violence. He brought out prejudices and discrimination between all races, creeds, sex, colors and religions. They were not the self proclaimed healers but they were the infectious virus that spread throughout our beloved Nation. Their philosophy and strategy is plain and simple, “divide and conquer”, while falsely blaming others. Unfortunately some Americans actually believed in their dangerous propaganda. This was the same course of action used in Nazi Germany’s rise to power!

Some say we know what we have? But couldn’t we do better, of course we can? Is America doomed to be walking zombies afraid to vote this tyrant out of office, because He has demoralized us for the last (4) four years? Where’s the courage that was portrayed with the American Revolution? Where is the strength and fortitude of our forefather, who risked life and property together with their families for freedom and liberty? Anything is better than this? We can achieve all this peacefully, because our forefathers took all the risks, by voting this November 2012.

If these disgraceful Obama made atrocities in social development bring a trill down your leg such as MSNBC’s station idiot Chris Mathews, then cast your precious vote, for another four years of mayhem and humble yourself to be a “boot licking” indentured servant to the Government, with no pride, honor or self respect.

Remember the words of Alert Einstein “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. Let’s prove to ourselves and to the world we aren’t insane, by liberating ourselves on Election Day, November 6, 2012, by saying “NO” to the re-election of the worst demeaning President we ever had, Barack Hussein Obama? How sad we are as a Nation if we don’t?

We the People do have the power. Remember government works for us; we don’t work for the government. Voter apathy is our enemy, and must be defeated. Vote this November 2012 and every election afterwards, as your life and your family’s future depended upon it, because it does? God Bless America! No Obama 2012!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

Obama's Failures, Foreign And Domestic

We as American have sadly witnessed the enhanced failures of the Obama Administration, foreign and domestic. We have been forced to recently witness and endure situations of mob rule, endorsed by societies and cultivations that interpret religionist ideologies as an acceptance for murder and destruction. Some are falsely identified as our allies, graciously accepting our taxpayer money of tribune to buy their friendship. Unfortunately the only thing it bought was treacherous acts of brutality towards us, possibly paying with our own defeat as a Nation.

The vicious unwarranted attacks on our Embassies, Citizens and Property, must not be left unpunished. The humiliating take down and burning of our American flag then being replaced it with another grotesque one that was most reprehensible must not be left unpunished. The savage despicable murders of our Brave, Heroic Patriots Ambassador Chris Stevens, former Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith, who formerly served in the Air Force, who were cruelly victimized by a hoard of malicious unconscionable misfits, must not be left unpunished.

These Muslim extremists have a history of only respecting the most powerful with unquestionable demanding authority. Regrettably, Obama has eliminated that threat, from the beginning of his Administration. He apologized, he bowed, and he degraded, while selling out America and the American people. He forced his self made submission, while genuflecting, with sympathetic rubbish to our enemies, leaving us all feebly pathetic and defenseless.

These so-called members of the human race or should we say animals have always hated everyone and anyone that didn’t conform to their religious beliefs. America was only next on their long list of opponents? Did everyone forget the Crusades, or did our education system stop educating our children on truthfully documented History? These educators, shamefully, at all cost, in their contemptible sick minds, must remain politically correct, and tolerant even to all those who have the strong desire to annihilate us from the face of the Earth. We are told to follow their example and must never offend these heathens, even if their fist priority is aimed at our total and complete devastation. Are we that stupid? Where is the outrage? Why are we as a free People and Nation accepting this demeaning garbage?

These radical barbarians are fanatical. They have no compassion. No mercy. No decency. No kindness. They have no respect for human life, not even their own. So imagine what their warped mentality is towards anyone participating in a Non-Muslim Faith or Belief.

The Obama Administration will have us believe with all their apologies, bowing and demoralizing acts of humility and failed foreign policy had nothing to do with these anti American riots of obliteration that started in the Middle East and is rapidly expanding throughout the world. They are continuing to use the same lame excuse, which all started with an anti-Muslim Trailer Movie, called “Muslim of Innocence”. This is non-sense; Obama and his Administration have made America weak in their eyes, which are creating an atmosphere of easy pickings towards America. They know he’s all talk, and no action, but they take great pleasure in witnessing his unique apologetic submissive flair as he bows before them. Wake up America, before it’s too late. It wasn’t a coincidence that all this happened on the anniversary of September 11th?

He should use some of his apologies towards the American people, and bow to them his bosses. He must apologize to them for all his administered abuses; his conceited know it all appearance of ignorance, by totally ignoring their suffering plight, issuing ultimatums and forced compliance while leaving our Country on the verge bankruptcy! Isn’t it quite ironic that Obama shows more animosity and less respect towards the American people than our enemies?

Remember British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain tried appeasing Adolph Hitler, and Nazi Germany, how did that work out?

The Obama Administration constantly spits on our Constitution. Our freedoms of speech and religion is slowly but surely being eliminated while only certain “acceptable” religions and beliefs are respected by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, The Progressives especially from His Highness Barack Hussein Obama himself.

Christians, Jews and other forms of worship are constantly being ridiculed, dictated to and undermined. The Holy Bible has been numerously disgraced in public, with no condemnation from this Administration. The Democratic Convention almost took God out of their platform, yet they refuse to accept any responsibility for their actions. They have the greatest of talent to accuse anyone or anything, throwing them under the bus, instead of looking at themselves in the mirror, and convict the real culprit. They have failed!

Obama and his Administration are clueless. American interests and American lives are considered cheap throughout the world. Americans and America are identified as an expendable joke, used as a whipping post to savagery.

Even though we are faced with a world full of anti-American sentiment we must not forget all of Obama’s inflicted domestic problems we are experiencing at home.

Obama’s self proclaimed shameful policies are virtually demoralizing America into a free fall of destruction, with the possibility of loosing our Sovereignty to foreign control. These acts of needless, unjustifiable devastation have proved one thing that another four years of Obama will be overwhelmingly brutal, with increased reprehensibility.

Will the American people once again show their strength courage and fortitude by voting Obama out of office ending this tyranny while never looking back on these last four years of mortifying foreign and domestic despair?

“Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”! Or will the American people once again display their stupidity as to cast another foolish vote to re-elect Obama accepting another four years of humiliation, apologies, ineptness, poverty, weakness, narcissism corruption, law breaking dictatorial forced mandates, together with public and private inflation and recession?

Remember Albert Einstein’s theory on Insanity, “Doing The Same Thing Over and Over Again And Expecting Different Results.

May Almighty God please help, and protect America, because the American people are showing obvious signs of their inabilities to help and protect themselves?

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

The Fearless Republican Women

Thank God the Republican Party has courageous women on their side who aren’t afraid to speak their minds. Fantastic women, of unique outstanding character, who are obviously strong, fearless, logically sound, aggressive and are strong enough to take and give a knockout punch.

Sarah Palin first led this charge as Senator John McCain’s Vice-Presidential running mate in 2008. She was the only refreshing spark that was trying to ignite a frozen campaign. Even though John McCain ran his bid for President as a car stuck in gear that allowed the steamrolling Obama campaign to run over it without any pertinent offensive or defensive strategies. His flunkies also made numerous attempts by using every way, shape or form to defeat their own candidate, while trying to discredit her.

Even with all this internal adversity with constant external attacks form the Liberals, and the Progressives, she still emerged as a leader to the American people. McCain’s cohorts unknowingly gave her an advantage and brought her into the limelight as a start of a new and improved leadership of the Republican Party. She became a symbol and leading force to the Tea Party, holding the Republican mediocrity of established pansies and losers in check.

The Tea Party brought an excitingly new essential amount of new Congressmen, Congresswomen and Senators, who aren’t afraid and willing to change the status quo, by striking fear into the hearts and minds of the Republican establishment, but also The Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives.

The Republican leadership, mostly consisting of males are identified as wimps in the first degree. This is why it is so important to vote this 2012 November election, not only to limit Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” to only one term, but also to elect competent leadership in Congress and The Senate.

Congresswoman Michele Bachman made a strong statement, used to wake up a sleeping a America suggesting that Huma Abedin one of Secretary of State Hilary Clinton’s top aid may have had certain members of her family with connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is bad enough, but it seems as though her career isn’t stationary as she is seeking more powerful positions within our Government.

Why is she moving up the ladder at a rapid pace, skipping steps, without a legitimate vetting process for top security clearance, because she is former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner’s wife. You do remember Anthony Weiner that same one showing questionable pictures of his body parts on Twitter, to young lady’s he didn’t even know? He had to resign in disgrace.

This should be the concern of every American relating to an employee close to the Secretary of Sate, and may be offered other high caliber positions that may or may not have or directly or indirectly does have sympathizes in her family with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, and maybe at risk of being influenced. Aren’t we at war, Shouldn’t we take every precaution to protect and defend our own sovereignty and self preservation?

Congresswoman Bachman has every right as an elected member of Congress, swore to defend America and the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. He obviously took her oath of Office with respect and sincerity, unlike some in the Senate and in the House of Representatives.

The Republican leadership cry, cry, cry baby Congressman John Boehner, Speaker of the United States House of Representative was as usual unwilling to take a stand like a man, backs down again like a whipped dog. Instead of defending Bachman by stating there should be a thorough investigation. He announced at a news briefing that he did not know Abedin but “from everything he knew of her, she has a sterling character. How can you make a statement like that if by your own words you don’t know her? What a mouse, is this sick leadership of the Republican Party? What a disgrace!

Naturally, one of the best known Benedict Arnold’s of the Republican Party is none other our good friend Senator John McCain who never misses an opportunity to put another fellow Republican down, by sticking a dagger in their backs? He is usually the first one on line and never disappoints. He doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. He keeps digging himself into a deeper hole by placing himself freely on the “Pay me no mind list to of American People” His continued bashing of his Party members creates an atmosphere of non-existence, which was his main drawback.

The Republican leadership is so determined to make everyone like them; they are willing to be humiliated and made fools of by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressive.

Remember when John McCain ran for the Office of President, he never attacked Obama’s past affiliations or missing links of his life. In fact one could even mention Obama’s middle name of Hussein, yet he rubbed it in John McCain’s faced on inauguration day by stating his full name at his oath of office as President, I “Barack Hussein Obama”

John McCain is a great American hero, and we must all thank him for his unselfish service, but as politician loyal to his Party, he’s not. He’s a hindrance not an asset!

Political correctness has gone amuck this is obvious. What are they afraid of, why not have a full investigate and vetting process? Don’t touch the sacred cow even if it is turns out to be Trojan horse of destruction? If these allegations are true isn’t to better to find out before it creates a tremulously drastic problem, especially our National Security. Shouldn’t we use any and all powers at our disposal to defend and preserve our beloved Country The United States Of America?

This election cycle we must that only change our President, but we must also throw out all those with no guts, willfully placing themselves on bended knee constantly apologizing for nothing but being an American, and defending their swore oath of office. America is going down the toilet, and it is being flushed by our cowardice leadership from both parties. We the People have every right to control and rule our own destiny. Don’t allow these demigods to destroy our beloved nation. Don’t give them all lifetime jobs; fire them with the power of the vote.

God Bless and Protect America Always.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

The American Healthcare Catastrophe, Whose  Fooling Who?

This Administration falsely blames the high cost of healthcare on the American people. They smoke, they drink, they eat too many fatty foods, and they’re fat and lazy, with scheduled form of exercise. This is truly a hilarious act of “audacity” coming from a President and his First Lady, Government Agencies, The United States Senate, Congress and the Supreme Court, together with their Districts enjoying every extravagance, including unhealthy expensive rich meals and desserts at the expense of the taxpayers. The old adage of “Do what I say, but don’t do what I do” is the perfect example of their hypocrisy.

We watched our President Barack Hussein Obama have a beer and smoke. He was caught on a few occasions lighting up! He and Our First Lady Michele have been noted and documented in indulging some high priced, high powered, unhealthy lunches and dinners, with excessively rich calories. Yet she has the gall to preach and dictate? These acts are usually kept under wraps, because in the eyes of the bought and sold main stream liberal media press, they only report their positives, hardly ever their negatives.

This debacle is obviously portrayed as a two faced insincerity of shaming the public into submitting to their double standards of lies and secret indulgences. They sacrifice nothing, take everything, give back nothing, yet they look at you with a straight face and accuse you, the people, of being greedy and selfish.

Yet, nothing is being said for the hospitals or healthcare facilities that are constantly padding the bills, while occasionally attempting to charge double payments for the same procedure, and sometime succeeding in collecting? No one investigates their escalated inflated costs that they disgracefully charge to the average patient staying, at their facility? Where are their scruples and morals?

No one legitimately investigates their staff, their administrators, for abuses, mistakes, incompetence or laziness causing harm, injury or even death? Misdiagnoses are being left unchallenged and permitted without any recourse, adding to expenses. This only proves that there should be no Tort Reform; because there must be consequences for their actions. That goes for the Doctors, The Hospital, their Employees as well as the Insurance Companies, Government Workers, Committees, and Politicians.

“Tort Reform” would be a good principle, if we have valid, legal protections, against the ineptitudes. Presently, we have “the fox watching the chickens”. There must be a deterrent to unprofessional acts of complacency with possible injury or death? If not monetary, then there must be another form of retribution to reprimand obvious signs of neglect instead of just another collateral damage statistic?

Now with the additional applicants and patients placed into Obamacare, leaving a shortage of home grown American doctors, more foreign physicians will be recruited, into our healthcare system. If we were taught anything from the past, proper credentials and qualifications verification screening of these individuals will be limited or non-existent, making us easy targets to slaughter! The confidence factor no longer exists! We obviously and naturally can’t trust them to police or discipline themselves. We are defenseless except for the right to sue?

We must never give-up our right in seeking proper retribution, for malpractices even though it gives them another bogus excuse to raise healthcare costs. If they were all diligent, professional, truthful and cautious, in a perfect world, in meeting all proper standards, with no man made clumsy mistakes then maybe there could be a compromise, but they’re not!

Nothing is said for the doctors who are employed by the same hospitals ordering countless needless expensive painful tests to their patients, escalating the monetary responsibility to an already exhausted healthcare system. No one says anything about an unknown doctor to the patient, saying “hello, how are you feeling today”, everyday, while they are in the facility and charging that patient a visit every time?

No one says anything of a Doctor, in private practice who refuses to accept Medicare or any other legally insured provider. Cash up front, the visit must be “Paid in Full”, before you have the privilege of seeing the doctor. No monetary protective limits or caps are placed, you’re at their mercy, paying whatever they demand, while you submit a claim to your Insurance Provider and wait, hoping and praying that they will reimburse you for some of your expenses. Where is the Hippocratic Oath, I guess money and currency comes before their professional honor.

No one attacks the most unscrupulous Shylocks of them all the Insurance Companies. They seem to have a free reign in determining what claims they are going pay or not, with no penalty for their actions. They charge escalated premiums, and aren’t afraid to discriminately raise them, at a moments notice. They have absolutely no remorse to drop you or your family, without due process. Obamacare presently have encouraged these companies to charge more, not less, adversely affecting their customers, placing them further in debt for proper healthcare coverage. Enhanced premiums with constantly decreasing services!

They look for any and all excuses or made-up loopholes not to acknowledge legitimate claims, forcing the customer to submit time consuming appeals, this is not cost effective. They are the most despicable, with everyone turning their backs on these rodents, allowing them to do whatever they want, relying on their compassion and decency. Did you ever know of a rodent displaying or administrating any human qualities? They are in business to make money, at all cost or suffering.

No one mentions the illegal aliens that cross over into our Country with nothing. They have no job. They don’t pay taxes, but are entitled to our healthcare system free of charge, as well as taking advantages of other generous taxpayer entitlements as well. Some come here to solely to use our healthcare facilities, because their own Country’s healthcare is sub-par with no modern day professionals, equipment, procedures or standards. Who will eventually pay their bill, whether in its in our “Present Form” or “Obamacare”, you the taxpayer!

The arrogance of this President, His Administration, the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives, authorizing the vicious destruction of Medicare, by robbing from Peter to pay for Paul is an abomination. Remember more than a Half Trillion Dollars will be removed from the Medicare budget to pay for Obamacare. This will coercively compel all those Medicare recipients, to submit to the inferior control of Obamacare, whether they like it or not! Anyone with a half a brain must realize this will adversely affect anyone on Medicare, and the Medicare system?

There is no rhyme or reason to Obamacare, and there was no rhyme or reason to our present day healthcare situation, both reek with the stench of greed, corruption misstatements, mismanagement and abuses unchained. Don’t allow them to blame us for their own self induced faults of using our life and death situations into a money making scheme. The first thing anyone does who is guilty is to spread the blame, taking the spotlight off of them. So we are constantly fed this non-sense, of believing that we are the number one culprit for the high cost of healthcare instead of these gluttonous, voracious maggots, mentioned in this article.

We the people must have a say in our own destiny, especially healthcare, don’t allow them to fool you twice, if they do, shame on you. Always question authority, always ask for a second opinion, and especially don’t blindly trust. We are Americans, and it’s about time we start acting and living as free proud Americans? God Bless America!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

The Power Of The Vote

Well Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker has once again beaten back to furious forces of the Unions and The Obama Administration’s bogus recall attack. This was an absurd solution to a non-existent problem created by the opposition Party and their cronies. Wisconsin should look themselves in the mirror on any and all recall movements in the future. They were not only used as pawns, but they were humiliated nationally. There is a time and place, and this wasn’t the time or the place.

This was strike three, to all of Walker’s opponents, because this foolery was going on and on like the Energizer bunny. They lost previous recall campaigns on different levels of the State government. Their quest to retake and regain power, for their own greedy selfishness has ended in a humiliating loss, but enormous conquest for the taxpayer. This was a true and remarkable approval for our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, with less bureaucratic control. It was a tremendous victory for God, Country and our Capitalist ideologies.

As Thomas Jefferson once said, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty”.

Such truer words were ever spoken. The people proved in this election that they don’t fear their government or special bullying interest groups no matter how ruthless or despicable. Let’s hope and pray this strength of will, anger and forcefulness will carry over into the November presidential election of 2012, defeating our President Barack Hussein Obama, making him a one term President.

The Democratic Party has a long history of stomping their feet, with wild childish tantrums if they don’t get their own way. The problem was, “We the People”, in the past always tried to cater to their every whim, just to shut them up, this proved to be a terrible mistake, but not this time! Their loss has proven to be a glorious victory for the people. The electorate has been constantly silenced, even when they flexed their muscle in November 2010, when they spanked the Liberals by giving the Republicans a majority in the House of Representatives and a number of seats in the Senate. The good fight continues, as proof with this election, and the removal of some old time establishment useless Republican defectors, such as Lugar of Indiana.

The narcissist regime of Obama and his merry den of Progressive incompetence has not alleviated from their Socialistic goals, even with this wake-up call, of robbing Peter, and robbing Peter, and robbing Peter to pay for the non-productive leeches of our society, and total government control. The people have spoken once again, realizing their strength and power to dethrone the self serving, who disregards their will, is in their hands.

The fangs of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives have been filed down by the power of the vote, which must never been underestimated or taken for granted. They defeated all those who attacked freedom, such as the Congresswoman from the great State of Florida, the ever babbling idiot of unlimited non-sense, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and Obama’s right hand man of hounding sleaze and harassment David Axelrod. Who’s David Axelrod? The only votes he could guarantee is himself and maybe, possibly his wife?

Why did Obama stay away from this all important election? Was he afraid to enter Wisconsin with him leading the charge of his Socialist Calvary, riding on his white horse, to save the day, coming to the aide of his fellow Democratic challenger against Walker, Mayor Tom Barrett of Milwaukee and Labor?

Do we have to be reminded that Obama doesn’t have one of the most outstanding track records of leading his endorsed candidates to victory? There are two high calibers, high profile elections which come to mind. One was with Ex-Governor of New Jersey, Jon Corzine, he came into the State (3) times, and failed to carry him to victory; Corzine was defeated by Republican challenger now Governor, Chris Christie. He went to Massachusetts and gave his whole hearted support to Democratic candidate Martha Coakley for United States Senator. She was defeated by Republican Scott Brown. This seat was held by Democrat Ted Kennedy serving as United States Senator for over forty years. Obama has the unique knack of giving “Kiss of Death” to all he anoints.

There was also a hilarious display of degradation given by the Democratic spin doctors stating that Walker’s victory has no hidden meaning and has no barring or play for Wisconsin in November 2012 Presidential election? They reassured everyone this State would be in the plus column for Obama. Their arrogance supersedes their stupidity. Democratic Governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley, reiterated their warped strategy during his interview by Fox commentator Bret Baier, after the recall election results.

He exhibited the usually Democratic kool-aide drinking hari-kari response and mentality, by going so far as to undermine the recall election because Walker, presently, wasn’t convicted, of any crime, suggesting he might be corrupt. Only the Democrats has the audacity to self proclaim themselves as the purest of Judges, Jury and Executioners, convicting an individual without a shred of evidence or proof.

He also mentioned that the people were angry with fibrous non-productive non-sense? Then why is his Party spreading lies and innuendoes? Why did they push for a recall in the first place, costing the taxpayers millions of wasted time and revenue? Doesn’t this sound like a desperate politician grasping at straws, and trying to manufacture a silk purse out of a sow’s ear?

His spin was quit amusing when he stated that Scott Walker has divided the State, pitting one against the other. It seems as though his first accusations relating to this so-called miserable tactic should be against his lord and master, our President Barack Hussein Obama, The Chosen One. He is the professor of segregation and separatisms. He is the first one to blame all his misfortunes on someone else, denying any and all responsibilities. He is the master of disaster in dividing the rich and the poor, management against labor, religions against religions, man against woman, while enhancing hostilities between the races. What hypocrisy!

We the People do have the power. Remember government works for us; we don’t work for the government. Voter apathy is our enemy, and must be defeated. Vote this November 2012 and every election afterwards, as your life and your family’s future depended upon it, because it does? God Bless America!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

No One's Higher Than The Law

Whenever someone is caught performing any incompetent act of ridiculous stupidity which initiates loss of any kind, whether it’s to the littlest minute infraction, to the most enormous display of human tragedy or travesty, is to deny everything and demand proof. You’ll hear defensives phases such as, what me,” I didn’t do anything wrong” You’re obviously mistaken”, or “you must hate me because of my race, religion sex, color or creed”. It couldn’t be my deviant intentions of neglect, lack of skills, abilities or ineptitudes.

This seems to be the main reason and the most selected logical excuse of choice for a good percentage of our elected officials, bureaucrats, political hacks and/or government leeches. This is the quickest easiest way to defend any one’s culpability. Especially, when, the accused holds any and all discrepancies in submitting all documentations, and proofs irrelevant to the investigations, relating to their potential conviction.

United States Attorney General Eric Holder has such a privilege, of controlling his own fate, while laughing at the House of Representatives, The American People, and the Terry Family, for answers they are demanding to their pertinent questions relating to the authorization “Fast and Furious”. A reckless failed program that was responsible for the loss of a United States Boarder Patrol Agent, Brian Terry. This abomination of brutality which focuses on his Department’s insensitive ineffectiveness was required to supple all the facts, events, investigations and proofs.

His arrogance was so despicable that Congress attempted to subpoena him for these documents. He procrastinated, gave censored crossed out blackened reports, which gave them incoherent useless materials of information. Naturally if one was trying to hide guilt or concerning any negative catastrophic episodes of dread protecting one’s reputation and employment, then these essential facts must vanish or be conveniently tainted. Whenever any realm of government is required to Police their own, including the Office of the Attorney General, on any issues of apprehension, it’s like hiring the fox to watch the chickens.

An accused may also resort to obtaining false witnesses or surrogates if their constant objections of refutations are falling to deaf ears and they are loosing popular support. Sometimes recruiting an army of puppets is needed to support their deception.

Attorney General Eric Holder has attempted on numerous occasions to alter his defensive strategy by building a solid wall of defense. He wouldn’t think twice, to throw someone under the bus, or to enlist any and all Kool- Aide drinking name calling intimating Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic zombies to protect himself and his hopeless futility of bigoted ineptness and vanity.

They received their orders, relentlessly attacking his opponents using any and all methods, including throwing everything at them but the kitchen sink. They went as far as to use the “race card” depicting poor Eric Holder as being victimized solely because he was the first black Attorney General, or a clever ploy to suppress minority voter turnout in the next 2012 Presidential election. Shame on anyone, who believes this disgraceful display, of compounded non-sense portraying falsified politically correct accusations. That includes lies, innuendoes and idiocy, from minority racists and bigots.

This tactic no matter how outrageous and untrue may have had some successful results in the past, but they cried wolf so many times, it is now considered beating a dead horse, it has no bearing, importance or significance.

This plan of attack still wasn’t working, so he needed a new approach, which of course was to blame someone else. This Administration time and time again, since its conception, has always placed the burden of fault, on anything negative, right at the feet of the Bush Administration.

Obama’s Administration is a sad portrayal of persistent unyielding incompetence, with a “what me worry” mentality and atmosphere of neglect. When will they ever take responsibility for their own actions? Every time you turn around it’s always the same old story. It’s always someone else’s stupidity. This disgraceful act of integrity is constantly identifying our leadership as hopeless misfits. It contaminates everything they touch referring to most domestic or foreign issues, with America and the American people being sold out and misguided into a dark hole of contempt.

His actions were being so scrutinized it was affecting his untouchable lord and master, his highness himself, a true legend in his own mind our President Barack Hussein Obama “the Chosen One”.

So when all else fails, and you’re at the end of your rope, you grab a lifeline, the only thing left to save you from falling off the cliff, your friend, The President. There must also be an additional alterative motive, on his involvement. Who or what is he trying to hide or protect besides Holder, himself?

How can one individual have so much power as to wave his mighty wand while announcing these magical words of fortification called “Executive Privilege”? This miraculously made everything all right, in their own warped sick minds, bringing his reign of power and order back to normal, repelling his sworn enemy, Answerability”.

There was one glitch? Even though he used his majestic powers, the Republicans and the People weren’t impressed. They’re still demanding answers, aggressively pursuing their surge in receiving righteous responsibility on who authorized this outlandish murderous course of action.

A United States Boarder Patrol Agent, a Hero, a Patriot, an American, dedicated to the protection of American soil, Brian Terry, maliciously and callously lost his life because of someone’s neglect and carelessness in the Obama Administration. His family deserves truthful, unabridged rightful answers.

So far, all they’re receiving is an obstruction of justice. This isn’t right and must not be tolerated. I am disgusted, as a born and raised American citizen, with the nonchalant, lackadaisical, uncompassionate, insensitive response and spin administered by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, and their clone substitutes, as though the loss of an American life, in any capacity, is totally acceptable, as long as if it meets with their twisted ideologies or agenda. All those, who are accountable for this loathsome vile act, of senseless massacre, together with all the elite egotists, must be held liable for their actions.

Remember these immortal words of President Theodore Roosevelt, A Progressive, “No man is above the law and no man is below it; nor do we ask any man's permission when we require him to obey it.” Obedience to the law is demanded as a right; not asked as a favor."

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

Failed Policies, Past And Present

President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has announced and declared war on the up again, down again, unemployment debacle, consisting of false manipulative lies and non-productive results of failed policies which have been plaguing him during his inept tenure as the Commander-In-Chief. After three years of idiocy, unemployment is still over eight per cent, but this rate is probably higher because certain essential variables were left out of this equation.

Such as individuals who just stop trying, living with other family members, food stamps program, which statically rose, during his tenure or other government assistance programs. Some are accepting part-time employment or temporary positions supporting their families or just to stay alive. Some see the pie in the sky and refusing employment on the Government’s dime.

Did he finally wake up from his fantasy dream of a Socialist Marxist United States of America created in his image with interpreted ideology of his unsuccessful botched unstable deviant Communist heroes?, of course not! It’s an election year? His high and mighty attitude concerning this crises projected that it was a small little glitch and setback to his Marxist itinerary. His strong assuring choices of words are a clever rouge to lure the unsuspecting American public back into his mystical adoring admiration of regal worship. Remember a leopard can not change its spots.

Our Country is suffering through a record budget deficit at the end of his first four years as President, with it progressively getting worse with an anticipated financial explosion, which will blow the lid off the expenditures at the end of his first term. Inflation is hurting everyone, especially at the grocery store, where certain products purchase have decreased in size, with the same payment or escalated beyond belief.

Gas prices are abusing everyone, fluctuating up and up and up, while recently going down, just a tease, and then immediately right back up again. Why presently in the America, there are companies manufacturing engines, which can travel over seventy mile per gallon of gasoline but must be shipped and sold overseas. It is illegal for them to sell or distribute them here in the United States?

Why the answer is obvious because these marvels of engineering would be compounding and adding a hindrance to the Federal and State budgets, by decreasing revenue administered through their gas taxes? The less we purchase the less they receive? Basically the bogus lie they kept on telling us, of our goal to become independent from foreign oil is just non-sense? No one could explain after all these years, of stating and delivering energy independence propaganda and money we are in the same row boat oaring against the same tide.

This is definitely mirroring the image other senseless issued programs in duplicate fashion. This went as far back as Jimmy Carter. We are also identifying the same failed government, of his Administration, with the Obama Administration.

Government handouts that have been proven as a complete waste of money to solve our Nations unemployment problem was established by then President Jimmy Carter, “The Clueless Submissive One” in the late 1970’s? This entitlement was called the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act better known as the (CETA) program.

He used taxpayers’ money to establish a useless temporary non-productive low grade employment positions, which served absolutely no credence or purpose in training these selected individuals for future permanent enhanced essentially respectable lifetime careers. This was a rapid futile fix to the unemployment problem, which only placed a band aid to a patient needing major surgery. He also had the rob Peter to pay Paul idiocy syndrome, which was an exorbitant rise in taxes.

This of course, as every federal government related or operated program had its scandals and superior forms of corruption and thievery. This job creation bill was decentralized, which gave complete control and distribution powers of all employment opportunities to each State, City and County governments. This left undocumented, untraceable accounts of most financial transactions, including a clueless explanation and information of all those who were hired. This included fraudulent record keeping and no show jobs, which were used as illegal patronage to political local hacks.

CETA, was suppose to be Jimmy Carter’s, New Deal, but unlike his Socialist Marxist Democratic predecessor, Progressive Franklin D. Roosevelt who produced the Works Progress Administration or The Works Projects Administration (WPA) during the Great Depression, had shown some domestic infrastructure results, but it enhanced Socialism, while limiting liberties and freedoms.

Jimmy Carter left questionable corruption, devious selection of hand picked unemployed political hack loyalist, with temporary negative results and a meaningless solution that escalated wasteful spending. This program was horribly and disgracefully identified as a disgraceful, humiliating, shameful, dishonorable outrage of degrading social demeanor, which achieved nothing.

Conservative President Ronald Reagan corrected double digit inflation, high unemployment, loan rates that skyrocketed, a United States currency that was worthless, by reducing taxes, for everyone, and removing the shackles of the free expertise system initiated by the Jimmy Carter’s progressive Administration. Talking about inheriting a financial catastrophe and a sick economy was Ronald Reagan, a true leader. He overcame all those adverse Socialist Marxist Democratic conditions by using commonsense and Capitalism.

All Obama does is blame Bush. Stop whining and accept responsibility, be a leader, pull your pants up and use the brains God gave you by acting intelligently, efficiently and effectively.

Now Obama and his merry cohorts of Socialistic entities are sticking their noses where they don’t belong. They don’t belong regulating and dictating to private companies and small corporations with their anti business mentality. These entrepreneurs, if left alone will always out shine any government intervention, in creating new jobs, with new products and technology because history and self motivation has proven this to a truthful fact.

The government, especially the Obama Administration has no real clear cut successful track record in establishing any pertinent triumphant policies or priorities. Everything they attempted to do seems to turn into coal, with ineffectual results. Could it possibly be the fault and hopeless attempts of a dysfunctional outlook by these selected inept policy makers? The stimulus package was and still is a reprehensible failure. Bridges going to no where, pork, useless impractical infrastructures, unnecessary over inflated repairs and developments, corruption, thievery and fraud were enhanced by this high priced incentive.

Cash for clunkers was an exorbitant expensive entitlement to entice new car sales, costing us plenty. Bailouts on American owned corporations such as General Motors, that thanked our generosity by manufacturing a good percentage of their products in foreign countries, or should we say China? Socialist programs of this caliber are not only draining and inflating the budget, but also placing a stressful weighted existence to each and every American family, who are struggling for their survival. This spending will be a continued monetary albatross to ourselves and future generations.

These past three years, the Obama Administration lied, cheated by forcefully manipulating and obstructing our precious Constitutional freedoms and our unmatched world renowned Yankee Ingenuity. Socialism is worse than a flesh eating fungus, because it breaks the will and spirit of a society to achieve their highest capable unlimited potential.

They closed their eyes to the unemployment problem, these past years, by offering extensions with additional government dependence, with no permanent solutions. Unfortunately they were so naïve, because the answer was right in front of their faces.

Capitalism if left alone will always work. It doesn’t need any negative control from incompetent bureaucrats. The free enterprise system will excel, as long as if it is not burdened with high taxes, and illogical forced strangle hold regulations to stymie their expansion and growth.

Unfortunately this new and improved old liberal ideology which is being introduced and enforced by our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” is a total abomination. There are no free lunches, and with an Administration who loves to spend the taxpayer’s hard earned money, has administered no rhyme or reason.

The final solution and analysis will be the same old philosophy which was religiously followed for years and traditionally acknowledged by this Socialist Marxist Democratic Administration. This is recognized, as unfair, with illogical unjust redistribution of wealth, used to unconscionable punish the wealthy; and the self made. They will increase anti-business philosophies, expanding government, reducing productivity, rewarding the blood sucking non-contributors and for the rest of us we can expect a wide range of multiple tax increases, in a subservient doctorial environment of voiceless dominance.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

Mind Games Of Destruction

We as American Patriots have been brainwashed for years. It was a slow process, in which our strong morals and decency was our worse enemy. These admirable characteristics proved to be our Achilles heel, which were used against us, by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives.

These demigods of conceited qualities have turned our American ideals and ideologies into a camouflaged chameleon of maneuverability, adhering to a subservient role in their new world order. Their false affection to save man kind from all that is evil cleverly hid their bogus, bigoted, racist, left authoritarian agenda of perpetual non-sense. That offered only true lies and innuendoes, accompanied by strong arm, brow beating, tactics and antics.

These negative attributes displayed a manipulative ploy to reverse our own humanitarian courtesy into phony accusations of insensitivity and name calling for their own political gain and rise to power. Unfortunately we as American Patriots were so wrapped up in this gibberish garbage and were so afraid of being incorrectly labeled as intolerant towards any race, creed, color, gender or religion including fairness, injustices and suffering that we bent over backwards to please. We legitimatized these exploitations, from the left, in our own minds.

Regrettably before we realized their true colors, by them taking advantage, and completely using us as fools, with our pants down, the damage was done. These negative adversities and attacks against us, our Constitutional freedoms, inalienable rights, and inhibiting our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness have escalated, but it can be stopped, reversed and brought back to prominence. We have the ability and the tools given to us by our forefathers, nothing is etched in stone.

Fortunately, there are new and improved groups and dedicated organization, replacing the old social and elected cowards that are ready, willing and able, to meet this challenge and aren’t afraid to fight back, while using the same Liberal strategy against them.

Our President, Barack Hussein Obama, and his royal court are still complaining that America isn’t an equal place to live for all the people. They constantly point out that all Americans must play by all the same rules and regulations. This is naturally targeted at the prosperous individuals, who of course, question Obama; it’s not aimed at his loyal wealthy associates, who receive unlimited taxpayer perks and bailouts. His rhetoric continues to use the same old broken record in which the poor are used as doormat, and the rich are purposely keeping them down with no opportunities. If you believe this, then I have some stock to sell you in the Brooklyn Bridge, because the only thing keeping the poor down is themselves and the progressives?

There are individuals that must be extended a helping hand as we did in the past of neighbor helping neighbor, and are correctly entitled to essential benefit programs, because they either worked or contributed. Some experienced hardships, by no fault of their own, suffered personal losses or developed mental or physical disabilities. Of course no entitlements should be offered to the habitual blood sucking social leeches and offender, milking the system.

We permitted governmental thievery of our hard earned tax revenue to be controlled and dictated by unscrupulous bureaucrats such as, Timothy F. Geithner, United States Treasury Secretary, and elected officials such as Representative Charles Range, Democrat from the Great State of New York, who was once the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee. Regrettably these two powerful individuals were ironically documented “Tax Cheats”, and are constantly in favor of raising your taxes. The sad fact is that our incompetent spend thrift government of incompetent misfits collect more tax dollars from the people than any nation in recorded history. They have the thoughtless, irrational stupidity of spending and brining us into trillions of dollars in debt, and complain they need more because it wasn’t enough.

The Liberal reality, to a perfect world, is to have the rich and the middle class, pay more taxes, redistribute their wealth, and of course, having absolutely no regret or shame in spending more. Chances are if you don’t comply, or have the audacity to revolt or protest, then an unexpected visit from the I.R.S., authorizing a complete audit would possibly develop, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law?

This also includes donations and exorbitant purchases to their fund raising dinners. These funds are obviously used to boost their political war chests.

“A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. It seems as though, our mindless elected officials, who really reflects upon our questionable decisions as the electorate, is full of intellectual rubbish. This quote can best describe our present day situation, especially when we re-elect same the clueless, self centered, greedy, shameless bureaucrats. “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

They constantly complain and protest that discrimination is alive and well with people of color. They ignore the fact that we have a black President and black Attorney General, abusing their power and authority, arrogantly displaying numerous acts and support of reverse discrimination.

We permitted the illegal aliens a free ride throughout the Country, with some committing hideous crimes of all magnitudes and caliber of inhuman violence and thievery, and then falsely deemed guilty of intolerance and discrimination attempting to enforce the United States Immigration laws.

The simple act of asking them for identification, required by every American citizen to show upon request, by a police officer, a bank official, to drive a vehicle, buy alcoholic beverages, going on a plane, or partaking in any simple daily transaction or application is unjustified.

When asked this requirement of an illegal alien, the individual is immediately tattooed and branded as a racist, by the liberal phonies. This can only happen in American where illegal aliens and criminals have more rights and privileges than an American citizen, not to mention all our brave military personnel and their families.

One could really comprehend their objection to anyone asking for identification during the voting process, because it would limit fraud. Most politicians, groups’ organizations and political affiliations rely on the dead or phantom votes, to carry them to potential victory. I seem to recall a Democratic United States Senator from Minnesota that used this same plan of attack to triumph over his foe.

Now the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressive are making a further mockery of the situation by dictating self imposed ludicrous propaganda. They are now idiotically mandating that identifying these immigration criminals as illegal aliens is a hate crime. This would be laughable if it wasn’t coming from such narrow minded, self centered policy controlling dictatorial buffoons, with a track record of division and destruction.

We accept all individuals from every country in the world. They have a strong sense of pride and privilege to arrive and stay in our beloved Nation legally. They are willing to wait and go through process, sustaining years of paperwork, money, and education. They respect our laws, history, Flag, and our Constitution, to become legal American citizens. These people should be commended, not punished. Isn’t it a disgrace to have any illogical discussions, rewarding anyone who sneaks into our Country illegally, automatically authorizing and giving them amnesty, for their criminal act, with the possibility of citizenry? This not only humiliates the process, but it undermines our claim that we are a “Nation of Laws”.

There’s a little token of wisdom that is being spread around the internet, in which I would like to share. It reads as follows “If you voted for Barack Hussein Obama in November of 2008 to prove you’re not a racist, you’ll have to vote for someone else in November of 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.”

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

Its Not My Fault

The constant words administered out of the mouth of our President Barack Hussein Obama ever since his questionable oath of office was his inheritance of our regressing national economy. He relentlessly announced to us all that it was the worse financial disaster since the Great Depression.

So to relieve some pressure, the most logical and closest whipping post he had was President George W. Bush. He accused him as being the culprit, the incompetent one that put us all into such turmoil. When an individual blames someone else for their anticipated actions, it is quite evident that while placing the spotlight on someone else, it hides all their blemishes. In other words, Obama had no clue on how to fix the problem, but to spend and spend and spend, placing us further into debt.

He hoped that Socialism and Communism would bail him out, but he forgot one thing, and that was to read history. If he did he would have realized that these ideologies failed miserably in the past, bankrupting and degrading all who followed, placing them deeper into a financial hole of depression.The answer was right under his nose, which is Capitalism, and it works. He totally ignored and still ignoring this established successful form of government. He was in over his head, clueless and he knows it?

Obama is the great communicator of blowing his own horn, using all these tools at his disposal, such as lies, innuendoes fiction and fantasy, when describing his regal sense of made up capabilities. He is truly a legend in his own mind. He continually reminds us that without his leadership, we would be worse off than we are today.

This broken record of non-sense together with his vanity and sarcastically nicknamed the Master of Disaster has put a stake into our hearts, relating not only to our failing, inflated economy, but also diminishing the strength and fortitude of the American people. Instead of building our confidences he literally broke down our will to achieve, making us dependents of the government.

This so-called self anointed Messiah complex, towards the American people has had a reverse Midas touch. Everything he and his appointed lackeys initiated turned to lead. Our tax dollars and money spent has been wasted on such programs as Solyndra, Cash for Clunkers/Appliances and increased entitlement handouts, private sector bailouts and the stimulus. He had absolutely no plan to increase private employment or the housing market. Corruption and paybacks for Obama’s loyal subjects have increased without any decent conscience or scruples referring to corporations such as General Electric that pay hardly any taxes, and have continued perks under this Administration.

Their CEO/Chairman Jeff Immelt also has the audacity to accept a position on Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Which was established to creat jobs and increase private investment into the United States. Yet Mr. Immelt sees fit to escalate and expand his Company oversees, while increasing their profits and investments in a reduced tax and regulatory atmosphere in other corpoartaion friendly Countries throughout the world.

This will obviously helps these Countries unemployment status, and also raise their standard of living, bringing in added revenue, but what about us? This was naturally intended for the for the United States, as he was appointed to do so, by Obama. Why assist any Company with this philosphy, that milks America dry, turns their backs on the people that are forced to contribute to their greed, with their tax dollars, just because they are in bed with Obama.

Isn’t it so ironic that in the year 2012 of the 21st Century that more and more individuals are not taking any responsibilities for their own actions? There are always excuses?

A murderer, a violent offender, a thief, a bully, the dropout, a dope addict, a drunk or any despicable individual, who takes pleasure out of the misery of others have a justified explanation or an alibi. They always have a sad story that forced them into their predicament, but never free will. They’ll never admit to any accountability for their own sick behavior, it always someone or something else that made them do it?

The bleeding heart liberals either blame the parents, bigotry, racism, prejudice, America, lack of education, the system, the police, the judges, the laws, the Republicans, The Conservatives their childhood, society, their environment, but never the accused. There’s always enough fault to go around that would exonerate the biggest violations know to man. It’s always the other persons responsibilities never mine; I’m only a used and abused innocent bystander.

Naturally, all of those who are allegedly charged with greed, corruption and incompetence are assumed innocent, because in this Country a person is innocent until proven guilty, but where and when does the accountability start and end? So far we heard very little answerability from the Obama Administration, in over (3) three years while some elected and appointed officials involved still remain in office, with no action taken against them, such as Attorney General Eric Holder.

Obama still, to this day, doesn’t take any responsibilities for his actions. Will he ever man up to his elected status as Leader of the Free World, or will he keep his self imposed crutch, George Bush. Odds are he won’t, he’ll keep the crutch! He was given a free ride by the main stream media. He was considered untouchable because of the color of his skin. No one could contradict his imbecilic programs and procedures because an individual would be immediately labeled and chastised as a racist. His vetting was non-existent during his Presidential candidacy in 2008.

These self imposed and made up defensive propaganda wall from the left has almost diminished into oblivion. People are now questioning and scrutinizing his actions. He is the President of Our Country, a man, not God, and must answer to the will of the people and not his narcissist inflated ego of grandeur. He’s out of touch, he’s actually believes his own fantasies, but the American people have finally come to their senses. They were expecting a Mosses to lead them out of the financial desert of ruination instead they were burdened with a Pontius Pilate who washed his hands of their pleas, hardships and miseries.

His strategy is not fool proof. It is developing holes and glitches in his shinny armor. This will manufacture into potential ramifications of backfiring into a more serious elaborate nightmare of legal and unpopular negativity, causing a faithless environment of mistrust and lack of confidence.

Has all decency and self respect completely vanished from our society? Should there always be an excuse made for any and all violators from incompetence to criminals? This must change, and it will, if we want it to. We the people have the power. No excuses. May the Good Lord please bless and protect America from leadership and ourselves, before it’s too late!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

Obama The Destroyer

Unfortunately America is a house divided? As Abraham Lincoln stated with these immortal words “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. This Country has reverted back to the separations of the past, without any limitations and no boundaries. Everyone and everything is fair game, as long as it contributes to our President Barrack Hussein Obama’s egotistical thirst of grand admiration. It has been revisited to a black hole of mistrust, consisting of needless forms of exclusions, towards any particular race, creed, color or religion.

This President and his Administration has initiated an expanded division between the masses. He arrogantly crossed the line, denying the Constitutional protection granted to each American, relating to Religious freedom, while ignoring the separation of Church and State.

He attempted to force numerous forms of Christian faiths, against their principles of teachings, to abide by his dictatorial demands in paying for contraception. He used this compulsory mandate, in the bogus name of a woman’s so-called right to birth control, even though it is made readily available at numerous stores, locations and free at clinics. He later saw the errors of his ways, by the populous, who forced him to refrain from this illegitimate unlawful policy.

He humiliates the Christian and Jewish faiths, by undermining their beliefs, mocking the Bible, and openly criticizing their celebrated holidays, by his own arrogance and ignorance. He openly reverses this bitterness by praising certain selected and accepted religions and organizations, approved by him and those of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party and The Progressives. These institutions are given a free ride, extended every courtesy with unlimited tolerance, respect and protection.

He disrespected our Flag, (The United States of America) by refusing to wear a symbol of its glory and greatness on his person. He folded his hands, instead of placing his right hand over his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, without saying the words. His wife Michelle our First Lady, extended this offensive rudeness, by saying to her husband, the President, during a ceremony honoring our flag at ground zero, in New York City. This event marked the tenth anniversary of the 911 tragedy that was brutally enacted by fanatical Muslin extremists, “All This For A Damn Flag”, with the President nodding yes and grinning.

He, the Democratic Party, the Liberals, The Socialist, The Communists, and The Progressives disrespected our veterans and all those injured or lost their lives, so we may remain free, protecting us from all foreign and domestic tyranny.

They were so uncompassionate towards their families, threatening to reduce their benefits and using them as non-existent pawns in an attempt to withhold their much needed pay checks, as leverage, during the fiscal budget upheavals, between them and the Republicans.

He bows, apologizes and behind close doors made secret deals with our enemies. We must never forget his statement when he thought all microphones were off and he was caught telling outgoing Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that “This is my last election” “After my election, I will have more flexibility” Medvedev replied, “I will transmit this information to Vladimir,"

Only the Good Lord knows what that meant, and what underhanded sellout agreement was discussed in compromising our missile defense. Is Obama that over confident and conceited concerning his re-election victory? Does he know something that “We the People” don‘t know? Will the lights go out on Election Day as they did in Nevada, when Harry Reid was mysteriously re-elected as U.S. Senator?

He handed over our Space Program (NASA) over to the Russians, lock, stock and barrel. We as American said nothing or offered little or no protest. Will this also weaken or demoralize our National Defense, leaving us at the mercy of the untrusting Russians? They have never honored a contract or a handshake and of course never respected our sovereignty as a free nation in the past, or present? Is he that naive? Or does he have an alterative motive, something up his sleeve, or is he using this to secure his place in history at our expense?

He didn’t stop there! He antagonizes the rich, the poor, the unionized labor and management. He punishes the productive and rewards the lazy. He penalizes the contributors while giving more to the undeserving leeches. He chooses sides and alienates others! He has the talented flare to drive a destructive wedge, by creating a false phantom atmosphere of adversity that increases hatred. He unmercifully instigates increased conflicts and animosity between these groups, and others, leading to a non-productive warfare of disagreement.

These circumstances could only possibly benefit his own personal vanity, destroying the Country in the process. He obviously uses this “divide and conquer” strategy to camouflage his own deficiencies and ineptitudes as a clueless President in over his head.

This man is so unscrupulous that he will use every means possible to get re-elected. He has no shame, he has no honor, and he has no reverence for anyone or anything, except for his own sad existence.

This February, during Black History Month, there he issued a very special message. That message was plain and simple, he called to arms each and every Black American to unite and rally around him in support for his re-election. The race card was set in motion, to the extreme, wide open, with no hidden meaning or excuses.

He and his committee created an organization for their recruitment called “African Americans For Obama” The announcement came with a description of all their great accomplishments and advancements, throughout the years, from slavery and repression, to the ultimate achievement of him being elected President. He reiterated that he is their only hope to continue progress. Again stressing to them, all he fears of past?

He motivated them as one of their own, to sign up and be organizers. He asked them, as a call the duty, to relentlessly campaign for him throughout the Black neighborhoods, in beauty parlors and barber shops, door to door, on street corners and in the churches.

Can you imagine if Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul ever started an organization, called “White People to Elect Romney, Santorum, Gingrich or Paul? How far would this get without an uprising?

This is a despicable act of racisms authorized by a sitting President of the United States. Can he stoop any lower or degrade himself any further as to use his color for re-election? Are we now electing our Presidents according to the illegal procedures of Affirmative Action, as their main qualification?

Why do we sit back and allow this double standard to persist, without objection. Are we not all Americans, in the same melting pot? His bias, bigotry, and displayed acts of reverse discrimination are beyond any restrictions. Why are these abominations totally ignored or excused, without protest? Shame on us! Why does this President want to bring us back the Civil War days, of brother against brother, sister against sister? His self centered actions, smug self impotence and dominant sarcasms takes center stage, while the people and the Nation are pushed aside and suffering.

We as Patriots and Americans must not allow his tenure to extend for another four years. This would be a devastating act of destruction, and tremendous blow to our life, liberties and the pursuit of happiness. Stop the madness! Vote him out of Office, this November 2012, without hesitation, before it’s too late.

William P Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

    Holy Week

We as Christians are presently celebrating our most hallowed sanctified time of the year called Holy Week. This most sacred period of our religious beliefs reminds us all, the significant events and experiences in the life Our Lord Jesus Christ’s relating to his sacrifices, sufferings, humiliation and betrayal to save mankind from sin, as he died on the Cross on Good Friday, to his glorious Resurrection on Easter Sunday. This is our most magnificent consecrated historical event which is the cornerstone and foundation in every Christian’s heart throughout the world. This is when Jesus fulfilled his Divine Prophecy.

This symbolizes our unrelenting recognized true faith, with excitement and elated exuberance. This also defeats any and all bogus claims, lies and criticisms, initiated, by other religions, the non-believers, the bigoted buffoons, and the atheist. These individuals, groups and organizations totally and constantly, out of their own ignorance, mock the Christian faith, including their sacred ideologies, celebrated Holy Holidays, and religious symbols?

This also administers solid evidence to every living creature that Jesus Christ has conquered death and He is the undisputed Son of God, Our Lord and Savior. It firmly re-instates that through the strength of prayer, in His Name, all things, even miracles are possible? The power of prayer is so strong that it can move mountains, cure the sick, defeat evil, self anointed and appointed kings and queens, empires governments, and humbles the vain, the obnoxious and the arrogant.

We as Christians must never yield. We must stand firm and proud. Our enemies are many, but weak and simple minded. Everyday we have experienced needless displays of mockery, prejudice and discrimination by the bigots of the worlds. Even in our own Country, The United States of America which prides itself as the beacon of religious freedom.

We are easy targets, because we are not violent or preach death, hatred, destruction or forced compliance. This obviously makes us the most natural convenient whipping posts, for the cowards, the self centered clueless entertainment world, the hypocrites in the liberal media, the frightened yellow belly politicians, other religions, our Government, the traitors residing in our own faith, and even from our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Dividing One” and his Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Associates. We must never be ashamed, and allow ourselves to be complacent, over ruled, and conquered out of fear or exploitation. We must stand united in the face of these assaults, with our heads held high.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was betrayed by his closest friends and Apostles, so it was written in the Bible. We must not permit history to repeat itself by denying or rejecting our faith and our love for Him. We must never subject ourselves to these acts of treachery by going with the flow, and submitting to these injustices. We must remove these fantasized shackles placed upon us, by these heathens, that are used to undermine our convictions, in the name of their own dominance, manipulation, ridicule and political correctness.

Just remember tolerance is a two way street. Freedom of religion is a guaranteed inalienable right for every Citizen in our Great Nation, which is written in our Constitution. We can’t allow these cretins of despicable character, to silence, mold and maneuver our convictions to suit their own agenda. If we offend them or anyone, who cares? We may forgive them, but we must never forget, and always remain on our guard.

This year the Jewish Holiday of Passover is celebrated the same time as Good Friday, which is an added blessing.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a very Blessed, Happy, Safe, Healthy Easter, and Passover celebration. Please remember to pray for our brave, courageous unselfish members of all our Armed Forces, together with all our civilian defenders of freedom stationed throughout the world. May The Good Lord Bless and Protect Them and America Always? Amen!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

Is Fox News A Patriot? Not!

Judge Napolitano had an informative Patriot television show on FOX News cable network called “Freedom Watch”. Everyday he would inform the American people, especially all those who believe America was and still the greatest Country in the world that is represented by Life, Liberty, Justice and the pursuit of happiness for all. He continually brought to mind the modern day malicious malpractices initiated by our Federal government including all individuals, groups or organizations, whose sole purpose is to gain full dominance, while limiting an denying most of our God Given inalienable American freedoms. They totally  disregarded or wrongly interpreted  the Constitution to support and impose their beliefs on others. This was an essential show full of warnings, dangers and knowledge.

Fox News was always considered and well identified as the last resort and refuse of all that is truthful, equal and balanced. The final oasis in a dry desert full of meaningless sarcastic voices full of non-sense, bigotry, demigods, mockery, lies compounded by insults of ineptness, by the liberal press. They were always associated as the symbol of truth, honoring and defending the voices of the people, representing the silent majority. These citizens and patriots are continually and constantly being harassed, stymied and misrepresented from all fronts of attack, except for conservative talk radio? Fox always had the premise of truly believing in the Constitution, especially adhering and protecting the individual’s First Amendment Rights to Freedom of the Speech.

This of course accelerated their audience ratings, which far exceeded their competitors on the other cable network, MSNBC and CNN that totally caters to the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, and the Progressive Ideologies of enhanced Government Control, bias, bogus lies, innuendoes and a slave to their own political correctness. They are a total sham and shill, manipulated puppets to our President Barack Hussein Obama, “Their Chosen One” who completely controls their every move. They have sold themselves and their profession out in every way, shape and form in defending his lack of ability, skill, uselessness and ineffectiveness, geared towards his re-election.

Some of the established shows initiated on Fox were not only innovated and refreshingly new, but they were also well accepted with an enlightened alternative voice, such as Glenn Beck, and Judge Napolitano. These commentators chose the path of liberty and freedom by going back to our Nation’s grass roots of existence.

They gave a complete, step by step unbiased detail in history that showed the slow deterioration of our Country by a Liberal/Progressive Government ruling and dominating its people instead of the people ruling and dominating their government. They went against the present established status quo which created a hostile environment, especially to all those who had the unmitigated gall and arrogances to dictate and diminish all our God Given inalienable rights as American citizens for their own self serving power. Did Fox pull an Obama by bowing down and yielding to political pressure from the left, abandoning their audiences on the right?

Why did Glenn Beck really quit Fox News at the height of his popularity? And why was Judge Napolitano fired? Where was that same identical outraged expressed when Juan Williams was fired from NPR (National Public Radio)? Fox gave him full employment as a show of support, condemning their actions?  Could it be that what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander with Fox News. Do they have audacity of portraying themselves as Judge, Jury and Executor of certain selective forms of free speech, and is guilty of discriminatory social muteness?

Was Fox News running scared of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and their arrogant, conceited leader Barack Hussein Obama? Or did they use these two outstanding individuals as an example and punished them as a reminder, to all those who have the strength, courage and fortitude to speak their independent minds, without permission? Was this also a reminder and warning to all those who might want to rebel against the established ideologies, endorsed propaganda and agenda approved by the management on Fox? Is Fox finally showing their true color

Was Fox News running scared of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and their arrogant, conceited leader Barack Hussein Obama? Or did they use these two outstanding individuals as an example and punished them as a reminder, to all those who have the strength, courage and fortitude to speak their independent minds. Was this also a reminder to all those who might want to rebel against the established ideologies, endorsed propaganda and agenda approved by the management on Fox? Is Fox finally showing their true colors?

The Judge, as well as Glenn Beck had numerous unorthodox ways of capturing their audiences, speaking up against the oppressive behavior our government has developed throughout the years. We obviously didn’t get to this point of manipulation, mandates, forced compliance, and reduced non-existent recognition of the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution while ignoring the will of the people overnight. It took years, to manufacturer this exploitation in which Glenn Beck and the Judge constantly reminded us

Isn’t it ironic that shortly after Mr. Beck decided to withdraw his employment from Fox News, his friend and associate, the Judge was fired? Whether Glenn Beck was forced to make this career move or not, he saw a positive justification to go on his own establishing his own network on the internet, free to speak his mind. Is freedom of speech dead, absolutely not, as long as we have  high caliber fearless Americans such as these? Who have these outstanding qualities, qualifications and characteristics that truly believe in America freedom?

Is Fox joining the ranks of the bought and sold media? Are they genuflecting to restricted managed compliance of political correctness and liberal sanctioned obedience? Has their actions already answered this question? You'll be the Judge?

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

The Republican Nightmare

The Republican and Conservative Parties have always been a helpless pawn and manipulated tool of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats. The only Conservative/Republican leader, that had the unique intelligence, ability and capability to use their own Liberal/Democratic spin, non-sense, schemes, illegal bogus accusations, and mistruths against them, that created an atmosphere of defeat  and lack of confidence was administered by our last Conservative President, the great auditor Ronald Reagan.

This man was the master of maneuverability, hitting his opposition calmly with a velvet hammer, before they realized they were hit. The Democrats were putty in his hands, molded to approve most of his policies in a hostile controlled environment in Congress and the Senate. His distinctive charm, personality, determination, stubbornness, strength and courage, morals and convictions, proved to be no match. These attributes were used as tools which made most of his battles so easy, it was like fighting unarmed individuals.

The Constitution, The Flag, God and Country, together with the Will of the People prevailed. America was America was once again, a Government Of, By, and For the People, with all its greatness, fear and respect, throughout the world. We were once again free Americans, released from the clutches of the Carter Administration, The Liberal Democrats, The Progressives and total Government control. He even kept his own Party members on the straight and narrow. There was virtually no dissention.

Today the Republican leadership is in shambles. They have no clue on which way is up, or which way is down. It seems as though they don’t think before they leap, or they leap before they think, it makes no difference. They’re dazed and confused. Most of the time they don’t stick together, they drift into powerless inept factions. These slogans, United We Stand, Divided We Fall, and Divide and Conquer, should be their reminders. I have a strong feeling that the Republicans are completely ignoring these words.

The Democrats with all their multiple faults, arrogance and simplistic mentality of being narrow minded, abusive, bias, bigoted, scandalous, and corrupt den of self loving thieves always seem to stick together through thick and in. No matter how outrageous they will lie and cheat to protect one of their own. I don’t see that unity expressed in any capacity within the Republican/Conservative Party. Naturally, they should never compromise their morals or ideals for the obvious guilty, but it seems as though they go out of their way to attack and go against one another. This is expressed on all levels. It absolutely positively makes no sense. The Conservative Republicans before and after Ronald Reagan were fighting a two front war with numerous well known various forms of Benedict Arnolds rising from their own rank and file, destroying their Party’s strength.

John McCain is the first on this list, who seizes every opportunity to criticize and bury his own Party members. This despicable hindrance and atrocity obviously showed up in his 2008 results, for his bid for President, losing to a basically unknown, no experienced ultra Liberal Community Organizer candidate, and now our reigning President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. The final results proved he was not only disliked, considered a weak gutless representative of his Party, and distrusted by most of his fellow Conservative Republicans, who either decided to cross Party lines, or stayed home and refrained form voting. His defeat was also considered pay back time for his disloyalty, throughout the years. He was falsely identified as a Maverick, and was the leading force behind Obama’s victory. He owed it to America and the American people to bring out the truth about Obama, and his past affiliations, his questionable endeavors but he caved in, to Political Correctness.

This is sadly carrying over into this year Republican Primary for the Presidency. Instead of attacking Obama the President, their true competitor, they’re humiliating one another.

There was a women, recently used as a spokes person in favor of free government supplied contraception for women, She was of course, used as a pawn and to set a trap against the Catholics, the Christian Right and the Conservatives. This act was endorsed by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, the Progressives and Mr. Obama. Unfortunately one of the leading voices in Conservative radio, Rush Limbaugh took the bait.

Why would he give them any opportunity to claim victory on a defeated issue, in which Obama himself compromised? Freedom of religion prevailed. Obama’s illegal act against the Constitution was defeated. Rush revived this outrage giving the Democrats reason to celebrate. He called this woman a foul name, even if it was the truth, keep your thoughts to yourself, and your mouth shut, he fell for this, Hook, Line and Sinker.

I thought Rush was smarter than that, or maybe it was his own arrogance coming to the surface, but everyone makes a mistakes. It only proves one point the bigger they are the harder they fall? He enhanced the situation by apologizing, which was an admission of guilt. He should have stood his ground and his statement. This only made him look weak and ridicules, to further mockery scorn and laughter.

We his fellow brother and sister Patriots must support him; he will recover from this with our help. We must never turn our backs on him. He was there for us and America, and we must be there for him. Unfortunately because he is a Conservative radio talk show host, they are naturally affiliating him with the Republicans, who have there own problems, which must be corrected.

I must add this important point. One of the first Republicans to immediately condemn his actions was our good friend John McCain? He should be ashamed of himself and switch parties, the Democrats deserve him.

God Bless America. May the Good Lord Protect Our Republic For Which It Stands?

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

Defend And Protect Freedom Of Religion

Where is the separation between Church and State that causes such an outrage with the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives? They fervently complained constantly about saying “One Nation Under God”, in our “Pledge of Allegiance” is against the Constitution. They viciously threw out the basis of all international laws of decency and human respect called and identified respectively as the “Ten Commandments”. They stated that prayer in our schools was illegal, immoral and a social outrage, yet they continually without good conscience violate our scared words of the Constitution of the United States at every chance, if it doesn’t meet with their agenda.

Why were we caught, sitting on our hands, assisted by most of our elected Representatives by meekly accepting their demands, as rules of law? Little did we know, or should have known this was only the beginning. The old saying give them an inch and they will take a mile comes to mind. They will only be happy until they have total control and dominance over every aspect of our lives.

 Our self proclaimed King of America, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has waved his mighty hand and has dictated to the Catholic Church that they must adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by his Government, obeying their version of birth control and contraception. His mandated executive order reverses all their established teachings, and beliefs, documented in the Catholic faith, which aggressively eliminates their freedom of worship, with no Government interference

 This is a true and exact violation of separation between Church and State, which is whole heartedly endorsed by the Liberals. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, but not in their warped world of sick mentality and unequal existence? This is a total disregard of one of our basic documented Constitutional guarantees which is Freedom of religion. This goes against all that America stands for.

They hide this illegal act by stating it’s against a woman’s right to birth control, which is a fabricated lie. Contraception is available upon request throughout America

This is just a blatant act of forced compliance initiated, by Obama against the Catholic faith?

It seems as though the Liberals target the most defensive passive religious organizations to test their theory of total dominance. We only observe these cowards bullying certain selected religious organizations, because of their passive resistance. We all know that if they attacked some of the other religious organizations on their beliefs, the possibility of violence may occur. These yellow belly cowards are despicable.Our so-called President Bararck Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has deemed it necessary to enhance his popularity towards his liberal base, which is not only geared towards his political suicide, but also shows his arrogance towards the Constitution and Religious freedom. This President has demonstrated every day of his presidency that doubling down on stupidity is acceptable and if the American electorate doesn’t realize this then shame on them.

 This we can say is partially our own fault as American Patriots and citizens. We stood idly by while The Progressives slowly picked apart and decimated our freedom of Religious worship and symbols, “In God We Trust” has been eliminated from our vocabulary, and labeled as politically incorrect.

This is an abomination where we must look ourselves in the mirror and accuse that reflection as being too complacent and tolerant. No one wants to bring this up but history does repeat itself. Individuals and Countries in the past were tolerant and complacent in another time period, where genocide was an acceptable appeasement for Pease, human decency, respect and religious freedom. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now? We must stand up for our rights. If we don’t then who will?

No one is safe, no Religion is safe accept for the ones welcomed with open arms by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives. They are only tolerated out of fear, and considered by Obama as the untouchables. This is unacceptable and must be immediately and relentlessly protested with non-violent outrage?

Remember these words By Pastor Niemoller:

First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.

The attack on the Catholic faith is only the start of something immoral and illegal. This will escalate and expand if not stopped? We as nation must peacefully protest this atrocity.

Write, phone, e-mail use whatever legal means possible, notify your Representatives in Congress and the Senate expressing your outrage to support the Catholics, because it also  protects the  Constitution of The United States, and our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, without forced government intervention. “Vote the Bum Out”, this November, 2012, the year of the Patriot, We the People will prevail.

William P.Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

New Opinion


 Gun History, Protect The Second Amendment

In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control.  From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

In 1911, Turkey established gun control.  From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

China established gun control in 1935 from 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.  

Guatemala established gun control in 1964.  From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated..

Uganda established gun control in 1970.  From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated

Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

Australia recently implemented gun control following England’s long term ban on personally owned guns by its citizenry and both Countries in all categories of crime has risen dramatically even violence.

Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

You won't see this data coming from the sold out liberal press or for that fact any well known media outlet, or hear any politicians disseminating this information.

Read your history, because history does repeat itself. Don’t think this cannot happen in our beloved Country, The United States of America, because it can?

Remember a Country that has gun control protects the “status quo” of the Government and not its people! The Government must fear its people, and not the people fearing its Government! Never forget these famous truthful words of Thomas Jefferson, “When the Government fears the people there is freedom, when the people fear the Government there is tyranny”!

How many freedoms did our Federal and State governments already take from us, right under our noses, without any outrage or protest from us? We just sat idly by accepting this humiliation and subservient role, while our Constitution is being bypassed and ignored into oblivion.

Stand up and protect your rights and our Constitution my fellow Americans, before its too late!

God Bless America and Our Constitution Forever!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2014

 God Bless Our Veterans

 This and every Veteran’s Day, we must never forget the unselfish sacrifices made by our fantastic, elite, “second to none” military personnel. These courageous brave heroic high caliber individuals fought in every war, conflict and police action without hesitation. They disregarded their own personal well being from the American Revolution up until today’s present day animalistic violent aggressions against our Great Nation.

These protectors of American freedoms relentlessly fought to preserve our existence as a “Free Nation”; Of, By, and For the People. They defended God, Country, Family, and the Constitution with pride, honor and glory. Without these individuals we would be living in a hostile world of uncontrolled tyranny, defeated by our enemies.

Each and every day “Thank a Veteran” for their noble service to our Country, the United States of America!

God Bless and Protect them all!

Happy Veterans Day!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 20132014

Bad Obamacare, The Democrats Baby

Obamacare, or should we say failed care, expensive care, idiot care, death panel care, limited care, incompetent care, fraud , witch doctor care, corrupt care, imbecile care, stupidity care, or forced compliance care. The choice is yours! Anything malicious with a criticizing word found in the English language describing this debacle in human decency, substandard health and well being is absolutely, positively correct. This is a total abomination that was forced upon the American people by a run away one Party kool aid drinking corrupt system, dedicated to the preservation of their own dominate manipulating, self serving greed and their conceited self love, ignoring the will and wishes of the people are sarcastically identified as the Democratic Party.

We must never forget that the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats had some help from the Supreme Court, who sold out the Country, The American people and the Constitution, with the embarrassing deciding vote cast by a George W. Bush appointee named Chief Justice John Roberts, a humiliating disgrace. The poor dear wanted so much to be loved by the Progressives that he did everything in his power to justify his voting in favor of Obamacare in which he had a temporary brain freeze forgetting this was a vicious act of forced compliance totally against the Constitution, and not what he wrongly stated in his opinion “a tax”?

The government of the United States can not force it citizens to purchase a product. Obamacare is a product! Chief Justice Roberts did disregard this and imposed his own philosophy ideology with bogus evaluation and rhetoric. This unbelievable turncoat wanted to make nice to a group of sick warped demigods ready willing and able to see America fail while demanding total obedience. He freely sold his dignity and his Country to a false prophet that can’t stand his guts. A sellout to the United States of American and what this Country stands for. All this was thrown out the window and replaced with thievery of our rights and liberties with total health care anarchy.

Obamacare should re-enforce something that we have already known which is anything the Government does is questionable and must be topped off with a lot of doubt. The government especially the Socialist Marxists Liberal Democrats and the Progressives have a long list or total idiocy and lunacy. They love destroying the American way of life and morals. They are the Party of division and control, incompetence and stupidity. Everything they touch turns into foul stench of garbage.

The Obama Administration has the uncanny ability to remove itself from anything bad in which they created. Benghazi, “Fast and Furious”, no one knew or was responsible, except for Hilary Clinton, making the insensitive statement “What difference does it make” or lying Susan Rice taking one for Obama and the team, was rewarded with a promotion, a real slap in the face, but still no one actually took any responsibility. They had enough undignified spin to once again try to blame the Republicans for these violent murderous catastrophes by cutting the budget. What a Joke? Regrettably, these people are the so-called leaders of our nation, no wonder we’re all screwed up?

The economy and jobs, naturally it was George Bush and the Republicans. Shutting down the government was the Republicans. The toilets don’t work at the Capital of course it was the Republicans. All these “Mother Goose” “Alice in Wonderland” fantasies initiated by the Democrats to shift the blame from them to someone are preposterous but the buck stops with them on Obamacare?

This was in the works for over (3) three years, and the results, double and triple premiums, less coverage, substandard coverage, less doctors, poor non-functional computer registry system, and obvious lies to us by Obama past, present and probably more in the future. Obama, his family, Congress and the Senate want no part Obamacare shouldn’t this be a discouraging sign of malfunctioned collapse and total breakdown in the system, yet it was forced on us?

It was rammed down the throats of the American people by Obama and the Democrats, not one Republican voted for this monstrosity. Obamacare is their baby, no Republican or the Tea party can be blamed. Yet “We the People” receive excuse after excuse on why it is not working. All the excuses in the book can’t hide the ineffectiveness and ineptitudes of Obama, Kathleen Sebelius and the Democrats, the fault lies with them? History also proves one thing; never underestimate the cluelessness of the American people? Why? because what can you say of an electorate that voted for and elected Barack Hussein Obama twice to the Presidency, even after a disastrous first term in office.

The enormous disgrace brought forth by the oblivious blunder of Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius towards this failed program is quite comical, but unfortunately the lives of over millions of Americans are no joke

Even if she is forced to resign and going to be thrown under the bus, made into sacrificial lamb protecting her Lord and Master Barrack Hussein Obama. This heartless despicable individual, who has no remorse for human life, let alone health and well being ’must realize that if she takes this bullet as did Susan Rice did in Benghazi she will definitely be promoted or given a better position within the Administration. She will be taken care of! Incompetence and loyalty has its rewards with Obama, no matter how harmful or hurtful. There’s an old saying, “The more you screw up the higher you go within the government ladder”. Kathleen Sebelius is so inept, egotistical, dimwitted, insensitive, uncaring with outstanding features of intellectual deficiencies that we might one day in the future call her Madam President.

Maybe all this is a clever ploy by Obama, the Democrats, the Progressives and the Socialists by having Obamacare fail opening the floodgates to Socialized Medicine. I would put nothing past these manipulating Nazi/Fascists.

Where are the protests? Where is the outrage? Where are our self esteem, self respect, pride and dignity? Where are our Forefathers who sacrifice so much so we may live free? Where is our strength? Where is our courage? Why have we become sheep? Remember freedom isn’t free! Peacefully and legally question authority; it’s our right as Americans? So use it or lose it, the choice is ours?

 William P. Frasca

 Copyright 2013-2014

 Tyranny Or Liberty The Choice Is Ours

Has Obama and the kool-aide Socialist Liberal Marxist Democrats drinkers have finally awaken a sleeping lion called the American people or the so-called silent majority. The resent government shutdown showed with undisputable evidence that no matter how much the Democrats and the Progressives blame the Republicans, and deny their sick actions, they can not easily become Pontius Pilot washing their hands of their guilt. They reverted back to their adolescent behavior of taking their bat and ball and going home if they didn’t get their way, except their bat and ball belong to the American people and not theirs to hoard.

Their despicable act of closing The Veterans War Memorial, denying veterans’ death benefits, obstructing vacationers visiting federal parks from taking photos of natural wonders, disrespecting veterans and architecting while sadistically creating unnecessary havoc and hardships on the American people must not be camouflaged. Especially when the incoherent self centered, self serving Harry Reid refused to allow the Senate to vote on reinstating the Veterans’ Death Bill, and Obama threatened to veto it. What can you say but “What Jerks?

The Democrats proved they are not leaders but brutal, cruel dividers, and unfortunately for them whatever creditability they had with the American people went trickling down the sewers in which they came.

The liberal media coverage of the peaceful constitutional rights of protest events that happened to the veterans is appalling. They proved to be unprofessional, untruthful and bias lapdogs to Obama of the first degree. They are despicable maggots, and leeches sucking off the residue of Obama and the Liberal Marxist Socialistic Democrats. They are an embarrassment, with no honor, dignity or respect for themselves and their profession.

When the Veterans pulled down the barricades blocking their entrance to the Veterans War Memorial in which was erected by the people showing their ultimate respect to all those who fought for our freedoms was a great victory for the United States Of America. They fought, some made it home safe and sound, others came home disabled and some gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep America free. They would not be denied access to the people’s Memorial. So the took the barricades down and brought them to the White House dumping it in front the Whitehouse gate, and the liberal media of course condemned this action as racist and blamed it on the Tea Party, which had nothing to do with their protest and legitimate outrage. What can you say to liberal media “What lying Buffoons”?

This was only one incident of non-violent demonstrations which were erected in a short period of time. There were the truckers protesting together with on a separate occasion two million motorcycle bikers united throughout the country against the Obama closure of Veteran War Memorial. Yet liberal media coverage was slim to none, with constant criticisms, false accusations and fabricated reports. except for Fox News, fair and balanced!

When Obama and the Democrats needlessly attacked the Veteran did they actually awaken a sleeping lion? Let’s hope and pray these peaceful acts of American protest will continue and slowly bring back our scared Constitutional rights as free Americans, taken away by this Obama Administration. We as Americans should be sick and tired of forced compliance, dictatorship, tyranny Executive Orders and one party rule! The famous words of Thomas Jefferson should be etched in every free American’s mind, with never even the slightest case of amnesia, “When the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears its people there is liberty”.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

Cory Booker, Hero Or Villain

Is Cory Booker, Hero or Villain?
Who is actually the real Cory Booker? Is he a strong individual set on curing all the misfortunes and hardships of the world or is he just a fabricated Mother Goose story teller living in his own world of gibberish, non-sense and fantasy.
Cory Booker claims while walking through his childhood community one day, shots were fired, without any and all total disregard for his own self preservation he ran towards the individual shot and notice three bullet holes in his chest. He stated he held him in his arms and died,
Witnesses to the account stated that this victim was shot with one bullet and died at University Hospital in Newark, this was also verified by a police report, contradicting all that was indicated by Booker.
Cory Booker said a drug dealer named T-Bone confessed his life in front of him. Booker tried to reverse his life of crime and violence. He tried to convert this individual into a decent law abiding citizen. We later found out that there was no such character named T-Bone. He was made up by Booker.
There was another incident involving a woman who he claimed was stuck in her home with no provisions during a blizzard for over (3) three days.  Booker said he fought through the snow to the woman’s apartment. He asked her what she needed anything, in which he said the woman replied Pampers for her infant child. He returned with the Pampers.
We later found out that because of the incompetence of the City’s snow removal policy, her block wasn’t touched with any snow removal equipment for any the (3) three day. She also stressed she never told him she needed the Pampers, because he never spoke to her. She would have told him to just plow her street. He brought them to her as publicity gimmick extending his further falsification as a great humanitarian.
These are just a few extended truths initiated by Mayor Cory Booker of Newark during his tenure in office. Let’s put it this way, these lies are what we know about.
If he said that crime was down in Newark, Can we believe him? If he said the streets are safer in Newark, Can we believe him? If he said he stabilized taxes in Newark, Can we believe him? If he claims to have ended corruption in Newark, Can we believe him? If he said all types of violent crime is down in Newark, Can we believe him? I don’t think so! This man has been living a lie all his political life.
Now Mayor Booker wants to be U.S. Senator Booker from the Great State of New Jersey. The biggest dilemma we should acknowledge is what will be the true color of Senator Booker. Will it be fantasy, made up, story telling Senator, blindly following the failed policies of the Liberal Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and their Communist leader Barack Hussein Obama will it be truthful reality? His past indicates that he is very comfortable proclaiming extended mistruths, which will build up his own ego and status to the citizens of New Jersey. An obvious Kool-Aide drinking socialist liberal follower to Harry Reid, which will eventually throw America, The American people and especially New jersey under the bus of social misfortunes. 
One of his enthusiastic promises if he was elected Senator is to start a bank account for all under privileged children. Who is going to pay for this entitlement, well the taxpayers of course.
A man, especially a self proclaimed leader who thinks this additional entitlement is justified or if was just coming from the mouth of another blow hard, just to get elected is dangerous!
A man, especially a self proclaimed leader who thinks this entitlement was just coming from the mouth of a blow hard just to get elected is dangerous! A man who fabricated everything in his political life is dangerous. His compounded unread no consequences give away programs shows his socialistic tendencies to the extreme, another tax and spend liberal, except thanks to his Mentor, President Barack Hussein Obama, there’s little left to tax. 
We need in New Jersey a strong no non-sense individual as United States Senator. A natural born leader who isn’t afraid to take up the gauntlet and fight for the citizens of New Jersey and for our beloved Nation. A person who is ready, willing and able to go against the status quo no matter how unpopular to bring America back to respectable prominence. We don’t need another yes person selling out New Jersey or our Country for a shameful thirty pieces of silver, we need a leader, and that person is Steve Lonegan, Republican, Mayor, Businessman, uncontested leader of the highest caliber.
There were (19) Republican Senators lead by Texas Senator Ted Cruz, that had the strength and courage to defund Obamacare going against President Obama, Harry Reid and there own gutless cowards “The RINOS” of the own political party that will do anything even endorsing the destruction of our nation to hold power no matter how meaningless, and how much it humiliates or degrades them.
Let them know that “We the People” of New Jersey are sick and tired of being lambs lead into the slaughter house. That we are sick and tired of being Federal lapdogs and step-children laughingly identified as followers, door mates and stepping stones of the Democratic Party. We give the most revenue to the Federal Government and get the least returned.  We were taken for granted for too long. Let’s stop the madness, Vote Steve Lonegan, Republican for United States Senator, in the New Jersey Special Election Wednesday, October 16, 2013.
William P. Frasca
Copyright 2013-2014


I would like to share with all my Patriot brothers and sisters, on this twelfth anniversary of this tragic, catastrophic event which happened on September 11, 2001. This was something I write on that sad terrified awful, senseless memorable day of despicable murder of innocence. This was my description.  My emotions were highlighted by fear, anxiety, revenge, hate and most importantly prayer to the Almighty.

My sympathetic heart is fully extended to all those who needlessly lost their lives committed, by these Muslin terrorist cowards of uncompassionate souls. All those who have the mindless irrational arrogance to follow, must realize that these barbaric acts of savagery will not be tolerated and will be punished to the fullest extent. Even if necessary and most preferably with extreme prejudice.

The protection and self defense of our citizenry and our Country must not be compromised.

God Bless and Protect our great and unique beacon of freedom throughout the world our beloved Country of the United States of America. As Americans we must be always be proud of our sacred land, and never falter. It is the highest greatest honor and privilege, with complete dedication, love, and compassion, to call myself a citizen of the United State of America. I love this fantastic Country.

Please take time to pray and remember all those who lost their lives, including their surviving loving families, together with the brave men and women who went into this hazardous situation of man made hell, on that day, to aide, assist and rescue, some gave the extreme sacrifice. These are our brave unselfish domestic heroes of unlimited affection. We must always return their unselfishness, and most importantly during their time of need.  We must never forget.

American “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave”, with the help of God, may it stand strong forever.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

    MOURNING (Poem)

While jogging through the park it suddenly became very dark.

There was a loud terrifying boom, followed by a strong feeling of doom.

Upon looking at the sky, a black cloud immediately passed by.

The trees, grass, and flowers turned totally gray,

Which obviously shouldn't happen in the beginning of the day.

The light of the morning sun had banished.

Faster than the bluebird's song that vanished.

The animals all heard the petrifying clatter,
and instantly they chaotically began to scatter.

The enormous frightening sound came from the river,
Which made my heart pound and my body shiver.

While I was slowly creeping and seeking.
There were people looking and weeping.

What we were witnessing didn't make any sense;
It was the deliberate mass murder of innocence.

Looking at this catastrophic devastation of total destruction,
Creating nothing but a horrific and hideous production.

Filling the air with anger, hatred, helplessness and sorrow,
Praying that there will be a tomorrow.
William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014

Protect And Defend The Constitution

Our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has created a welfare Country with increasing poverty, while our currency is progressively becoming worthless. He has destroyed the American Dream with enhanced entitlements, high unemployment, high inflation and increase financial tax burdens. Don’t believe the unemployment and inflation statistics, its much higher. Individuals experiencing hardships going from full time to part time employment considerably decreasing their income aren’t in the equation, because they have jobs while gas and food prices aren’t equated into the inflation formula.

Mr. Obama doesn’t feel he should honor and respect the Constitution of the United States. He placed another executive order on gun control without any approval from the people or Congress. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! He constantly uses his executive order powers to by-passes Congress, and the Constitution at will, enacting them one after another, showing his disregard and respect of our separate but equal braches of government. He does what he wants to do with no consequences or answerability. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen!

We accept a substandard quality of life, begging for pittance and handouts from our federal bureaucrats. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! We didn’t want “Obamacare” in which it was rammed down our throats. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! The I.R.S. has literally stepped on our faces, with no apology, remorse, compassion or punishments. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen? The N.S.A. has violated our rights as Americans against the Constitution. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! Congressional subpoenas are being ignored, federal employees taking the fifth, refusing to answer pertinent questions for their action hiding from guilt and lying. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen. Lies concerning the brutal murders at our Embassy in Benghazi. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! Guns illegally sold to the Cartel, by and sanctioned by our government, this deadly program was identified as “Fast and Furious” relating to the death of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! We accept illegal acts and executive orders of gun control violating our right as Americans “To Bear Arms” Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen! The Constitution is constantly being by-passed and disrespected. Our rights are maliciously being violated. Yet “We the People” allowed this to happen!

Now he’s thinking of bombing Syria, “who knows” to save his own face because of an imaginary red line he established crossed by the Syrian government on chemical weapons. The Syrians have been killing Syrians in the past; we did nothing, now it’s necessary? Our enemies are killing our enemies, who care, sit back and enjoy the show. The only despicable act in all this is the killing of innocent children.

Thomas Jefferson once said “When the people fear the government, that's tyranny; when the government fears the person, that’s freedom.” How intelligent was our forefathers. Today’s leadership is the complete opposite. We either blame this on the air or the water creating our elected and appointed Officials into mindless. Sub-standard, self serving, power hungry boobs and imbeciles, but we know it much more than that? It a combination of greed, corruption, and power, the triangle of unchained unmerciful destruction! This has annihilated and devastated Great Empires and Societies in the past, wiping out everything in its path, including freedom and liberty. The only antidote to this destructive course is a government that “Fears its People”.

The last and final obstacle in our government’s path of total dominance is “Gun Control”. Once the government records and confiscates all our personal weaponry, then they will have nothing to fear. Disarm the populous and they have a free road to complete dominance. This is the only thing a tyrant fears, an uprising. Gun control protects the government from its people; it doesn’t protect the people from their government. If all guns are controlled or eliminated from the hands of the people, then who or what will protect us from our own government? I am not advocating a revolution or any violence, in any way, shape or form, but the second amendment of the Constitution does guarantee our “Right to Bear Arms”.

The biggest problem we are facing as a free people and nation is our complacency. We are allowing our Government too much power over our lives. We have created a renegade unanswerable bureaucracy of self serving demigods that does what they want following no rules, laws, regulations or consequences. We have presently a balance of power with our House of Representatives under Republican control. Yet they have proven to be inept cowards, lost in the woods of clueless wonder. They can best be described as the cowardly lion of the Wizard of OZ; “all show” “no courage or action”. Except not even the wizard has enough magic to “grow them a pair”!

We must legally and peacefully express our concerns to the President and his administration to be accountable to “We the People” and hold their feet to the fire. This includes the Senate and the House of Representatives. We must take nothing for granted, because our quality of life and our liberties are rapidly diminishing. We must get involved, and become the advocates of American freedom, never relinquishing our God given inalienable rights and of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Well aware this is a difficult task because we have been for so long manipulated and maneuvered by forced compliance and a government deaf dumb and blind to the wishes of the people. We must never give up!

The Constitution must be defended and obeyed! Individual States must take back their sovereignty, not beholding or subservient to the Federal government. States rights must be preserved. The States created this uncontrollable federal bureaucracy; it’s now time to legally diminish its powers of this inflated abomination of dominance.

Our elected official must yield to the will of the people. They and we are forgetting they are not royalty or monarchs. They are elected by the people and the people are their employers. They could and must be fired, at will, if they disobey. We have lost our way because we are going against all that is sacred, selling our souls, following like sheep to slaughter, fearful of our government, sadly relinquishing our liberties, while they disobey and step on the people and the Constitution.

This must change, for the good of all!! This must change for the survival of our Great Nation! We must at all cost peacefully protect a government, founded by our forefathers created Of, By, and For the People! Our free Republic must be saved!

So help us God!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

A House Divided

The United States of America has been a house divided ever since the Great Dictator; Barrack Hussein Obama took office in 2008. Contrary of being a healer of social/economic/racial wounds bringing together the American citizenry into a kumbaya moment of life, of love, harmony and togetherness, he may have single-handedly started another civil war? He has a unique talent of being the “Great Divider”. He is the Master of using the strategically maneuver of “divide and conquer”. He would do anything to lift any burden of failure from is own shoulders and place it far away from his own incompetent actions, even if it destroys our beloved Country.

He was very vocal when it came to George Zimmerman shooting Trayvon Martin, but where was his voice of reason when three (3) black youths unmercifully and brutally beat up a white student, breaking his arm, on a school bus, saying no to drugs? Are the blacks in this Country more valued than the whites or is it just political correctness, meaning it’s correct to be battered by blacks and other so-called minorities as long as you are white? Media coverage on this incident was slim to none; in fact the main stream liberal media press makes you want to vomit! If the situation was reversed with three (3) whites students doing the same to a black student “for get about it”; the three white youths would have been immediately condemned and persecuted.

Let’s face some cold hard facts, the fabricated nonsense of the Liberals, civil rights organizations, the American Civil Liberties, government approved reverse discrimination projects and policies such as quotas, including self serving black activists brain washing of whites labeling it as ” White Guilt” has gone a little too far! Being called a racist is non-meaningful and has no power. This word has been used too frequently as a means of manipulation, and finally the mask has been lifted showing its true face of intimidation.

Most Americans came from immigrant backgrounds from all nations and had nothing to do with any American civil rights violations; in fact they themselves faced discriminations and prejudices, in the past. Read your history! Why aren’t their atrocities been enhanced? Do you see them complaining? No, then why are they also unjustifiably accused of committing human rights violations against the blacks? Why are all Caucasians lumped together and found guilty by a kangaroo phantom judge, jury and executioner, of a crime they didn’t commit? Are they just profitable whipping post victims of circumstances, or is it a way of keeping them in obedience, afraid and subservient?

This must stop or else it will only get worse, which may have reached a point of no return, escalating further violence. The race card is old and has worn out its welcome, “White Guilt” and accepting a step child existence must be eliminated. Enough is enough! Where was his Highness during this fiasco, on vacation, of course, golfing?

When will the present bury the past? When will this constant division of America stop? The American people have elected Barack Hussein Obama and then without thinking and expressing any form logic elected him again, even though he showed his extreme incompetence during his first term. Did we, as a Nation, make allowance of all his failures, defying the Constitution, increase spending, high unemployment, obamacare, welfare States, socialistic/ freedom robbing programs, Fast and Furious, Benghazi and discriminations of one religion over another because he is half black?

Did we think and assume he would fail anyway, but elected and re-elected him to prove to ourselves and the world we are not a prejudice nation, even at risk of destroying our beloved Country? Did his physical composition of being multi racial tip the scales in his favor? Did “White Guilt” raise its ugly head once again justifying his re-electing? Polls showed it was the “white women” who put him over the top? Was it an excellent selling point to this portion of the electorate that his father was black and his mother was white seeing an opportunity to join the races and finally put an end to “White Guilt” and racism? Or was it just he was a good snake oil salesman?

If electing him was the medicine, then it cured nothing, but made us more vulnerable as a Nation.

Remember this no mater how you try to rationalize it, “You can not end prejudice and racism with reverse discrimination”.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

We Didn't Get Here Overnight

The atrocious situation we find ourselves in Health Care wasn't created overnight. It was caused by many factors. One obvious adversity in these horrendous obviations was the development of Medicare. Medicare at its inception was a unique concept, especially in a country which prided itself on capitalism. This was the initial start of forming a healthcare system with a socialist ideology.

The opponents, no matter how sound and intelligent their arguments were in putting a halt to this arrangement, had basically little or no defenses in stopping this program. Let's put it this way, how could anyone be against the elderly and the disabled in receiving affordable quality medical assistance, which seemed to stress a logical, human compassion and assistance to these individuals, who worked and contributed to society, and to human beings with physical or mental inflictions, together with full governmental oversight.

It was in the right place at the right time, when the trust in the government and our leaders were high. It was a period right after the assassination of President Kennedy and the beginning of the President Johnson's second term in 1965. This initiative would have hit a brick wall in Johnson's later years when his popularity was down and the American people were questioning his decisions and motives, with the Viet Nam war escalating, protests, college unrest, questioning all authority with no peaceful end in sight.

Now with this socialist structure in existence for over forty years, the abuses have mounted in epidemic proportions, which is placing a strangle hold financially on a failed system grasping for air. So what is the most logical mentality and solution the government has to offer? Expand the already sub-standard system. The federal programs throughout history proved one thing; that we cannot provide our unquestionable confidence in their competent efficient operation.

These questions we must ask ourselves and must be answered truthfully. Do we actually trust President Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, especially Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who administered no compassion by refusing to intervene in Sarah Murnaghan, a 10 year old little girl’s life and death situation for a lung transplant with your healthcare? Would you trust your life or the lives of your family on a federal simpleton bureaucrat with no medical experience, relying on their own clueless interpretations of an incoherent law? Are we willing to die and offer our children as sacrificial lambs to the chosen one, President Barack Hussein Obama and his puppet apostles, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Kathleen Sebelius? Are you willing to submit them to death panels? Are we willing to risk the health and well being of all our family members, unquestionably to prove our loyalty and dedication, blindly supporting President Barack Hussein Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's policies? Are you willing to liberally relinquish your health care and freedom of choice into another Socialist program geared to offer entitlements to illegal aliens, and other criminals, who are milking our society and American ideology?

If you are, than God help America, because it's quite obvious that America can't help itself. Remember this, there's nothing wrong with this great nation, I love America, but my doubts and concerns are with its greedy, corrupt, power hungry, incompetent, idiotic leadership and its naive dim-witted brainless people, who take freedom and the Constitution for granted.

God please Bless and Protect our beloved Country always, from ourselves?

 William P. Frasca

 Copyright 2009-2014

American Qualifications For Leadership

Have we as a Nation finally accepted stupidity, idiocies and incompetence identifying our elected and appointed government officials, who are making decisions on our quality of life? Are we accepting reduced intellectual competence instead of the unbelievable capabilities of wisdom initiated and administered by our forefathers?

Have we accepted these imbecilic morons free rein in humiliating our beloved Country without protest or outrage?

Let’s look at a few documented facts concerning these illogical senseless acts of foolish insanity, by our so-called leaders of the free world?

At any given day, at any given tine, at any airport in The United States, there’s accepted justification to strip search a baby in diapers, young adolescent child being held in their parent’s arms or an eighty year old woman being wheeled in a wheelchair being subjected to this unbearable humiliations by the T.S.A. While a woman in a burka or hijis is only searched from the neck and head. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

A Country where parents have to give written permission for their child to go on a field trip, or to have an aspirin at school? Yet their child is not authorized to notify them or obtain their permission for an abortion. Rights as a parent of an under age child is completely undermined by a Board of Education and our Government. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

A female teacher can become a sexual predator to one of her male students, eventually having sexual intercourse. When the secret is revealed and found guilty her punishment doesn’t come close to her male teacher counterpart, committing the same sick warped infraction because it is assumed the male student was elated to accept her sexual advances because of-course he's a young man. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

No identification needed to vote, or to submit proper documentation to prove you are here legally in the United Sates. Why? Because it’s against the unwritten law of political correctness or called racist. Yet you must show a license in diving a car, proof of age to buy liquor or going to the movies, opening up a checking account, credit card, traveling on a plane, cashing a check, renting a video, checking a book out of the library. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

Where a seven year old boy is suspended for using his index finger and thumb mimicking a gun or the government imposes illogical gun control on law abiding citizens. Yet they gave away to an unstable Egyptian Muslin brotherhood controlled government twenty F-16 fighter jets. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

A student being suspended for wearing the American flag or showing their support for our troops are considered offensive in certain school district, but an illegal alien, receiving free American taxpayer education can wave and wear their Country’s flag and turn ours upside down in the name of political correctness and tolerance. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

When the Mayor of New York wants to outlaw the Big Gulp soda’s claiming it’s hazardous to your health, while making you obese. Yet an individual can legally purchase two or more twelve once drinks separately, consuming them in one sitting, comprised of the same identical ingredients as the Big Gulp. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

When a government truly believes it can reduce the deficit and our outrageous debt by spending more. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

When illegal aliens, disobeying and totally disregarding our immigration laws have more rights, privileges and respect than each and every American citizen including our brave military personnel? Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

A nation where you can get arrested for driving a car without a license, but no punishment but potential reward of amnesty for undocumented illegal aliens entering and, staying. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

The only perks for working hard is the privilege of subsidizing entitlements to all those who never contributed or gave back anything to our society. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

When a public appointed official, Susan Rice, can go on National television while lying and fabricating situations relating to our brutally murdered ambassador and three other brave Americans at our Benghazi Embassy? She was given no reprimands or punishments, but a promotion. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

When former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced under oath, “What difference Does it Make” referring to the four murders at our Benghazi Embassy, disgracefully resigns, and has a strong possibility of being the next President of the United States. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

When the former Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi states “We must vote the bill into law to know what’s in it”. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

Attorney General Eric Holder when asked about “Fast and Furious”, where a border patrol agent was murdered. He stated he had no recollection of the operation. It was later discovered he did. He then Ignored a Congressional subpoena, and then was told by President Obama to investigate himself. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

When the N.S.A. builds a mass installation and sworn by Obama with a straight face, no phone calls will be monitored and absolutely no American citizen’s rights will be violated, with the Constitution being preserved and respected. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

When two top I.R.S. officials Lois Lerner and Gregory Roseman condescendingly took the fifth, during a Congressional hearing, slapping the faces of every American taxpayer. Their actions prove a strong indication that they are apparently hiding some sort of guilt while protecting illegal acts within their Department. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

When our President constantly goes on luxury vacations sometimes separate from his family, who are not bashful in spending our hard earned tax revenues for heir own enjoyment. While their subjects, the American people are suffering needlessly in poverty at his failed clueless policies administered by his insensitive Administration. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

Democratic Senate President Harry Reid, one of the initiators and arm twister or Obamacare. Who was forcefully strong-arming his fellow Democrats to vote for the hideous bill, later stating “It will be a train wreck”. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

Force compliance, with social/economic starvation. The Obama Administration empowers dictatorship instead of living the American dream. A government that rewards the non-contributor and punishes the self made motivator and achiever. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

When the Liberal Democrats and the Progressive identify members of a Tea Party rally as anti-American Racist bigots? Yet the first lady at a 911 ceremony in New York says to her husband the President “All this for a dam flag”, in which the President grins and nodded his head. Then you definitely know imbecilic stupidity and arrogance are qualifications for leadership within our Nation.

The list goes on and on, but unfortunately it only proves one thing, we are accepting imbecilic stupidity and arrogance as qualifications in our leadership, but keep re-electing these idiots?

Regrettably we deserve what we elect. Remember this definition on insanity by Albert Einstein “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Wake up America! Break this sad cycle of controlling incompetence, before we find ourselves living in a subservient Nation full of fear!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

 You won't recognize me. My name was Antonio West and I was the 13-month old child who was shot at point blank range by two teens who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot. A Grand Jury of my mommy's peers from Brunswick GA determined the teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty...too bad I was given a death sentence for being innocent and defenseless.

My family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder was not ruled a Hate Crime. Nor did President Obama take so much as a single moment to acknowledge my murder.

I am one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation's history, but the media doesn't care to cover the story of my tragic demise, President Obama has no children who could possibly look like me - so he doesn't care and the media doesn't care because my story is not interesting enough to bring them ratings so they can sell commercial time slots.

There is not a white equivalent of Al Sharpton because if there was he would be declared racist, so there is no one rushing to Brunswick GA to demand justice for me. There is no White Panther party to put a bounty on the lives of those who murdered me. I have no voice, I have no representation and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller - I no longer have my life.

So while you are seeking justice for Treyvon, please remember to seek justice for me too. Tell your friends about me, tell you families, get tee shirts with my face on them and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Treyvon.

Thank you.


Rush Limbaugh: Thanks To Rachel Jeantel I Can Say 'N*gga With An "A"


Glenn Beck, Warning Shocking Graphic Video, This Is Who We Are  Helping In Syria?


 For The Love Of Freedom

The Fourth of July, the nativity of our independence, the precious beginnings of our emancipation, must be reverently preserved and celebrated as a day of complete human liberation and reflection, which is The United States of America.

Our armed forces together with our civilian defenders must always be acknowledged. These American heroes unselfishly defended and protected us in the past and present, throughout the world. They left their families, went fearlessly into battle, suffered disabilities, some gave the ultimate sacrifice or were blessed by God and came home safe, sound and unharmed.

We must always recognize all our beloved forefathers that had the strength, courage and insight to envision a dream and molded it into a glorious reality. Their courageous foresight and vision was to establish an independent Nation and to live free from tyranny and abuse.

These brilliant architects had the ability, strength and fortitude to unselfishly risk their own lives, the lives of their families, together with the possibility of losing everything for the sake of remaining free. These sacrifices did actually happen to some of the patriots. Our first American heroes were willing to fight for their freedoms and Inalienable God Given Rights, as individuals, united in one cause. They truly believed in Patrick Henry’s quote, “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”

There were so many great men and women that intelligently and physically initiated, fought and died in creating the birth of this great nation, in which we must be forever grateful. I couldn’t possibly name all of them in this article. Let’s start at the beginning with the most fascinating piece of literature that marked the primary stages of our Independence, “The Declaration of Independence”. These words marked the point of no return, and immediately stressed, to the world, our independence from Great Britain.

Fifty-six individuals from each of the original 13 colonies participated in the Second Continental Congress and signed the Declaration of Independence. Some of these names are unfortunately unknown patriots that were lost in our American history.

The signers of the Declaration of Independence were:

Connecticut: Samuel Huntington, Roger Sherman, William Williams, Oliver Wolcott.

Delaware,:George Read, Caesar Rodney, Thomas McKean.

Georgia: Button Gwinnett, Lyman Hall, George Walton.

Maryland: Charles Carroll, Samuel Chase, Thomas Stone, William Paca.

Massachusetts: John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Robert Treat Paine, Elbridge Gerry.

New Hampshire: Josiah Bartlett, William Whipple, Matthew Thornton.

New Jersey: Abraham Clark, John Hart, Francis Hopkinson, Richard Stockton, John Witherspoon.

New York: Lewis Morris, Philip Livingston, Francis Lewis, William Floyd.

North Carolina: William Hooper, John Penn, Joseph Hewes.

Pennsylvania: George Clymer, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, John Morton, Benjamin Rush, George Ross, James Smith, James Wilson, George Taylor.

Rhode Island: Stephen Hopkins, William Ellery.

South Carolina: Edward Rutledge, Arthur Middleton, Thomas Lynch, Jr., Thomas Heyward, Jr.

Virginia: Richard Henry Lee, Francis Lightfoot Lee, Carter Braxton, Benjamin Harrison, Thomas Jefferson, George Wythe, Thomas Nelson, Jr.

Happy Birthday America, May God Please Bless You Forever!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

Call 911 Or Buy A Gun?

President Obama, the clueless Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, the mindless controlling Progressives always seem to come out or the woodwork, ready willing and able to violate the United Sates Constitution and our rights as American citizens. The second amendment unfortunately will always be in jeopardy, unless we stand up to manipulation forced compliance and tyranny.

The elimination of weapons will not deter violence or protect the populous. It will not keep the guns off the street; it will not stop murder or crime. It will definitely not keep it out of the hands of the deviant sadist and thieves that prey on the innocent. It will not guarantee safety and security, but it will leave us sitting ducks to all those coward barbarians obviously enhancing their immoral control over our lives.

While those on the left try to stupidly and idiotically attempt to confiscate weapons from the hands of the law abiding citizens and illegally issuing it into the hands of all unholy and the unscrupulous. They place roadblocks dressed as “sheep in wolves clothing” such as mandatory background checks. Sounds good, how anyone can be against background checks? The problem is how long will it take an individual to get a background check? One day, one week, one month or several years? In other words this is just another attempt of hiding gun control. While this process is going on your chances of owning a weapon are slim to none.

Let’s put it this way if you had to rely on the authorities and your local police departments to protect you in time of emergency situation, especially when an animal is attempting to break into your home threatening and violating your home, life, family and property. Then you might as well help them load your belongings into their truck and when they’re finished, dig a grave for yourself and your family. You’re at their mercy which is meaningless. History has proven with undisputed evidences that 911 calls are so inept with so many time consuming questions that they can’t possibly provide help on time to save your life.

The perfect examples of 911 calls going awry are recently documented events with Kris Benson, his wife Anna Benson and George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin shooting.

George Zimmerman self defense shooting against Trayvon Martin is a travesty of American justice. Certain Groups became judge, jury and executioner against George Zimmerman before all the facts were in and before the trial was even set.

Mr. Zimmermann that night contacted the authorities yet there was enough time for the conflict to happen? If George Zimmerman didn’t have a gun would he be dead instead of Trayvon Martin? If it was the other way around would this hennas act of violence committed by Trayvon Martin against George Zimmerman be condoned and justified by the liberal media press, The progressives, the Liberal Socialists Marxist Democrats and the people of color, because it was a so- called white man murdered by a black man? That same evening or the next day, the shooting made national headlines. George Zimmerman was somehow portrayed as an unstable coo-coo bird while the attacker Trayvon Martin was described as a choirboy.

The question is? Is white life so cheap and meaningless? Does a Caucasian have to accept thievery, mental and physical abuse, even death at the hands of an aggressor as long as the perpetrator is a “person of color” or else be condemned as a murderous racist and immediately found guilty by the mindless demigods? Is the act of self defense totally out of the question? Would this be nationally televised or would Trayvon Martin be convicted before the trail was set, as did George Zimmerman, absolutely not? What ever happened to the true meaning “Justice is Blind”? Is this being replaced by political correctness?

Then you have Anna Benson going into the home of her separated husband, former N.Y. Met player, Kris Benson with a gun while wearing a bullet proof vest. Mr. Benson went downstairs and called the authorizes using the 911, emergency number. While his life was in obvious danger the operator asked him a multiple list of time consuming questions. If Anna Benson wanted to blow her husbands brains out she would have been given able amount of time, courtesy of the 911 operator.

Self defense and self preservation has been an accepted no nonsense unwritten law since the conception of time, and must never be undermined or infringed.

To be so naive as to claim the authorities and our government are capable of protecting us from harm or injury at the hands of the demented or violent offender is ludicrous. The best defense is a good offense, a gun?

Gun control is only used by any Government afraid of overthrow and civil unrest. Gun control protects the Government not its law abiding citizens?

Remember how well "Prohibition" worked in America, there were more drunks and crime. Alcohol was flowing like Niagara Falls. It stopped nothing; it created organized crime networks and criminal empires. It brought to power famous bootleggers with unlimited profit and power such as the notorious Al Capone from Chicago.

Defend the Constitution, this is the bible of the United States of America, without this precious document we are lost as a Nation. Never permit anyone or any group to violate any amendment to increase their power and control. Never allow them to violate our Second Amendment Right that guaranteed us by our forefathers, the “Right To Bear Arms”

Write, phone, e-mail, sign petitions, don’t back down, use any and all forms of peaceful protests and objections against gun control. The Second Amendment must always be Upheld and Never Compromised!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

Governor Christie, Are There Skeletons?

Who is Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey? Is he a sincere man with honest refreshing qualities and characteristics geared to telling it like it is or is he just a buffoon, a clown, an entertainer using his rough no non-sense exterior as a shield to hide his inabilities and short comings as a leader?

The Country as well as the Republican Party was initially mesmerized by this individual who rose to power, first as a Federal Prosecutor, fighting crime in his district, including government corruption and government evildoers. A self made crusader against all injustices that were maliciously affecting the American people, defending truth, justice, and the American way, Superman.

Then he performed a miracle beating incumbent Jon Corzine, with the highly popular, newly elected President Obama visiting New Jersey and endorsing him on three separate occasions. This elevated him to public stardom as the new face of the Republican Party, overcoming tremendous odds to victory.

Unfortunately he used this victory and his tenure as Governor basically as a bully pulpit, violating the right to free speech by humiliating his opponents with sarcastic intimidating remarks. He failed to realize with his aggressive nature towards these individuals showed his classless behavior as a representative to our State. Some did welcome him with open arms, such as the Republicans that were starving for new strong leadership. A fearless individual willing to take on the Democratic controlled New Jersey Senate and Assembly, the Unions, State employees/retirees, especially the teachers. They were absolutely captivated by his shinny impregnable armor.

He has been a disappointment, bringing the great State of New Jersey and its residents back to the Stone Age, with a sad reputation of being ignorant, arrogant and stupid. New Jersey had to endure certain jokes and identity crisis such as organized crime, toxic dumping, an inept runaway government of unanswerable corruption, government fraud, high taxes, high car insurance, sub-standard education, pollution, cancer alley, the Jersey Shore Reality Show, Governors Florio, Whitman, McGreevy, Corzine and now Governor Chris Christie.

Governor Christie is not pure as the driven snow; there were a number of potentially unscrupulous undertakings initiated by the Governor when he was United States Attorney. Maybe these were some of the Skeletons Christie must bury in the broom closet before he makes any attempt to run for President or Vic-President?

In 2008 Christie hired his old boss John Ashcroft, former United States Attorney General as a federal monitor in a case concerning a medical device manufacturer that distributed kickbacks to all medical practitioners that used their device. Ashcroft received a no-bid contract worth 29 to 52 million dollars.

Zimmer Holdings manufacturer and the accused, agreed to pay the federal government $311 million in fines to avoid prosecution for allegedly paying surgeons to use their products. The companies include Biomet, the DePuy Orthopedics unit of Johnson & Johnson, Zimmer Holdings, and Smith & Nephew. Were any of the victims that compensated for this? Did the residents of the State of New Jersey benefit from this, absolutely positively not?

Then Director and Chair of Zimmer Holdings of Indiana is John McGoldrick of Princeton, NJ, who plays an important role with of his affilations with Todd Christie.

In 2000 When McGoldrick was Executive Vice-President at Bristol-Myers Squibb-- Spears, Leeds & Kellogg had a business relationship with SL&K's CEO, Todd Christie teamed up with Goldman-Sachs.

In 2010, Todd Christie the NYT reported that Todd made $60 million when Golldman Sachs bought Todd’s stock company. It was discovered later that Todd was implicated in a federal fraud investigation. These malprctices allegdly accusing Todd of wrongdoing were almost the same sccusations against Martha Stewart, yet Martha went to prison, and Todd got off free as a bird, why ?

In April 2011, Governor Chris Christie names McGoldrick to his Higher Education Committee. McGoldrick He is the chair of that Committee.

These were not highly reported and kept as a low profile. Though one might accept these as politics as usual, its still abuse of powers. The art of protection and manipulation, rules and laws are made to be broken, but only for a select few. These are just to point out a leopard can not change its spots and when there’s smoke there’s fire. He will do anything and everything to advance himself into a position of power and prominence. These are not just isolated incidences There’s more in which will be discovered in the future.

He has the uncanny ability to perform a magician magic of smoke in mirrors, by blowing his own horn, but actions speak louder than words. Hot air is only good for flying balloons. He is the perfect perfection of graphite, a slick lubricate.

This potential rising star suddenly became a liability, a rain cloud. His true colors leaked through the filters of his deceit. His egotistical vanity superseded and tarnished his award winning presentation as the champion of the people.

New Jersey is not better off with Christie. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. He has done nothing to improve the State. Residents are still leaving at a rapid rate. We still have shortfalls in our State budget. We still have high taxes, high unemployment, and high car insurance. There’s still runaway corruption in which Christie decides to take the three monkeys approach, hear, see, and speak no evil. Nothing has changed. New Jersey unfortunately has a bad history of electing losers, but regrettably, we deserve what we elect. Hopefully The Country won’t continue to follow New Jersey’s path to destruction make this same mistake twice.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

Governor Christie, Hero Or Sellout

Governor Chris Christie has made his decision on replacing the position left vacant, by deceased United States Senator, Frank Lautenberg. His choice was State Attorney General Jeffrey S. Chiesa, appointed on an interim basis. Mr. Chiesa and the Governor made it perfectly clear it would definitely be a temporary appointment until the special election. The Attorney General stated he would not be throwing his hat into the political arena because he has absolutely no desire to be elected permanently into the position?

 Was this a coward’s move or power play by the Governor? The Governor needed a plan, because Lautenberg by no accepted decision on his part actually left Christie between a rock and a hard place dilemma?

The Governor came up with a brilliant solution? It was positively an excellent strategic move by the Governor announcing a special Senate Primary and General Election, held August and October 2013, basically washing his hands of the whole situation by not offending anyone but the citizens of New Jersey. There was strong indication his re-election would be in jeopardy if the election was held in November the same time as his.

If the odds on favorite Mayor Corey Booker of Newark was successful in his Democratic Primary bid then he would have held the top spot on the Democratic ticket. This would have been a hindrance to the Governor, if the election was kept in November. The Governor couldn’t take a chance because most of the electorate would recognize the popular name of the Mayor and working themselves down the ticket, with very few actually crossing over to the Republican Chris Christie. This would have believe it or not given Democratic hopeful for Governor Barbara Buono, who is a virtual unknown, a boost on the ballot.

The Governor actually made a smart intelligent move, in an attempt, to rescue, his questionable political career. I say questionable, because we really don’t know where he actually stands on anything.

When he was the Keynote Speaker at the Republican Convention he used that unique privilege and prime time to blow his own horn, and when President Obama came to New Jersey it was like seeing two long lost friends reunited.

This leaves a few questions left unanswered? Could have “The Booker for Senate” maneuver been a well thought out agreement made by Obama and Christie in October 2012, to stop the Mayor from running for Governor against him? Even then Senator Lautenberg, had every desire to run again, stated “no one told me I wasn’t running”? Could have that memorable hug, which might have cost Romney the election, between the President and Governor during his visit to New Jersey while viewing the devastation caused by hurricane Sandy cemented the deal? We may never know? You can’t make this stuff up.

When it is all said and done the citizens of New Jersey will be footing the bill on this special election. We the people of the State of New Jersey are actually contributing “whether we like it or not” to the re-election fund of Governor Chris Christie, with the final estimated sum of “forty million dollars”, with both electrons combined. When it could have easily been approved and scheduled for the normal November 2013, General Election without a Primary election, opening it up to anyone filing and obtaining enough petition signatures? What a disgrace, as if we in New Jersey can afford any additional wasted expenditure.

Also when you sleep with the devil some evil characteristics will be absorbed!

Politics is alive and well in New Jersey. When will we wake up and say enough is enough and we’re not going to take this anymore?

 William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

Going To Get Me Them Obama Bucks


Obama Caught in Bald-Faced Lie On White House Sequester


Remembering Memorial Day

Through the last foure years of his existence as President, there has been no logical rhyme or reason associated with Barack Hussein Obama’s actions or reactions regarding any particular situation. He has administered irrational gestures of incompetence, inflicting a multitude of hardships towards the citizens of this Great Nation. His regressive mentality of hurtful malicious actions has demeaned our Country’s honor and existence. This is not only unacceptable but also unforgiving. His uncompassionate and insensitive actions have disrespected all those who fought so nobly.

He unfortunately is our present reigning ruling President. He constantly attempts to forcibly impose his will by intimation, demanding obedience, without any question or objections. He ignores the Constitution, by announcing his self proclaiming authority, by passing established procedures, answering to no one, eliminating any or all protocol. customary practices, without any shame or decency in portraying his abusive power.

The United States Military” have been subjected to a low confidence level with Obama’s leadership and guidance. He has created unjustified accusations with enhancing doubt and confusion. He and his Administration have displayed diminished leadership qualities and uncertainty that endorses foreign treaty sellouts, undermining our national Security, corruption, humiliation and mistrust which is etching an irreversible point of no return, in not only their hearts and minds, but in also in the American people.

I’m not going to politicize his actions, by denouncing Caesar, especially when my sole purpose was to respectfully praise one of our most revered National Holidays. This special day offers deserving tribute to all those brave unselfish men and women in the Armed Forces that gave their supreme sacrifices in defending our beloved Nation. Memorial Day is their day and should be remembered and cherished with the highest honors.

Our beloved Country is gradually losing all established traditions, of recognizing all those who participated and contributed in the building and preserving our established true values.

We eliminated our first Presidents birthday, the Father of Our Country, George Washington as a celebrated holiday, by downgrading it to “Presidents’ Day”, consolidating it into one big National holiday.

How could the powers that be, devised this atrocity of having any legitimate explanation in categorizing or comparing the high caliber and esteem of George Washington with the incompetence of some of our past and present day Presidents such as Jimmy Carter or Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. This is disgraceful.

Our Holidays represents the sacred symbols of our history as a Nation. We are allowing the Progressives, and the Socialist Marxists Liberal Democrats free rein in abolishing our sanctified identity and events that preserved us as a free people.

Every time we permit their invalid, unsupported propaganda in altering our established celebrations and descriptions it undermines and insults each American. It drives a stake through our hearts, while they demoralize our existence.

These precious days have essential meanings, which must not be revised to meet with the accepted non-sense of a few politically correct opponents to American traditions. We as Patriots must never relinquish this power of degrading all those who had the foresight, will, and fortitude to fight for the survival and existence of our Nation, to remain free. This legitimate, rightful, justified appreciation towards them must forever be preserved.

Regrettably, Memorial Day has also lost some of its meaning. Most towns have no parades, no official acts of tribute or recognition to all who served or died unselfishly for our preservation.

We unfortunately, forget its true meaning. We look forward to a long weekend from work, or school. It’s considered the unofficial start of summer. We pull out and clean the grills and fill them propane. The pools are cleaned. Rentals contracts are signed, hotels, motels and time shares are reserved. We can’t wait to put on our bathing suits, and walk on beaches of golden sands and to swim in unpolluted crisp oceans waters and lakes. Boats and jet skies are maintained fueled and supplied with essential safety gear and fishing poles.

Retailers seize the opportunity to boost their profits, attracting reluctant customers by offering outrageous sales. Restaurants and eateries are packed, while family and friends are reuniting in an elated celebrating atmosphere of backyard events. Long walks in the parks are common, while joggers keep a brisk steady regimented pace. Multiple outdoor activities and exercise are tremendously escalated and are always readily availability for anyone who wants to participate. While professional baseball games are played for our enjoyment and entertainment.

It is also a time for laughter, joy and merriment, but it’s also a time of reflection, worry, sadness, loneliness and despair. High unemployment takes center stage while each American tries to hold their heads above water through an economy of high inflation, foreclosures, bankruptcy and recession, while facing the day to day realization that our paper currency is rapidly becoming worthless.

Let’s not forget, with all these emotions, the true meaning of this most deserving holiday, by taking time out of our hectic schedule of events and offer respect and recognition to the remembrance of all our fallen heroes. These courageous individuals fought for God and Country, and relinquished the ultimate supreme sacrifice in defending our great Country, in all wars, conflicts, and police actions.

We must never have a slightest touch of amnesia, to offer our sincere support and extended acknowledgement from all our hearts, to these brave man and woman serving in all our branches of the United States Military, including all civilian personnel, and our loyal allies. We must never turn our backs on them. Our extreme gratitude must always be presented, to them, for their relentless dedication, protection, fidelity, devotion, and courage, wherever they’re stationed, at home or abroad.

These dauntless Centurions protect each and every single American, from tyranny. They defend us against our enemies, foreign and domestic. Their courageousness in these hazardous life threatening situations is given freely and without total regard for their self-preservation. They unselfishly and without question extend their infinite acts of bravery to every American, without prejudice.

They liberally administer their complete faithfulness to preserve all our precious freedoms, our Constitution, and our Flag. Their audacious, noble, heroic unending love for America, including their tremendous sacrifices must never be denied. We must never abolish or reject any deserving rightful benefits which includes all monetary, material, medical, or educational resources, to them or their families.

Please, let us all pray for the “Unknown Soldier” who are all our fallen Brothers and Sisters, "May They Rest in Peace", in God's name with all his love and protection. May the Good Lord also bless and protect all those presently serving, in any capacity, including their loving families always. Pray they all come home unharmed?

These defenders of freedom must always have the support, strength and confidence that America's love, trust, and loyalty are always with them. Stand Tall with Them America, because we are “One Nation Under God”.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2104

Obama And Our Gold, Perfect Together

Don't ignore history, my patriot brothers and sisters, because it does repeat itself?

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Executive Order 6102 Of April 5, 1933 authorized the confiscation of personally owned gold. Do we forget so easily that American freedoms were always under attack, by The Progressives, since our conception as a free Nation? It wasn't any different in 1933 and it’s not any different now 2013 in the twenty first century under the leadership of Barack Hussein Obama?

Remember during part of Roosevelt’s term in office, The United States Of America, including the world were experiencing and living the hardships of the Great Depression. Today we are re-living this same roller coast of economic deficiencies, affecting our day to day living, diminishing our quality of life.

Roosevelt added more government controlled social programs and so is Barack Obama.

Roosevelt assumed the role as champion for the little man; the less fortunate that couldn’t survive without government intervention, especially after retirement, but proved to be a hindrance towards humanity and an enemy of the these people, as Barack Obama.

Roosevelt’s policies were an abomination, such as the original, not present, Social Security Act, which with all intentional purposes seemed to come to the aid of individuals that had nothing after retirement, but continued employment to survive but it was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He had an unscrupulous alterative motive behind this program?

Social Security was initially established as a good thing. Unfortunately, as everything that seems too good to be true, this certainly fit the description. The fact was no one lived long enough to collect this Government Pension Plan that was limited to only factory workers and other business employees. There was one glitch, anyone who lived during this time period, and actually had the privileged of living to 65 years of age to collection, was a miracle from God? A small percentage actually saw a government Social Security check? So this was just another well planned and developed scheme of adding and collecting additional tax revenue.

Even though it was a Republican, President Dwight D. Eisenhower who expanded the program, by opening enrollment up to millions, including an increased support for Americans with disabilities, which were all those who had the misfortune of being permanently ill or physically disabled. He also signed the Agricultural Act and the Social Security Amendments Act which also increased enrollment. Don’t forget this isn’t an entitlement, but a paid into plan.

Obama has followed in his footsteps, creating his owned forced mandate called Obamacare, just another form of forced taxation, with very few reaping the awards. Are we so naïve as to think Obama will stop there?

The Roosevelt Administration was only the beginning of government interference and involvement which established a federal intervention of dependency and intrusion. Roosevelt didn’t want to stop there, at his January 11, 1944 State of the Union address he endorsed and recommended that the United States needed a second Bill of Rights, called an “economic bill of rights, which guaranteed, a job with a living wage, freedom from unfair competition and monopolies, a home, medical care, education, and recreation.

This sounds all too familiar with the same Socialist demands and rhetoric of our President, Barrack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his miserable Administration of Liberal Marxist Democrats of social rejects and misfits. Some of them even want to incorporate this second Bill of Rights, as did Roosevelt into our Constitution. So beware and warned. Didn’t Obama himself once state that the Constitution was an inconvenience and a roadblock to his agenda, Hail to the King?

Both Roosevelt as well as Obama is placed on a pedestal, while history and the lapdog media will write lies on their accomplishments and burring their mistruths, sellouts, inefficiencies and incompetence. Both of them could do no wrong, both of them have that regal appearance of conceited flair with self appointed and recognized royalty and both have Marxist/Socialistic tendencies and ideologies?

Don't be fooled?

Do you actually trust that your gold or life savings are safe under Barack Hussein Obama?

Do you actually believe that with gold prices escalating to historic prices that this Administration, who models themselves after Roosevelt hasn’t entertained a form of this Socialistic Executive Order geared to endorse this thievery?

Even though in 1977 Congress removed the president’s authority to regulate gold transactions during a period of national emergency other than war. Don’t forget HR 4310 - National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2013, which re-enforces Obama’s authority to and do everything and anything in the name of National Security including confiscation.

Are we so ignorant that we do not read all the warning signs? Are we are so ignorant towards true comprehension of our American History?

Were we so brain washed as to believe that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a great leader? Look how he gave away Eastern Europe to Stalin and Communist Russia, until they were freed by our greatest Conservative President Ronald Reagan!

Obama is on this same course of American/World destruction of Economical/Social Resources. Don’t trust him or his Administration.

Wake up my Patriot Americans before the devil strikes!

 William P. Frasca

 Copyright 2013-2014

Protect Americans From Our Government

The resent discipline of Officers assigned to the Jersey City, New Jersey Police Department, Emergency Services Unit because they wore an unauthorized patch on their uniforms which wasn’t approved by Department, against code and procedures, is a reasonable act implemented by their Superiors.

My only indecision is related to the potential discipline of any Officer allegedly belonging to an organization, which is their right as Americans, especially an organization described by the “American Defamation League” that defends the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights? Then in the same breath labels them as Anti-American Government. Their contradictory evaluation is baffling?

Presently we haven’t heard of any known incidences of violence created by them known as the “Three Percent” also known as “Oath Keepers”. So why are we immediately rushing to judgment against these Officers? Why are we throwing out the first stone? Since when is it a crime to peacefully criticize one’s government?

I am not a “Three Percent” member nor do I believe in all that they stand for, but I do believe in defending and preserving the United States Constitution and our “Bill of Rights” I don’t condone any degree of violence. I would be the first to demand the prosecution of anyone that uses any forms of intimation or harm physically or mentally to strong arm their ideologies on us all. There are legal peaceful ways to demonstrating any outrage, protest and to instigate change, given to us by our forefathers.

Doesn’t the Oath of Office for President of The United States starts with “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”?

Aren’t these same solemn words to “preserve, protect and defend, the Constitution” are etched into the oath of Office for our United States Senators, Members of Congress and Cabinet Posts?

Don’t our elected State and Local officials affirm these same words? Don’t our military personnel, law enforcement and others say it freely?

Why is the A.D.L ready willing and able to attack, degrade and brand a pro-American organization as anti-American. Are they unfairly targeting them because of their love for our Country and undying support for our Patriotic roots and ancestry? Are they so disgustingly politically correct? Or were they originally established as an extension of the Obama Administration, whose job is to be a maneuverable shill for our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, protecting his Socialistic Marxist Liberal Democratic Progressive agenda?

Solely used as a puppet, for the purpose of humiliating and undermining any homeland adversity towards him? Is the A.D.L. actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

Are we so naive as to give our complete trust to anyone? Isn’t it “In God we Trust? Who authorized the A.D.L. exclusive powers to be Judge, Jury or Executioner? Are we holding every word written including any unverified accusations by them or anyone else as complete truth, hopefully not? We are Americans living in the greatest Country of the world and in history. We have God Given Inalienable Rights, which must never be relinquished. We must always question authority, and never blindly follow?

This written piece highlights one particular law enforcement agency in New Jersey. I am bringing this pertinent information out into the public to show that no one is safe. If you express your patriotism while honoring the respect and values as a true American, defending our heritage and our ideologies, you are immediately indicted and convicted as an enemy of the State, without proper judiciary process. True Americans are given fewer rights than an unconscionable murderous, savage, barbaric, inhuman terrorist.

Remember the famous words of Pastor Martin Niemoller:

First they came for the Socialists, and I didn’t speak out-- Because I wasn’t a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I didn’t speak out-- Because I wasn’t a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out-- Because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

Boston Massacre

America is under seized; we are constantly being threatened with numerous attempted attacks by terrorist, and up until now we were lucky. Monday April 15, 2013 we were caught off guard with the despicable display of cowardice murder, injury and destruction demonstrated in Boston for their annual marathon. They were caught with their pants down?

Unfortunately it’s not only the terrorist we have to worry about; it is our own Government of the United States. When are we going to wake up to the fact that we are sitting ducks? This Administration preaches tolerance while bowing down to our enemies. They blamed America first and we re-elected this abomination to American freedom and liberty. They thought their apology tour throughout the world would gain us respect instead it brought us humiliation.

The Obama Administration is relentlessly attempting to take our Right to Bear Arms. Do you actually believe that our law enforcement agencies can protect us against these unconscionable animals, I don’t think so?Do you think any established government agency, whether it is exclusively controlled by the Federal, State or Local Government can actually protect us against any violent foreign or domestic sadistic deviant, I don’t think so?

We allow them to vigorously impose their own political agenda upon us, without our permission into our sacred realm, forcefully dictating us into submission. Where is the outrage? They undermine our safety and self preservation, in which they have no legitimate power or right to do so. Where is the outrage? There are no agencies in this Country that can guarantee protection over our lives and the lives of our family, yet they want us to remain defenseless. Where is the outrage?

This Country was founded on strength, courage and fortitude. We were fearless pioneers in the face of the unknown. We didn’t rely on Government pansy asses to defend us against evil, we as Americans protected ourselves, unitizing our recognized right of self defense. While we built this Country into greatness, we didn’t use apologies, we didn’t bow! We didn’t used man made liberal propaganda of political correctness. We never admitted false guilt or knelt in front of our enemies saying we’re sorry and begging for their forgiveness. We did hug our bibles and our guns, yielding to no man, while developing unknown hostile lands. We trusted no one, fearing no one but we did fear and trusted in God. This Country was founded on Judeo/Christian values, this is the truth, no matter what distorted lies are placed or rewritten in our history books. No matter what is falsely taught by inept bigoted liberal educators. I am proud of my heritage, and I will never apologize to no one.

This Administration, together with all the elected Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and Progressive idiots are selling America together with our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, in the name of degradation. When will we stand up against their illegitimacies and non-sense? Where is the outrage?

This senseless massacre was obviously a sign that Secretary of State, John Kerry, President Obama and all his tin demigods of cowards, are buffoons to all, with empty threats, no one fears us?. They’re clowns that are sadly laughable and not taken seriously. They have made us a laughing stock to the world.

Isn’t it strange or obvious why Boston Massachusetts was targeted? You might say it was a high profile event, The Marathon, but wasn’t Kerry the former United States Senator from The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, before he was Secretary of State?

My whole heartened sympathy and prayers are extended to all those who lost their lives, in this terrorist tragedy. May their families find comfort and aid in the Lord, and the injured, have a swift and speedy recovery. Remember you are not alone; we are all neighbors and Americans and will remain at your side! When they attack one they attack us all! Whoever is responsible must be brought to justice and when found guilty must be executed? We must stop playing games with these heathens, these despicable barbarians, as the Bible States: An Eye for An Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth. This is not a game, but a right of survival,

Write to your Senators and House of Representatives and tell them, demand them to stop Gun Control. Our Right to Bear Arms must be preserved and protected. Our Constitution must be preserved and protected. Our Country, The United States of America, of, by and for the people must be preserved and protected. Our right to self defense must be preserved and protected.

Protest peacefully, show your outrage, never give up, fight the good fight, show your love of our Country stop re-electing these liberal morons and high profile domestic enemies of America. We must not be caught off guard, we must never be complacent, because we have identified the enemy and they live amongst us? Beware, because they multiply without warning, with changeable disguises.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

 Good Friday, Easter, And Scared Hypocrites

The most hallowed sanctified sacred period of the year, in the "Christian Faith", is called Holy Week. It reminds them, all the significant events and experiences in the life Our Lord Jesus Christ, relating to his sacrifices, sufferings, humiliation and betrayal to save mankind from sin, as he died on the Cross on Good Friday, to his glorious Resurrection on Easter Sunday. This is their most magnificent consecrated historical event which is the cornerstone and foundation in every Christian’s heart throughout the world. This is when Jesus fulfilled his Divine Prophecy.

This symbolizes their unrelenting recognized true faith, with excitement and elated exuberance. This also infuriates any and all contradictory religions, the non-believers, the bigoted buffoons, and the atheist, who try to undermine this by initiating lies, ridicule, contempt and criticisms. These individuals, groups and organizations totally and constantly, out of their own ignorance, mock the Christian faith, including their sacred ideologies, celebrated Holy Holidays, and religious symbols?

This important event in time, in their belief, announces to every living creature that Jesus Christ has conquered death and He is the undisputed Son of God, Our Lord and Savior. It firmly re-instates that through the strength of prayer, in His Name, all things, even miracles are possible? The power of prayer is so strong that it can move mountains, cure the sick, defeat evil, conquer self anointed and appointed kings and queens, empires governments, and humbles the vain, the obnoxious and the arrogant.

Christians, throughout the world, especially in America must never yield. They must stand firm and proud. This is not only their Constitutional right but the right of any human being to worship anything without malicious intent. Their enemies are many, but weak and simple minded. Everyday they have experienced needless displays of mockery, prejudice and discrimination by the bigots of the worlds. Even in our own Country, The United States of America which prides itself as the beacon of religious freedom. They are easy targets, because they’re not violent or preach death, hatred, destruction or forced compliance. This obviously makes them vulnerable to hypocrites bigots and the most natural convenient whipping posts, for the cowards, the self centered clueless spineless entertainment world, the liberal lapdogs media imbeciles, the frightened yellow belly politicians, other religions, our Government, the traitors residing in their own faith, and even from our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Dividing One” and his Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Associates. They must never be ashamed, and allow themselves to be complacent, over ruled, and conquered out of fear or exploitation. They must stand united in the face of these assaults, with our heads held high.

Our Lord Jesus Christ was betrayed by his closest friends and Apostles, so it was written in the Bible. We must not permit history to repeat itself by denying or rejecting their faith and their love for Him. We must never subject them to these acts of treachery by going with the flow, and submitting to these injustices. They must remove these fantasized shackles placed upon them, by these heathens that are used to undermine our convictions, in the name of their own dominance, manipulation, ridicule and political correctness.

We as Americans can’t allow these cretins of despicable character, to silence, mold and maneuver their convictions to suit their own agenda. If the Christians offend them or anyone, who cares? It’s their right to worship as it is the right of the atheistic to deny God and to despise all religions, maybe? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! Intolerance also works both ways and so does self preservation and survival.

Even Good Friday the highest holiest holiday, of the year in the Christian faith is not immune from such idiocies, stupidity or disrespect. City government morons in Davenport, Iowa had the indecent audacity, intolerance and uncompassionate hypocrisy to removed it from their Municipal Calendar, because by contract it is an employee holiday and renamed it as “Spring Holiday” as not to offend anyone. Why aren’t they tolerant to the Christian Holidays as they are with other forms of worship? Could fear and political correctness be the terminating factor in their arrogant bigoted reactions? The question is “Would they have committed this blatant act of disrespect towards any other religious organizations”?

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all a very Blessed, Happy, Safe, Healthy Good Friday, Easter, and Passover celebration. Please remember to pray for our brave, courageous unselfish members of all our Armed Forces, our Veterans, their families, together with all our civilian defenders of freedom stationed throughout the world. May The Good Lord Bless and Protect Them and America Always?

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

Finally New Strong Courageous Blood

The Republican Party is definitely changing for the better. We may finally have found a two party system of Government, once again, keeping checks and balances, with a watchful eye on each other. The Republican young gun Senators, even though they are the minority in power are fearless, showing strength, courage, stamina, while showing no remorse or reservations with no signs of backing down.

They had enough and are not going to take it anymore? They refuse to accept anything but the best while protesting a renegade Government that ignores the Constitution and imposes mandatory compliances on its citizenry. These true blood and guts Senators are not genuflecting to his Highness Barack Obama “The Terrible” by trembling to his intimidations and threats. They aren’t afraid of being falsely identified by bogus labels and name calling by the simple Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and Progressive idiots together with the lapdog step and fetch media. They aggressively speak their minds and are standing up for their principles, ignoring this fabricated non-sense.

Unlike the Republican controlled House of Representatives, lead by the cry baby Speaker John Boehner, who is constantly being manipulated by the President and the Democratic Party. His clueless demeanor in front of the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressive are an insult to our Forefathers, America, the Constitution, the American people and our intelligence. He is a scared puppet used and abused by the Obama Administration as their town crier and buffoon. Unfortunately his terrified rabbit approach to decision making, negotiations or anything controversial is costing us dearly.

 His leadership has proven that fighting the Republican controlled Congress under his leadership is like fighting an unarmed entity of uselessness. He makes a mockery out of these words, a Country of, by and for the people. He should step down and retire before he does anymore damage. Is this the best they could come up with, didn’t they learn from their mistakes of the past, talking about the definition of insanity, this is the perfect example.

This became evident during the filibuster of Senator Rand Paul on President Obama’s selection of C.I.A. Director, John Brennan. Senator Paul demanded an answer to his question concerning the President’s authorization to order a drone strike to any American citizen on American soil without "Due Process". After (13) thirteen hours, he received a positive answer from Attorney General Eric Holder, protecting "Due Process" according to our precious Constitution. His stance was an astonishing display of leadership and determination. Instead of rolling over and playing dead to Obama like most Republican cowards was a substantial needed victory not only for Rand Paul and the Republican Party, but most importantly for America and the American people?

He was supported by the new young youthful improved courageous Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah, Ted Cruz, R-Texas, Jerry Moran, R-Kan., Marco Rubio, R-Fla., and Ron Wyden, D-Ore., jshowing their support and unity in this fight.

He was naturally dismissed, undermined and contradicted by the dinosaurs of the Republican Party who lost their courage. These individuals have unfortunately become a real embarrassment, to themselves, the Party, America, and the American people. The two major “Benedict Arnold” Senators that spoke up against Rand Paul were John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Both showed their despicable colors of mortifying humiliation, displaying illogical tendencies, to save their diminishing influences and powers. This only identifies them as a laughable cruel joke!

The old guard must be replaced by the new and improved. They must step aside and allow others that are more assertive to take charge of the Party. They must read the handwriting on the wall and resign, for the good of the party, America and the American people. They have become an embarrassment. The changing of the guard is much welcomed, and needed, especially to a dying Party consisting of inept, old burnt out political farts, that are legends in their own minds?

Obama wants to eliminate the Republican Party and the "Old Guard" of the Party is ready, willing and able to assist him in achieving this goal with open arms. Have another meal with Obama, "Old guard", but watch out for his steak knife in your back.

This of course has absolutely no reflection or references concerning their ages but their tenure as Senators and Members of Congress. Naturally, we must always learn from their successes, mistakes, and failures but there must be term limitations. It is obvious that a person in any career long enough becomes stale and complacent, no new ideas or thinking, my way or the highway.

The Democrats have this same infectious disease, for example Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? They have become dormant, always thinking of themselves, blowing their own horn protecting their own status, prestige, and the President, right or wrong, instead of the welfare of the Country! They refuse to accept new ideas. They live in the past with no vision of the future? This concept will destroy any human existence.

There must always be positive changes in everything to survive. The circle of life must be enforced! There’re no excuses, no appeals or protest they had their time in the sun now it’s someone else’s turn. That which is used develops, that which is not used wastes away. The Republican Party of the future must develop or waste away?

We deserve what we elect, unfortunately we elected a dictatorship, and hopefully this period of servitude, humiliation and indignity will be peacefully reversed, with new and refreshing free thinking uninhibited representation. We may have finally found them? Thank God!

May the Good Lord please bless and protect our free and beloved Country, the United States of America forever?

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

Why Would Anyone Vote For?

Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat, as Barack Obama, unless they are oblivious to the fact that less government is better? They’re mindless zombies willing to sacrifice their established free existence into a life of government run servitude, controlled by a privileged few. They’re elated to be manipulated puppets with no incentive or room for human dignity or advancement. They are willing to be owned by the State, told what to do and how to do it, told what to say as long as they swallow the kool-aide of complete ownership and are in total agreement with their liberal task masters. They are bought and sold to the premonition of conscionable idiocy by truly believing the worthless garbage told by stupidity.

Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless the feel the President has the right to murder American citizens without “Do Process” of American law Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama, to limit freedom of speech as to only allow those that mirror your ideology to speak. All those who dare to counter your beliefs should and must be stymied and silenced immediately at all costs. The First Amendment is once again by-passed and only used to protect your liberal approved rehearsed broken record talking points and spin.

Why would anyone for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama believes they can attack all religious beliefs except for those who they consider acceptable or afraid to criticize out of fear of physical retribution. Fear always offers a favorable tolerance to all well known cowards such as the Atheist demigods, the Progressives and the Main Stream Liberal Media Press, including their cable offspring’s CNN and MSNBC.

Why Would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless they believe in compromising the second amendment and all our rights documnted in our United States Constitution. They believe that no one should own a gun while being firmly naïve and totaling believing that their local law enforcement has all the capabilities to protect the from murderers thieves and violent offenders and deviants, after they have the audacity for years criticizing the police on their ineptness and police brutality. They would use choice insulting words calling them pigs, Nazi Gestapo, corrupt, profilers, and heartless ruthless prejudice bigots with uncompassionate disrespect. What are they smoking?

Why Would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama, unless they believe our Constitution should only be respected and used as a tool for their own agenda. Any other situations it should be rewritten ignored or abolished.

Why Would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless they firmly believe that abortion is not murder no matter what stages of the pregnancy and the fetus is not considered a human being. The baby is treated as an infectious growth, with no feelings, which must be cut out, ripped away, destroyed and eliminated at, will by the mother’s discretion no matter what age she is? There are always exceptions in which abortion may be necessary, but not as an easy inhuman solution as not to face consequences or responsibility for one’s own actions. There’s virtually no counseling or parental notification, it is tax payer funded whether we believe in abortion or not. It’s a money making scheme for the unscrupulous. Its only justification is constantly echoed as a woman’s right to choose what she does with her own body? Obviously the father has no voice in deciding the birth or death of his offspring, while there is unlimited outrage in the protection of animals superseding their right of existence over that of an unborn child. Decency, good conscience, dignity, compassion, mercy, humanity, morals, respect for human life is discarded and thrown out the window with the bath water. Our priorities as a Nation must be revised and questioned. We have all the makings of a sick immoral murderous society of human dignity.

Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless they feel deep in their hearts that the money they earned belongs solely to the Government. They truly believe that they should use it as they feel what's right, even waste, without any approval or justifications. Waste is acceptable? They totally believe that the Government knows best in how to spend their money. While others have the privilege of keeping their money, paying no taxes because of favoritism, loyalty, political kickbacks, political contributions, corruption or their Government status, elected or appointed? The government knows best even that the expense of your own family’s health, welfare and sacrifices.

Why would anyone vote for Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless they truly believe America is evil and we should bow before the world humiliating ourselves on bended knee, humbling asking for their forgiveness.

Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless they believe that political correctness should rule our lives and must be used as a brainwashing tool taught in our educational institutions. Even if it falsely rewrites history, mocks our forefathers portray America as Imperialistic and create criminal out of our American heroes Lies are totally accepted. Manipulations and mistruth are freely welcomed our children must be programmed in their warped liberal progressive image while nonsense in the classroom is compounded by renegade socialistic educators’ Parents have no input, must relinquish their rights and are totally undermined by the education process?

Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless they believe that we shouldn’t drill for oil, build pipelines, use coal or any forms of fossil fuel to our advantage, even in abundance, to fantasize protecting the environment, from ourselves, selling us lies like “Al Gore” for their own profit and gain? Even if it reduces our National security, creates high energy prices and frees us from foreign control and dependency. Alternative forms of energy at this present time don’t work, which places us in a vulnerable position if we solely rely on these undeveloped measures.

Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless they agree on having inept incompetent useless liars, and idiotic brainless puppets, foolishly appointed as Supreme Court Justices, Czars, Cabinet posts and Directors as long as they are true mindless Progressives.

Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless they believe that illegal aliens don’t have to be documented or required to show any forms of identification when ask by authorities. They solidly believe that they have all the rights and privileges as an American Citizen, including all unqualified blood sucking entitlements. Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless they believe that businesses should not be allowed to make profits for themselves, even if it costs American jobs, adding more rules and regulations that hinder their profits. Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama, unless they believe the Government has the capabilities of running our Healthcare System, even if history proves the incompetence of anything operated by the American Government, with the exception of the military and law enforcement.

Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless they believe that liberal judges need to impose their liberal views on us all, shoving their briefs and decisions down our throats, interpreting the Constitution the way they see fit, while by-passing Congress and the Senate, who were elected by the people.

Why would anyone vote for a Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat as Barack Obama unless they’re so cowardice, narrow minded, stupid and selfish that it's unlikely they’ll never accept another logical respected point of view initiated by any intelligent person contradicting their shameful harmful mental illness.

 William P. Frasca

 Copyright 2013-2014

Does Anybody Care? 

The acting awards will once again come twice this year, once at its regularly scheduled time and the other, here in Washington D.C. at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue . Set to win without any competition is our President Barack Hussein Obama “The Chosen One” nominated to receive the best actor award as a legendary sarcastic, arrogant, self loving narcissist, who dominates through his twisted mind of confused grandeur, with strong arm tactics and forced compliance, gifted in extreme exaggerations, unscrupulous motives, deceits, sellouts, manipulations and divisions.

Mr. Obama’s well orchestrated script of false assurance relating to our Country’s future created an unsurpassed talented theater like performance of distorting the facts are beyond any Shakespearian role. His elaborate script of rhetoric relating to his constantly puzzling and changeable behavior towards most policies adversely affects not only his constituents but almost every aspect of governmental functions. He has an artistic flair of portraying a magician’s illusionary smoke in mirrors trick of not cutting the deficit, while justifying raising taxes, to benefit his entitlement programs and payback patronage. He cleverly places his thumb on the willing populous, undermining their pride and dignity, to manufacture an addiction to government dependency.

The President basically is not a great communicator, without his teleprompter but he’s excellent in blowing his own horn, while using most non-ethical tools at his disposal when describing his regal sense of whimsy capabilities. He’s truly a legend in his own mind. He continually reminds us that without his leadership, we would be far worse off than we are today.

This broken record of non-sense together with his ego has put a stake into our hearts, relating not only to our failing going bankrupt, freedom robbing, Constitutional degradation of endorsed unchained Governmental control, but he also diminishes any successful indications of an improved quality of life. Instead of building our confidences, with the American dream of unlimited personal advancements, he literally broke down our will to expect the best. American lives, at home and abroad are freely sacrificed at his alter, used solely, to advance his sick agenda of diminishing the United State’s leadership and respect throughout the world while denying our right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Isn’t it so distressing that in the year of 2013 of the 21st Century that more and more individuals are following President Obama’s lead of not taking any responsibilities for their own actions? There are always excuses?

A murderer, a thief, a bully, a violent offender, a pedophile, a dropout, a dope addict, an alcoholic or any despicable individual, who takes pleasure out of the misery of others have a justified explanation or an alibi. There’s always a sad story or incident that forced them into their predicament, but never free will. They’ll never admit to any accountability for their own sick behavior, it’s always something or someone else’s faults that made them do it?

Mistakes are always made, after all we’re only human, but is the blame game possibly being used as a convenient crutch for our elected and appointed leaders to hide their true devious motives?

Unfortunately America is in bad shape, under the Obama Administration and it seems as though nobody cares. We are being milked by the Obama system of greed and nobody cares. Our freedoms and liberties are constantly being attacked, and compromised but nobody cares.

Our services are down and our taxes are up, but nobody cares? The sellout of our military and drones attacking and killing our citizens, without a trial or investigation, but nobody cares?

More and more individuals are unemployed, forecloses are still rising, our home values are decreasing, homeless families walking and living on streets and nobody cares? Promises are broken, and nobody cares?

Our money is worthless, inflation is skyrocketing, our education system is atrocious and full of lies, our boarders are vulnerable, illegal aliens are multiplying, our history is rewritten to be politically correct, our heroes are made into criminals, our forefathers are mocked but nobody cares?

Gas and fuel prices are horrendous; the will of the people is ignored and broken, any protest labels you a racist, but nobody cares. They tell us what to eat, drink, speak and how to live, but nobody cares?

Certain religions are accepted and practiced freely while others are scorned and humiliated but nobody cares.

Human fetuses are treated as garbage, while animals have more rights than children, but nobody cares?

Businesses are going under, undeserving entitlements and fraud are skyrocketing, our medical care has been abused by all, no one can throw the first stone, but nobody cares? Taxes are climbing, we are barely holding our heads above water, and nobody cares? We’re trillions in debt and nobody cares? Socialism is becoming stronger, but nobody cares? Our main stream media has bought and sold. Freedom of the press has been enslaved, but nobody cares?

Unqualified individuals appointed to Cabinet posts and Czars, all with unlimited unanswerable powers given high priced salaries, loyal only to the President and not the American people, but nobody cares? Runaway Federal Departments wasting our money on useless programs and themselves, but nobody cares? American lives are constantly at risk while remaining unprotected throughout the world and nobody cares.

When despicable Vallerie Jarrett, Obama’s Top Senior Advisor and other Obama kool aide supporters can openly threaten, Congress and the American people, and nobody cares? We live in fear of our government, but nobody cares? Our embassies are being attacked with murder of our citizens, bur nobody cares?

The proof that nobody cares was the re-election of our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. Voter apathy proved to play an important role in his victory? They selfishly kept their “bat and ball” at home instead of hitting a home run for America . They were willing to sell out their Nation and their own dignity by protecting an inept leadership, regressing as wards of the State, with no minds, will, or determination; they’re the least respected, shame on them all?

So now we have more of the same, a lame duck, statue quo Government, captained by a self proclaimed Dictator that thinks he is above the law and our precious Constitution. A Republican Party that seems to be hopeless in stopping his self made conceited superiority. A nation of individuals with no backbone to say enough is enough, but deciding to live in a land of tyranny, genuflecting to a controlled Government of misfits. This could have been stopped peacefully by the power of the vote. Our forefathers gave us peaceful powers to combat a runaway Government at our disposal; we must use them all to the fullest extent of the law, before it too late.

We knew what we had, and it was a failure, so we what did we do, we kept the failure. There’s an old saying which states. “A Nation deserves the government that its citizens elect, or allow willingly to rise to power” Lets hope and pray that this repeated failure doesn’t prove to be our downfall as a free Country of, by and for the People.

 William P. Frasca

 Copyright 2013-2014

My 100 Wishes For The Legislative Branch

Here it is, my 2013 (100) wish list, for our United States Legislative Branch of Government.

1. Give loans out to individuals who can afford them, and stop bailing out banks and mortgage companies.

2. Place term limits on all members of Congress and The Senate.

3. Stop authorizing yourself raises and benefits, let the American people vote to see if you deserve them. After all you work for us, we don’t work for you.

4. Stop abuses in our health care system on all fronts. No one has the right to throw the first stone.

5. Secure all our boarders.

6. Allow trickle down economics to start with the American people, instead of greedy CEOs and Corporations.

7. Stop allowing our pension system, public and private to be compromised by governmental political fat cats and unmerciful corporate heads, who rob from taxpayers and employees.

8. Stop all excessive bonuses, outrageous salaries and perks, while individuals are being laid off, and fired in the name of a bad economy.

9. Stop the Obama Syndrome, by blaming others; be responsible for your own actions.

10. Develop, improve and stimulate new ways to allow everyone the opportunity to affordably attend a College or University, without initiating an enormous debt at graduation.

11. Stop corruption, and don’t turn your head because the culprit committing the act is a member of your political party.

12. Stop incompetence and waste.

13. Establish energy independence from foreign countries, we can be self sufficient, no excuses this we all heard from the 1970’s, with no improved results. God gave us an abundance of natural resources, including coal and fossil fuels use them.

14. Stop taking care of the world and start helping your own family, the American people, charity begins at home.

15. Stop sitting on your hands concerning Identification Fraud, the problem does exist and escalating.

16. Start bailing out the American people by preserving the American Dream.

17. Start defending the one’s who defend us, the United State Military.

18. Don’t cut one penny of their benefits, and give them the proper equipment and training.

19 Never use our military or their families as political pawns, as in the past, shame on you!

20. Support our military and their families.

21. Help small businesses.

22, Stop using or being afraid of the race card, or not being politically correct when governing. We did elected and re-elected as a Nation a black individual to our highest office of leadership the Presidency. Don’t be intimated or manipulation with such non-sense. This has grown tiresome, and is anti-productive.

23. Never undermined our national security for the sake of being politically correct.

24. Never forsake our National security just to be well liked or cater to other nations.

25. Protect America and the American people, as in your oath of office from all enemies foreign and domestic, including yourselves.

26. Don’t be ruled by the United Nations anti-American politics of destroying our Nation.

27 Never allow any foreign Country to write or interpret our laws.

26. Listen to the people and not your pocket books or your self serving agenda.

28. Educate without dictatorship, fear and reprisals.

29 Educate without self imposed political ideals.

30. Start telling the truth.

31. Support family values and structure.

32 Keep God in America.

33. Love our Country and its people.

34 Never relinquish, deny or limit any constitutional rights or American freedoms.

35. Stop raising taxes, especially during a recession, and pay all your required taxes, being a member of Congress doesn’t immune you from this required burden, you inflict on the American people.

36. Read the Bills, before you vote.

37, End corruption.

38. Be leaders, not fearful cowardice followers.

39. Stop Dictatorial Executive Orders.

40. Preserve the Second Amendments and all Amendments to our Constitution, Never Undermine this great cornerstone of our democracy with Liberal, Marxist, Socialistic, Progressive or foreign denigration.

41. Stand Your ground, don’t be afraid of the name Barack Hussein Obama.

42. No Amnesty for illegal aliens.

43. Stop the “Nanny State” Form of Government.

44. Stop trying to raise our children, allow parents to be parents.

45. Stop telling us and forcing us on what to eat, drink or how to live by placing stupid infringing laws.

46. Don’t deny rightful benefits to all Americans who deserve, contributed and are in need of our help, not those who practice fraud and are out to milk the system.

47. Give America back its pride and dignity

48. Never betray America by taking sides with any foreign leader or country, such as the Democrats did with Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon

49. Improve our quality of life by getting off our backs.

50. Stop dividing America.

51. Stop affirmative action.

52. Protect our life, liberty and our pursuit of happiness.

53. Stop your self serving whining.

54. Stop your greed and idiocies.

55. Be apart of Obamacare, if it is the law of the land, instead of exempting yourselves and your families for a more elite privileged healthcare program, separate from the rest of the Country, you’re not better than us?

56. End Marxism and Socialism.

57. Capitalism does work, leave it alone.

58. Listen to the American people.

59, Obey the will of the people, remember we are a Country, of, by and for the people not the other way around. Listen to the people and not your pocket books or your self serving agenda.

60. End Forced Mandates and Compliances, get off our backs.

61. Stop imposing hindering and non-productive regulations, which impede economic growth that has a negative impact on businesses and employment.

62. Stop using our food as fuel.

63. Make English America’s official language.

64. Protect our Flag from desecration.

65. Protect and defend all American citizens, home and abroad.

66. Don’t compromise or negotiate with terrorist or terrorist nations.

67. Obey and defend the Constitution,  Never compromise our freedoms and liberty.

68. Don’t trust anyone, In God we Trust.

69. Stop giving foreign aide to all those who hate America and to corrupt Countries.

70. Fight dictatorship and imperialistic narcissistic rule in our own Country.

71. Honor and respect all our veterans, don’t undermine their heroic, unselfish achievements, by disgracing them and denying them their rightful place and benefits.

72. Stop Obamacare.

73. We are a Nation of laws obey them.

74. Stop anyone living in this great Nation from disobeying our judicial system by establishing their own laws to follow.

75, End religious prejudice and bigotry within our own government and nation, some selected beliefs are considered untouchable while others are targeted as accepted humiliation.

76. Stop payout, buyouts especially with questionable, unscrupulous companies such as Solantra

77 Stop funding of organizations such as A.C.O.R.N forcing their dishonest, shady unauthorized ideologies upon us and using our tax dollars for abortions, birth control and fraud.

78. Keep your hand off free speech and the internet.

79. Stop illegal censorship.

80. Stop illegal search and seizures.

81. Stop illegal audits by the I.R.S.

82. Stop illegal retaliation on companies or individual that doesn’t mirror your ideologies.

83. Stop illegal acts of harassments, fines, retribution and punishments.

84. Stop illegal acts of hidden government activities.

85. Be more transparent to the American people.

86. Protect America from yourselves.

87. Properly scrutinize all candidates, government officials elected and appointed, to the best of your abilities, no nepotism.

88. Don’t automatically sign a blank check of acceptance

89. Investigate justified allegations of ineptitudes, misconduct from all Branches and Departments of Government, including the President, his Cabinet, and his Czars.

90. Approve a proper budget.

91. Decrease the deficit, without raising taxes.

92. Stop borrowing from China.

93. Keep our products, Made in America.

94. Stop the bogus sense of false security at our airports.

95. Stop abusing our elderly, children, infants and the disabled at our airports, just for the sake of being politically correct and accused of profiling.

96. Profiling is an effective law enforcement tool, use it.

97. Use any and all means to obtain pertinent information from terrorists and our enemies in order to save lives, especially Americans, we are at war, all is fair in love and war.

98. Stop reverse discrimination.

99. Never forget and preserve our American heritage, stop falsifications of our history.

100. Love America, Be Americans, Be Patriots, Be Proud.

Only we as Americans can accomplish true change, by voting out the ineffective members of Congress and The Senate, whether they are Democrat or Republican. This past national election secured the balance of power, but we must never become complacent. Unfortunately, recent history has proven this fact, that Congress and The Senate are only interested in escalating their own powers. So we must always keep a watchful eye, knowing that we can easily give them their pink slips if they don’t meet with out expectations.

Remember these words from Albert Einstein on the definition of Insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

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Must Watch VIDEOS 

Michael Savage - Jamie Foxx, Voter Fraud, Pravda Article - 11/26/12


Rev. James Manning Get That "N" Out Of Office Sermon, Long But Powerful, Must See And Listen


What if we Didn't Live in a

Free Country? JudgeNapolitano 


Our Constitutional Right To Bear Arms

Our fabulous unique one of a kind, unmatched document throughout history and the world, the United States Constitution stands for liberty and freedom. That’s why certain individuals would love to back door these scared writings, granting them the opportunity to over throw our government creating a dictatorial form of leadership.

So what else is new; you might ask, tell us something we don’t know? Unfortunately though, most of us, who call ourselves, true Patriots, God fearing Americans citizens believing in God and Country, have become sadly complacent and stymied. We have totally ignored the obvious warnings projected right under our noses?

We see what’s happening daily. Adverse conditions that are being shoved down our throats, affecting our lives, and we grin and bear it! We shut our eyes and hope these evils will go away? We hear the voices that are used as a spear, piercing through our rights, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, yet we become deaf to its destruction? Our voices of legitimate protest are viciously silenced by our own fears of imbedded past self imposed guilt, compounded by the Liberal/Progressives, which have no bearing on the present or future. We have committed no crime, yet we are assuming guilt, without a proper defense, freely accepting these unwarranted charges and criminal status? We are afraid of being labeled a bigot, a racist, politically incorrect, or mocked at, so we sit back, get stepped on, assume a step child position and do nothing.

We as rightful Patriots must show no fear. We must take pride in out heritage. We must never disgrace our Revolutionary roots or our Forefathers. We must rise up like the Phoenix out of our own ashes by having the strength and courage to speak our minds, and take back our Country legally and peacefully. We must defend and protect all our inalienable rights, which includes the Constitution and a Free America.

These self imposed illegal acts of espionage endorsing rules of non-sense and phony accusations influenced by the liberals, were established to bogusly control the populous to their Socialistic ideologies. We must think outside the box, and remember the strength and brilliance of our fearless forefathers. Are we willing to defend our freedoms, or meekly handing it over, closing and locking the door, throwing away the key?

Why are we helping all those who take great pride and pleasure in seeing America’s demise and downfall with little or no resistance? They do everything in their power legally or not, to bully, browbeat and intimidate the true Patriots and Silent Majority into submission. Whether you know it or not its working in their behalf?  Their allies are high level socialist/liberal clueless self serving Government bureaucrats, the naive and the social non-productive leeches of our society who give nothing but demand plenty. We allow these anti-American heathens to infringe their unauthorized actions to destroy our Country and the Constitution.

We allow them to re-write history, and inflict their own false interpretations and atrocities. We have watched our religious faith ridiculed, our holidays mocked, our symbols and places of worship desecrated. Our Flag violated, burnt and dishonored. Our courageous troops used as defenseless pawns, with decreased benefits and we do nothing? We are told to be tolerant, yet tolerance for us doesn’t exist. We have stood by while our freedom of speech has been muffled, and we did nothing? We have failed in combating their ignorance and dominance, we have failed as Americans. These are strong words, but we are a strong Nation.

Now to make matters worse our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Arrogant One” wants the whole Country to abide by his rules and The United Nations version of the “Right To Bear Arms”, which is to eliminate all personal gun ownership in America and the World. This fictional Kumbaya moment was initiated to enhance peace and harmony, throughout the World.

We all know this is hogwash. This would leave the American people defenseless. We would be rendered helpless and hopeless, easy pickings for a hostile takeover, wide open for total annihilation as a free Nation. America would become a third rate banana republic with his Highness playing Fidel Castro? This must be stopped? A leopard doesn’t change its spots?

Obama is trying to use the United Nation as a weapon to take away and control your gun ownership, by circumventing the Constitution?  Never has America allowed the United Nations the ability to write laws for our Republic? This idiocy is only acceptable during the Socialistic Obama Administration joined together with the Liberal/Progressive Party. He has humiliated his oath of Office that states “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”. Was this oath a lie? Has he been lying to the American people all along? Is he actually selling our beloved Country? Is he fiddling while America is burning? Are we actually lighting his torch?

The second amendment is documented in our United States Constitution, written that “a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed” These words have been diced and sliced over the years by the Liberals and The Progressive loons, on all levels of Government, and almost at the brink of extinction. These idiots saw it fit to take weapons out of the hands of the law abiding citizens, used to defend family, home, property and self preservation, and into the hands of the murderers and  thieves, which prey on the innocent, committing multiple acts of sadistic horrific violence, against humanity.

Thank God we still have the Constitution that protects us against any imperialistic, leaders who self anoints themselves as King or Caesar. Thank God for our Forefathers had the intelligence and foresight to protect us with this valuable document against any and all self serving demigod, who would forcefully demand and dominate the populous by ruling in fear, manipulation and mandatory compliance.

The Constitution gave us, the power to rule ourselves and to steer our own destiny. As much as our President wishes he could, he can’t lawfully and rightfully change any amendment or word to the Constitution, by himself, waving his tarnished scepter without following correct procedures, established by law. One man, woman or selected group does not have that ultimate power?

What has our Country turned into? Where are the voices of protest? Where’s the new bred of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, and John Paul Jones? Where are the new Patriots that are willing to take up the gauntlet keeping the pride, courage and vision of all our Forefathers alive, against tyranny and injustice? Where are the Patriots who are willing to use all legal, legitimate peaceful tools at their disposal that were passed down to us from these brave men of the Revolution that risked everything so we may live free, and to keep America free?

This next Presidential election is so very important. The future of our Country is at risk. Don’t sit idly home and do nothing but complain to the four walls, get out and vote. Don’t be fooled again by anyone selling you snake oil or false promises. Don’t sell your inalienable rights, liberty and freedoms for a mere bag of shells. Don’t shackle or imprison America and the American people to government control? Remember they work for us, “We the People”. We must not let our United States of America be destroyed and degraded into a third world Nation. Stand up America, Vote, as if you life depended upon it, because it does!

William P. Frasca
Copyright 2012-2014

Stop Gun Control

It’s unfortunate when a needless senseless travesty or catastrophe happens to anyone, anytime or anyplace that involves a gun, the Progressives come out or the woodwork, ready willing and able to violate the United Sate Constitution and our rights as American citizens.

The banning of weapons will not deter violence. It will not keep the guns off the street; it will not stop murder or crime. It will definitely not keep it out of the hands of the deviant sadist and thieves that prey on the innocent. It will not guarantee safety and security, but it will leave us sitting ducks to all those coward barbarians obviously enhancing their immoral control over our lives.

While the Progressives try to stupidly and idiotically attempt to confiscate weapons from the hands of the law abiding citizens and illegally issuing it into the hands of all unholy and the unscrupulous. They’re freely giving them a “Get Out Of Jail Free Card”, for their hideous behavior into abusing the innocent and the unprotected.

Let’s put it this way if you had to rely on the authorities and your local police departments to protect you in time of emergency situation, especially when an animal is attempting to break into your home threatening and violating your home, life, family and property. Then you might as well help them load your belongings into their truck and when they’re finished, dig a grave for yourself and your family. You’re at their mercy which is meaningless. History has proven with undisputed evidences that 911 calls are so inept with so many time consuming questions that they can’t possibly provide help on time to save your life.

Remember how well "Prohibition" worked in America, there were more drunks and crime. Alcohol was flowing like Niagara Falls. It stopped nothing; it created organized crime networks and criminal empires. It brought to power famous bootleggers with unlimited profit and power such as the notorious Al Capone from Chicago.

This scenario can happen to anyone, no one is safe from the Government!

You’re sound asleep awaken by a thump outside your bedroom door. You hear multiple sounds and voices coming from unfamiliar persons, and their coming towards your room. Fearing of your life and family you reach down beside your bed and pick up your shotgun and load it without hesitation. Then you open the door and see two intruders, possibly having weapons on their possession.

The invaders see you and walk towards you, their hands are holding something, they’re not saying a word; self defense and self preservation immediately kicks in and instinct takes over leaving you with no alternative but to shoot. The blast knocks both thugs to the floor. You then pick up the telephone and call the police stating it’s an emergency and you need help fast. Your Country has these ludicrous laws that outlawed legitimate gun ownership for years, and you have this strong premonition that you are definitely in trouble, because yours of course wasn't registered, during this attempted robbery and possible assault or murder.

Police arrive and inform you that one of the buglers had died and arrested you for Murder in the first Degree When you talk to your attorney, he tells you not to worry: authorities will probably plea the case down to manslaughter. "What kind of sentence will I get?" you ask. "Only ten-to-fifteen years," he replies, as if that's nothing. "Behave yourself, and you'll be out in seven."

The next day, the shooting is the lead story in the local newspaper. Somehow, you're portrayed as a coo-coo bird unstable while the two men you shot are represented as choirboys.

Buried deep down into the article, authorities acknowledge that both so-called poor "victims" have been arrested numerous times. The thieves have been transformed from career criminals into heavenly saints.

Your attorney compounds your plight by notifying you that the surviving thief and the family of the deceased are planning to sue you and will probably win their civil suit against you. The media publishes bogus reports that your home has been burglarized in the past and you were very critical of local police for their lack of effort in apprehending the suspects.

The District Attorney and Prosecutors portrays you as a mean, uncompassionate vicious murderer full of anger and hate unmercifully ambushing the alleged burglars, with no conscience. Like most political hacks, full of self serving vanity, they never let a tragedy go to waste, by using you as a political pawn to advance their own career aspirations.

A few months later, you go to trial. The charges were reduced, as predicted, but when you take the stand, your anger towards the system prevails your logic, further weakening your defense. It doesn't take long for the jury to convict him of all charges. On April, 2000, the judge sentences him to life in prison.

Did you possibly think that this was a fictional story with fictional actors; on the contrary it is a true story that happened to a law abiding, property owning citizen in Great Britain. This is documented. On August 22, 1999, Tony Martin of Emneth, Norfolk, England was victimized by a run-away government. When did it become a crime to defend one's own life in England?

Think this can’t happen in the United States, well it’s happening today and more frequently than you realize. President Samuel Adams and one of our founding fathers wrote, “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds.”

The British Government basically knew they were rapidly losing the ability to protect its citizens so in order to save face, and to secure their powers; they incrementally over the years took away most gun rights, the notion that a citizen had the right to be armed for self-defense became an act of vigilantism.

The British authorities refused to grant gun licenses to any individual threatened, claiming that self-defense was no longer considered a reason to own a gun. Citizens who shot burglars or robbers or rapists were charged while the real criminals were released. Doesn’t this sound familiar here in the United States?

Police later bragged that they'd taken a record number of legal handguns from private citizens. How did the authorities know who had handguns? The guns had been registered and licensed. Don’t we have the same system here, including the "Gun Buy Back Program", where our cities and municipalities buy guns from their citizens?

Don’t allow them any bogus justifications to violate our Second Amendment Right guaranteed to us by Our Forefathers, written in Our United States Constitution? Write, phone, e-mail, sign petitions, don’t back down, use any and all forms of peaceful protests and objections against gun control. The Second Amendment must always be Upheld and Never Compromised!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012 -2014

Fooled Us Once Again

It seems as though our sacred rights and freedom are sometimes taken for granted, or have we become oblivious to the numbing effects of each and everyone of them slowly being diminished from our lives. Our freedoms are forever being tested, by the evil carpetbaggers within our own Country and the world. History has justified our self defense, and we defeated these tyrants every time we were maliciously attacked. There are always consequences when we become complacent, because the price of freedom is never free or cheap.

We are presently witnessing in our present form of Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic rule, the total sellout of our elected government, which is slowly strangling and absorbing our precious rights in the name of robbing Peter and giving it to Paul. This false atmosphere of hope is disgracing and destroying not our heritage but our future.

This article is not going to reiterate the continued mockery that our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” has inflicted on this great nation and its people, because the evidence truly supports his absolute belief in these established principles, etch in his own “Wizard of OZ” ideology. His stubborn attitude of relinquishing nothing, compounded with total ignorance relating to the concerns and wishes of the majority, proves he is either a fool or a strong believer. He is willing to risk his Presidency for the absurd ultimate rhetoric and anti-American philosophy of re-distributing the wealth of all its citizens, including all policies, bills and procedures geared in creating a Socialistic/Communistic society.

Unfortunately the American electorate with help from the Republican/Conservative babies that took their bat and ball and stayed home handed him his re-election on a silver platter.

The fact most astonishing, which leaves some reasonable doubt, is the lack of investigation, which was illogically performed on his candidacy and his re-election. This also included the sweeping effect it had with some incompetent, inept, Liberal Democratic candidates re-elected that were originally marked for defeat, bringing them in on his coat tails. This unfortunately continued our American nightmare of dooming us all for another four years of subservient repressiveness.

Did the his speeches, Hurricane Sandy, the big hug given to him by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, or his shamefully owned back pocket liberal media that carved a strong hypnotic trace of regal glorification that overwhelmingly carried the King and his Court into office? Or was it the same losers running the Republican Party and Presidential campaigns of John McCain’s and Mitt Romney. If something is broke, then fix it, losers can only create losers. The Republicans need new blood and aggressive courageous brain trusts with obviously, brains? Why would Romney rehire these same individuals that were clueless in managing a winning campaign?

Naturally, you will always have the walking dead and mindless zombies that will vote for an openly announced Liberal Democratic, Marxist, Socialistic candidate, even if their names were Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Who could blame some of them? Especially when their livelihood of full and complete government entitlements are at risk, and voting against the Liberal Democratic status quo, might be a hazard to ones free ride in life, living off the blood, sweat, and tears of someone else.

This doesn’t include the well deserving. The unfortunate American citizen or legal alien, “the illegal aliens have no rights” and definitely have no privileges, that are experiencing forced hardships, of finding themselves in an awkward position, of being jobless, with no fault of their own, especially during this unstable runaway regressive economy. This must also include, the disabled, or a death of spouse, who suddenly and without warning leaves their family behind, minus a lifetime partner and much needed parent.

These individuals directly or indirectly contributed into these mandatory and compulsory government programs, which were basically and originally established as Social Insurance Policies. They should absolutely, positively never be undermined or unreasonably or illegitimately withheld from these legal benefits.

It boggles the mind to hear and see some so called undesignated unstable individuals, interviewed, whether they’re a plant or not, identifying themselves as well informed potential voters, in this next mid-term general election, still singing praises of President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his Socialist army.

They seem to be so engrossed in their irrational opinions and expressions that they are still claiming that every mismanaged negligent structure we are experiencing was the fault of President George W. Bush. Yet they claim no announced dedication to any political party affiliations or are a member of any union, which compounds the skepticism and increases the confusion. These questions must be asked, “Who are these people”? “Where did these people come from?

This proves there are outside forces out there, who still unquestionably believe in the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic ideology and philosophy which not only places Obama as the new American Mao Tse-Tung, relinquishing him from any liability or responsibility, memorizing and chanting his words, placing him on a solid gold pedestal, with the potentiality of erecting statues and dedicating his name on schools, roads and buildings.

They truly believe in the Messiah complex or a twenty-first century Mosses syndrome as, leaving us out of the Capitalistic desert of greed, dishonesty and enslavement and into the fantasized promised land of “Total Liberal Dominance” with our freedoms completely stripped, with complete federal takeover of all private businesses and services, destroying our unalienable rights, manipulating of our health, our wealth and our dignity, abolishing any sacred principles relating to a government of, by, and for the people.

These counter productive hidden Progressives must be taken seriously, and must never be disregarded. Their empty rhetoric and spin could easily sway the uninformed, uneducated and the disinterested, by convincing them to join their instability. They are true fanatics, in every sense of the word that will swallow the Kool Aide, in a moments notice if given the correct single word from their leadership, be careful America they are dangerous, and have no remorse or respect for life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They believe in total control.

“Fool me once shame on you, “Fool me twice shame on me”. The shame after this past Presidential election is definitely on us.

 William P. Frasca

 Copyright 2013-2014

We're All Americans, Aren't We?

I love this Great Country identified as The United States of America, and so does a majority of my fellow Americans? Remember there’s nothing wrong with Our Country, it’s the people in it that’s questionable.

The Liberal Democrats, Progressives, Marxist and Socialists simply brush the silent majority aside completely circumventing our God Given Inalienable Rights, our Scared Constitution and our true existence of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They have no conscience or remorse on stepping on or over us to achieve their final goal of complete and total dominance over our lives.

We are Americans no matter what or how they try to demeanor us, by inflicting head games to our moral decencies. They keep expressing that certain groups are still being shackled by social injustices while demanding unlimited justifications from us on their behalf. This absolute total nonsense is so absurd; it’s beyond any form logical belief. We allow ourselves to constantly fall into this bogus trap of unproven unconscionable guilt, while we become passive sitting ducks, afraid of being called a racist, or intolerant, as they handcuff us into a subservient role of existence.

They still have the gall, after all these years of affirmative action and by artificially praising and manufacturing so-called achievements, greatness of any particular individual or organizations that mirror their image of approval, no matter how sleazy, corrupt or incompetent. Their control in the liberal news media, movies, television programs, newspapers, magazines and books have enhanced this development of social garbage.

The reverse discrimination syndrome has now been totally accepted as a way of life and any objection made will label you a bias bigoted loon. Credence of such actions are warranted in their own sick mentalities because of past atrocities committed, a free pass given no matter how ridiculous but how long will the innocent be punished?

Most of our ancestors were immigrants and had nothing to do with these events of American history identified, yet we, our children, our grandchildren and all of our future generations are and will constantly being abused, by the Liberal Democrats, The Progressives, The Marxist, and The Socialists, unless we stand up for ourselves, telling them all to take a walk. This madness must stop!

They have denied the fact the there is a half black, half white “human being” elected and re-elected to the highest position this nation can offer, “The Presidency”, yet the race card still exists, because they always get their way when its used? They know that most of the silent majority still believes this liberal gibberish, called “White Guilt”, so they cater to their every whim, while the left laughs?

These groups have divided this Country worse than the most destructive time in American history called the Civil War. This wasn’t a foreign enemy but it was brother against brother. Unfortunately our President Barack Hussein Obama is the number one culprit in this division, and his surrogates follow his despicable lead. He did have the unique opportunity to unit, but he decided on the course of separation to protect his status quo of power. Mr. President, Shame on you, for enhancing the anger and hatred in America?

He didn’t stop there? The battles between the sexes have begun since Adam and Eve. There are and will always be an invisible thin fine line of love/hate between them. Women in the past as well as men have been stereotyped in careers, education, monetary worth, family. Society placed barriers in certain chosen professions, in which it was taboo for anyone to cross but now in the present, everything has changed. The walls have been torn down. There are unlimited expansions and opportunities opened to all those who wishes to pursue them, especially without the help of government intervention and forced reverse discriminations identified as quotas and affirmative actions against any particular race, creed, color, religion or sex.

Yet we constantly heard that there was a “War on Women” especially described by Presidential Obama during this past presidential campaign, highlighted with free contraception and abortion. This painted a warped picture of the American women, stressing the only things on their minds was unlimited free sex paid for by tax dollars without any consequences or responsibilities for their actions. Some did recognized this as humiliating and degrading to women, and expressed outrage, but were immediately stymied and silenced by the media, liberals, and organized women’s groups who were jokingly established to protect their rights, honor , pride and reputations, instead they used whatever power they had to defend Obama.. If there is a so-called phony ‘War on Women” in the United States, then what would they call the sick, ruthless, unmerciful incident that happened in Pakistan when this poor 15 year old young woman Malala Yousufzai was shot in the head by the Taliban because she wanted to educate herself and other women, unfortunate?

No one cares that women employed in the Obama Administration are being paid far less than their male counterparts, with less opportunities for advancement, this is proven with his new cabinet candidates announced. This is sad, but as usual he was and is still protected by Liberal Democrats, Progressives, Marxists, Socialists and the bought, sold and owned Liberal Press declaring him as their lord, master and king. The Teflon President rolled off of the frying pan once again spotless?

What morons, what imbeciles are the only words that come to mind in describing all those who believed these idiocy and lies. Some Women were also so naive as to believe the Republican were going to take their right to vote away, this obviously doesn’t support their argument acknowledging themselves as the superior sex comprised of intellectual geniuses?

We must peacefully stand our ground; honor God, Country, Family and Our precious Constitution, We must stop “Dictatorial Executive Orders”? We must look beyond and defend ourselves from all those who forcefully etch into our minds certain bogus animosities between the races, sexes, creeds color, religions as weapons of division to maintain power and to advance their self serving agenda. We must never yield to these identified proven idiots of destruction that use self made guilt, to overthrow our true existence of freedom and liberty for their own self serving agenda. Enough is enough. Stand up America!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2013-2014

  Never FORGET

Our President, the Honorable Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” proves that a self centered, conceited, arrogant, “know it all” human being can go far in American politics. Imagine Barack Hussein Obama, re-elected as President of the United States? Could we possibly have a bigger shovel? Is there anyone in his Party that has the courage to attack the subterranean statue quo, by announcing their candidacy? Even the second worst President we ever had the displeasure of electing, Jimmy Carter had competition in his re-election with Ted Kennedy?

Have the Democrats actually placed all their eggs in one basket, losing all self esteem and creditability, by announcing to the world that their National leadership capabilities have become completely inept and diminished into oblivion?

Are they really relying on their 2008 Presidential election tactics, strategy and maneuverability towards the racial consciousness of white America, by using the boring repetitious ills of the past, offering a sacrifice of forgiveness at the alter of social and political correctness? Will they fall into the same trap of proving their non-racist existence by looking into the color of his skin? Instead of evaluating his sub-par management and guidance that manufactures a regressive Socialistic atmosphere.

Key points relating to his ideology are tolerances pertaining to only certain liberal acceptances of selective religions. The redistribution of wealth, anti big and small businesses, “except for his friends”, blaming America first, placing road blocks and detours in our production of on all fossil fuels, ignoring the unemployed, inflation and recession, unsecured boarders, failed foreign polices, illegal aliens, bowing, humiliating, incompetent Federal Secretaries, Czars, Commissioners, Directors, and Supreme Court Justices. But the most despicable unconscionable action is using our brave military as political pawns? Will the electorate completely ignore all these past and present failures that he endorsed and authorized during his tenure as leader of the free world?

Are they really betting the farm that a combination of mandatory liberal empty headed, lack of intelligence, arm twisting, blind obedience will save them? Are they hoping that entitlements, social economic fear by portraying the Conservatives as evil uncompassionate monsters will have an everlasting negative impact? Will their lies, innuendoes, fabrications, government ownership over our lives, by swaying the uninformed, the clueless, and the unconcerned, including the undeserving social leeches, authorizing the sale of America, guarantee their victory? Are they actually undermining our intelligence by claiming forced control is the only thing that will bring us prosperity because we are too ignorant and stupid, to rule ourselves?

Believe it or not there are still individuals that will protect his status, his actions, his reactions his complacency, his vacations, anytime anyplace, no matter how foolish, idiotic and incompetent, even if it cost them their freedoms and our Country’s survival? These unstable political social hacks and control freaks have the audacity to use the same old ineffective race card, as a defense, to hide his idiocies.

The zombie minority is always ready, willing and able to come out of the woodwork every four years, to support, vote, and elect, “no matter how many times they can”? Remember the old saying vote early and often,  for their man or woman. The Unions also have a great deal at stake after taking numerous hits in certain State Governments, which had considerably reduced their powers in controlling their base, with a little Benedict Arnold from their fair weather friends, the Socialist Liberal Democratic Party. They need, “The Chosen One’s” help and assistance in keeping their hopes alive for survival.

His accomplishments, on their own merits, are slim to none. He speaks a good game by having the ability to divide, dice and slice our beloved Country into a hostile aggressive mood of separation. He has not only split the populous into different categories, but he also has the uncanny ability to falsely accuse certain groups and organizations for our economical downfall. Instead of uniting, he is the “Master of Division”.

His shadow boxing vendetta against all forms of Capitalism, especially singling out all supporters of the Constitution as an enemy to all his social programs was a clever mockery and ploy of our intelligence. While all eyes were on the true American patriots he went through the back door using all forms of non-transparency. Don’t question anything for fear of being called a racist? It was also a well developed manipulation, using the clueless Socialist, Marxist Liberal Democratic Party and the Progressives as pawns to do his bidding.

We are well aware there were questionable deals, payouts, and paybacks generously made during his reign of absolute power that turned the Democratic Party into gluttonous pirates, especially with all the holdouts of Obamacare, buying their votes? Usually in all aspect of the federal government usually has Peter not only paying Paul, but Paul is also offered two or three positions for his support and loyalty?  

Don’t think, that these extreme measures will stop there? Are we so naive as to think that these changes in health benefits, creating a sub-standard cost effective atmosphere won’t overflow into the private sector, undermining human preservation?

Mr. President, don’t incorrectly blame American ideology and our aggressive intelligential ingenuity to achieve greatness as the leaders of the world. You unfairly label it as extreme selfishness  that created all our dilemmas. You, your processors and all members of Congress, together with the Senate, past and present must look into the mirror, there you will find the real culprits?

You have absolutely no right or legitimacy to cast the first stone. America, American law and the American people should be your primary goal, not the criminals that enter our shores illegally or any foreign country. We need our own tax dollars to stay at home, and not your whole hearted endorsement of anointing ourselves as the leader of World Socialism. This is our money and must help us to rebuild and to improve our own living conditions, and infrastructure. 

Your philosphies of constantly undermining our disastrous economy, by componding the negatives, must be corrected, by all peaceful Constitutional means for our future. Your egotistical self proclaimed vanity has contributed to the he disease and your malicious arrogance is definitely not the cure.

Fortunately for the future of our Country, most Americans, including the silent majority are waiting for the next Presidential election, to rectify the serious mistake they made. Hopefully they will not have any memory loss or the slightest case of amnesia. Voter apathy must be defeated. They must see right through his smiling personality of deception. Freedom, Capitalism, the Constitution, The Flag, and our entire God given Alienable Rights must be etched within all our hearts. We must all be proud to stand up and never feel ashamed to call ourselves Americans. Never yielding to any or all our enemies foreign or domestic. We must shout with our loudest voices without any malice or fear, using these sacred fantastic blessed words “In God We Trust”. God Bless America!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014


Don't Be Intimidated

The joyous seasons of Christmas and Hanukkah are once again upon us. They bring all the warmth, happiness, prayers, hope and generosity that we share with one another and our families. It’s a time to believe in miracles while realizing that all things may not be perfect, but we can comfort one another in the time of need or hardship.

Some selfish individuals and political demigods, such as Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee are beyond human American decency. They take much pleasure in destroying the simple traditions of religious celebrations and symbols. They are the dredges of our society, sewer rats that come out only at night, hiding behind the shield of darkness, waiting to devour the weak, going back into their holes at the first signs of strength or day light.

We, are Americans and don’t twist anyone’s arm, to participate or join, in any acts of merriment, but all are peacefully welcomed to participate, no one is forced or submitted into acceptance.

We must keep the Government out of our lives; don’t sell your rights and freedoms, for a false sense of security or baseless, groundless, inexcusable, illogical political correctness. Don’t disappoint our brave gladiators, who are risking their lives and losing their limbs so your life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness are preserved forever. Don’t let them down, exercise your freedom of speech, continue to question authority, and especially don’t trust the government. Remember these immortal words of President Ronald Reagan when he said, “that the nine most terrifying words in the English language are, I’m from the government and I’m here to help”.

Please remember our Troops, during this most Holy Time. Every branch of the United States Military, including all civilian personnel, and our loyal allies must always be acknowledged in our hearts and minds. Our total appreciation must also be extended, towards all these brave men and women, wherever they’re stationed, at home or abroad, for their generous dedication, valor and never be so slightly relinquished.

Please pray that they will have a blessed protected Christmas and Hanukkah Holidays and that they will return to their loving families, safe and sound from harms way. Words can not express our total admiration, for without them, our heroic veterans, and all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, freedom is just another word. Thank God for each and every one of them, please protect them and their families always.

I’m proud to say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa. I will always, most definitely keep the Holy, Blessed Name of Christ in Christmas, while wishing everyone a very Happy, Healthy, Safe, Prosperous New Year, whether you like it or not. Those who object, tough, get over it.

So acquire a copy of the United States Constitution. Read every article, paragraph and amendment with sincere reverence and pride. When finished, give it a big kiss and “Thank the Good Lord” every day, with every precious breath, that you are blessed, with the privilege, of living in our beloved one free Nation, under God.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014


Whether you are a Progressive Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrat or a relentless Conservative Republican, one must realize who is actually at fault. The Presidency, The House of Representatives and the Senate have lost touch with America and its citizens. Their empty rhetoric and self serving indulgences of social gluttony have placed our beloved Country into its present vulnerable state of non-existence. The government “Of, By and For The People” have virtually become so extinct that “We The People” have become silent sheep led willingly to slaughter.

Everything we are experiencing today has been compounded over years past. We could probably go back further, but let’s keep it in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Teddy Roosevelt was a recognized Progressive. Woodrow Wilson was another government control freak, who anointed himself as the undisputed judge, jury and executioner of labeling selected individuals as assets or hindrances to society, while having his own philosophical views to handle them. He also believed in reproductive sterilization, or should we say “Selective Breeding” which also included the justification in segregating all the races, including intellect and classes.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Democrat, controlled by his wife Eleanor, a Socialist/Communist, started the mass expenditure of increased government. He started the Social Security system, while obtaining full power in administering handouts and employment opportunities that were offered to the beholding populous, dispensed by his loyal Democratic supporters.

We could even throw in President Dwight D. Eisenhower a Republican for his expansion of Social Security. Democrat Lynden Johnson’s, “War on Poverty”, signed the Medicare Bill and expanded government control, by tilting the scales to liberalism and government entitlements. His policies opened up the flood gates to reverse discrimination, quotas and undeserving entitlements.

You could possibly agree with some of these policies, as humanitarian, to be honest they did accomplish some good to the well deserved needy individuals, survivor benefits, and those who were born or found themselves suddenly disabled. The elderly, who paid into the program. Especially for all those who didn’t plan for the future or didn’t make any medical provisions, but don't forget, these were government controlled bureaucracies.

Before you offer them a medal or the “Nobel Peace Prize”, just remember this, there was a method to their madness, the average person during their time period of these conceptions didn’t live passed the age of sixty five, so this was just another form of taxation, adding more government revenue. This placed good odds that the contributor wouldn’t live to collect the benefits. This was also used as a manipulative tool, which increased the government’s powers of persuasion by creating dependency.

Wouldn’t it have been more lucrative and feasible for an individual to have a choice in investment, or an option to remain in the system, instead of forced compliance? 

Republican President Richard Nixon devaluated the dollar and took the U.S off the gold standard. He also introduced wage/price controls. President Jimmy Carter’s, high taxes, double digit inflation and the CETA Jobs Program, forced distribution of ineligible mortgages, handouts, gas shortages, world humiliation, also increased government intervention over out daily lives.

The First two years of his Presidency, President. Bill Clinton, further expanded liberal social programs, which included high taxes before the American electorate made him and his Democratic Party see the light after their devastating loss in the House of Representatives and the Senate, with a Republican takeover. He yielded to the Republican leadership and together they balanced the budget, decreased taxes, expanded businesses big and small with welfare reform.

Unfortunately, there was one big mistake initiated by this Administration and that was NAFTA, the (North American Free Trade Agreement). This was the obvious downfall of all manufactured goods that were "Made in America", which slowly disintegrated our employment opportunities.

This should prove beyond any reasonable doubt that “We the People” have extreme powers, as voters. We can make a difference, change the status quo and steer our own destiny. It’s only when we become complacent, by lowering our defenses strengthens our enemies and threatens our freedoms.

The Medicare Part D federal controlled prescription program endorsed and implemented by Republican George W. Bush, initiated another high cost social program.

Our present President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” truly believes that America and American Capitalism is the root of all evil. He is the perfect “Poster Child” for the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party. He believes in bowing, apologizing, absolute manipulation, high spending, redistribution of wealth, forced obedience and has total disregard of our United States Constitution, including all our God Given alienable rights and freedoms.

Over the years some of our Presidents, The Congress and The Senate have destroyed our right to rule ourselves. The phrase “Absolute Power Corrupts: and the “More Power You Have the More You Want” comes to mind.

The “Will and Wishes of the People” were stymied and silenced by the “Will of a Few Demigods”, which were and are egotistical, self serving leeches. We were used as pawns to support programs that were not only forced and jammed down our throats, but were also against our better judgment and our pocketbooks. Laws and agendas that were clueless to any negative consequences, with their true contents unknown.

These are just a few regressive negativities and entities displayed in our government’s past and present that slowly decayed our Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. There are many more, too many to mention in an article.

“We the People” have been denied a legitimate voice in establishing any regulations pertaining to taxes, we just have an obligation to file and pay. “We the People” have no control in initiating any regulations and policies pertaining to the Federal Reserve Bank, or have any authority to appropriate a Federal Budget.

Why are both parties against high unemployment, yet we have over Nine Percent unemployed? Why are the two major Parties against high inflation, yet our paper money is worthless? Why are both parties stating they want to control the deficit, yet useless wasteful spending is still increasing, while the interest we pay on our National debt doesn’t even make a small dent in reducing the principle? Why do both Parties’ preach against high taxes, and helping the middle class yet the government unmercifully for years have forcibly increased our financial obligations, from birth to death? Why both are preaching national security, yet our boarders are still unmanageable. Why do they allow our Boarder Patrol Agents to remain defenseless, while we are being overwhelmed by violent illegal blood sucking foreign invaders? Why are both Parties in favor or being energy independent from foreign oil, for decades, yet we don’t endorse or authorize drilling on American soil.

Why are both Parties in favor of the Constitution, yet our rights and freedoms are slowly being denied? Why are both stating the greatness of our Country, while we are sinking fast into a bottomless pit of financial ruin? Why do they praise our brave military, yet they unmercifully try to deny them and their families their rightful pay and benefits? Why are we mirroring the images of proven failed societies and countries? Why are we taking a backseat in the world instead of becoming an admired leader? Why do we apologize, for our achievements and generosity? Why does an illegal alien have more rights and privileges than a natural born and raised American citizen, including our courageous, unselfish military personal or legal alien, becoming a citizens? Why are we tolerant of all those who have a strong desire to wipe us off the face of the earth, in the name of political correctness, yet we punish, the law abiding and the meek? Why do we continue to reward our enemies and chastise our friends and allies?  Why? Why? Why?

We must take the initiative as our forefathers intended, by peacefully reclaiming our Great Country for the People. Remember we must learn from history, because it does repeat itself, unless we take the necessary corrective steps. Compare the similarities of the Roman Empire and The United States Of America, there’s not much of a difference. Rome did fall, but for America it’s not too late?

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014


Happy Thansgiving,Merry Christmas

The Thanksgiving Holiday is just around the corner, which is followed by the welcomed hectic, reaction of unlimited exuberance and warmth that brings out a multiple display of exciting blissful acts of comfort associated with the festive Christmas season.

Even though we are faced with economic ruination, no matter what the Liberal Bureaucrats would have you to believe. We are experiencing high inflation, because the Obama Administration sees fit to produce mass unsupported currency making our money worthless. High unemployment, high gas prices, a useless, inept, corrupt, lying, manipulative government with Obama at the helm for another (4) four years, and a Republican Party, our only anti-checks and balances line of defense against total dictatorship, is in total disarray, God help Us.

This statement was continuously echoed throughout the past and present in public and private gatherings, which gave us a cold slap of reality check right in the face, “You Can Never Underestimate the Stupidity of the American Electorate”.

This was proven in this last Presidential election. One could only assume the American people, in selected sections of our “Great Union” have lost all their dignity and self respect, elated to live in a Country of Government Control, Totalitarianism, Authoritarianism, with controllable compulsory manipulative rules, regulations, limited freedoms, while circumventing our precious Constitution, and by-passing our unique checks and balances system.

Unfortunately history does repeat itself, remember His Highness Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Who could do no wrong, placed on a pedestal, given a life-time position as President while enslaving the American people? As in the words of Forest Gump, “Stupid is What Stupid Does”

They offered this freely, while selling their souls on bended knee kissing the hand that offers them scrapes from the table. This is not sour grapes. Unless you are wearing a blindfold and are oblivious to this downfall of American culture and ideology, anyone with a brain would realize this is not a fictional bedtime story, but actuality.

No matter what strong turmoil, successes, or convictions we are personally experiencing, we must always hold and defend our own sacred realm of religious beliefs against any forced intervention. This is still a special occasion for reflecting on life itself, consecrating and being thankful for all the important precious personal affections, family, friends, achievements, food, clothing, shelter and everyday survival. It is also a time to freely offer our unlimited generosity, hope, kindness, and love. No one is forced to participate, but all are invited. We must also extend comfort to all those who are experiencing sadness, loss or personal turbulences. We are still Americans and must help our Brothers and Sisters in the time of need, even if this Administration stresses division and separation.

Every branch of the United States Military, including all civilian personnel, and our loyal allies must always be acknowledged in our hearts and minds. Our total appreciation towards all these brave men and women, wherever they’re stationed, at home or abroad, for their generous dedication and valor must never be relinquished.

These gallant individuals unquestionably protect our total existence as a great Nation. Their courageousness in hazardous life threatening situations is offered freely, and without total regard for their own self-preservation. Their acts of bravery are liberally administered to defend all our precious freedoms, including our exclusive preferences of religious worship, without prejudice. Their audacious, noble, heroic unending love for America and its entire citizenry must always be appreciated and never criticized.

Let us all pray that Almighty God will protect them and their loving families always, and may each and every one of them come home safe and sound. These defenders of freedom must always have the confidence and strength that America’s love, trust, and loyalty are always with them. All of America’s elite protectors of extreme magnitude, including all our veterans who fought and participated in the defense of this great Country, the United States of America must never be forgotten.

If my statements offend anyone, tough, get a life, get over it. If you don’t like my simply act of extending a message of good will and happiness, towards everyone, especially our military, then walk away and don’t accept it. I have the right as a free American to say and express it and you and you have the option, right and privilege to acknowledge or reject it! But you absolutely, positively have no right to discredit, mock, censor, limit, or totally eliminate my religious beliefs or symbols.

Remember sensitivity and tolerance is a two way street. No one has a monopoly on religion, including the atheists. Your personal form of devotion is your absolute right. No one person or organization has sole ownership to that claim; it belongs to each and every American, without any form of forced malicious intent, prejudice or bigotry.

So acquire a copy of the United States Constitution. Read every article, paragraph and amendment with sincere reverence and pride. When finished, give it a big kiss and “Thank The Good Lord” every day, with every precious breath, that you are blessed, with the privilege, of living in The United States of America, our beloved free Nation, under God.

Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

   Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden is finally dead, alleluia, alleluia. This animal was sent to Hell by our unmatched, courageous Navy Seals Special Operations, Team 6. God Bless these elite protectors of freedom. God Bless all our brave Men and Women serving, wounded and gave the supreme sacrifice in all Our Armed Forces.

God Bless our Civilian Intelligence Personnel, serving throughout the world and at home. God Bless The Innocence who suffered at the hand of this Subterranean Maggot Of Human Waste. God Bless their loving Families, and most of all, God Bless America And Its Citizens.

We are truly blessed to be One Nation Under God. Some individuals and Media Announcers are stating and proclaiming that this event marks a wonderful time to be A Proud American.

Even though this is Great News. I must state this fact that we don’t need any elated celebrations, even of this amazing caliber. No matter how wonderful or fantastic, to give us any excuse or to justify our love and respect, for this (Our) Beloved Nation, that represents the Land Of The Free And Home Of The Brave.

I am proud, as well as each and every person that has the privilege of living here and being a citizen Of The United States Of American, should be, honored and proud each and every second in every minute of everyday. No excuses, no surrender.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014

 Secure Our Borders

Did you ever feel like a stranger in your own home? Did you ever feel like a foreigner in your own Country in which you were born and raised? Did you ever wonder why leaders of a so-called free society would humble themselves and bend over backwards to please illegal heathens, instead of supporting their own citizenry, law enforcement and our brave military including their families? Would you ever image that your blood, sweat and tears freely offered to preserve our precious Constitution, all our inalienable rights and for the privilege of being called an American citizen be taken for granted?

Well if you have, let’s shake hands and please allow me to share this resent personal outrage! I decided to go for a walk in one of our local municipal parks. Hurricane Irene just passed leaving some of the usual expected destruction, of floods, property damage telephone and power outages. The neighborhood corrected most of the devastation and remained basically calm. Everyone was safe and sound with the help and guidance of the Good Lord.

This walk was a form of therapeutic mediation on all that had happened within this honorific twenty four hour period. Let’s say this was needed to clean out the cobwebs. I rapidly realized this was a big mistake. Instead of giving my self a relaxing moment of prayer, exercise and refection, I was confronted with individuals speaking every other dialog except for the English language.

I came across families barbecuing, playing under the water sprinklers, loud incoherent music, soccer, various games and activities. Each group was waving the flags of their designated home Countries, offering it their pride, love and respect. I was completely astonished and mortified that no honor, distinction or recognition was displayed or extended to our beloved American flag. The Flag of the United States of America wasn’t in sight.

This naturally not only made my blood boil but made me so angry that it gave me an unsympathetic cold hard slap of reality right across my face. My sad conclusion identified these invaders of our land as disrespectful freeloaders, here to totally milk our sacred American dream dry for their own selfishness and arrogance. There was absolutely no honor or affection administered towards our great Country and its people that gave them unquestionable freedom of choice, without tyranny. 

There are some, who are so grateful to be here, and love America to the fullest! They came here legally, worked hard, obeyed our laws and filed for citizenship; these are fantastic individuals with whom I would be proud to call my fellow American brothers and sisters. After all America was built on legal, hard working, unselfish immigration. Immigrants, who believed in these words that were expressed, by President John F. Kennedy at his inauguration address, who said, “Ask not what your Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country”

Today’s immigration is a crap shoot, mostly comprised of blood sucking, sometimes violent illegal aliens, or individuals with alterative motives. They disobey our laws, with absolutely no tolerance towards any or all of our American traditions or ideologies. These law breakers must be deported immediately. The cruel joke of offering any amnesty, to them, must be eliminated from our vocabulary and never enter the picture.

Now we are constantly hearing that our President, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” might be trying to consolidated the Hispanic and any other combined Foreign Nationals’ able to vote by offering his full and complete pardon of all those who crossed our boarders illegally. This would obviously prove his willingness to sell our Country without any good conscience for his own selfish gain and thirty pieces of silver, or should we say he’s trying to buy his second term.

This definitely smells of Chicago politics, justifying any form of political manipulation, which is to do anything, say anything for a vote, even if you have to give away your own mother. This is an abomination which will eventually destroy our heritage and existence.

Have we become so numb by our elected officials that we idly sit by, while the spineless give away our Country? Have we become cowards to one sided political correctness, and false tolerance, which is slowly digging our own hole into oblivion?

Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev said “we will bury you without firing a shot”! Was this statement totally bogus and only used as a form of intimidation, think again? The incoherent Barack Hussein Obama relinquished our “Space Program” and gave it to the Russians on a silver platter. They are now our landlords. Hopefully this big mistake made, by Obama, one of many, will not come back and bite us in the near future, potentially sacrificing our National Security. We are giving away the store and no one seems to care?

Is it a coincidence or is it just a well thought out manipulated scheme developed by this Administration to maneuver federal judges in authorizing negative interpretations, which limits jurisdiction, towards any State that initiates a tough new immigration law?

It doesn’t take a physic to predict that we are on a course of self destruction. This must stop? Use every peaceful means of protect to end this abusive lawlessness targeted to over throw of our Country, and restricts our freedoms. Defend and protect America, together with our sacred Constitution. Secure all our borders, stop illegal immigration, before it’s too late?

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014


What really happened to this fantastic, so called, role model of manufacturing green products of the ultimate extreme excellence called “Solyndra”? This Company received unlimited praise by our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and was portrayed by his enthusiasm as the frontier beacon and symbol of all progressive future American Made technological advancements in producing alternative forms of energy, replacing fossil fuel.

We were repeatedly told that this Company was slated to aggressively build solar panels, identifying them as true champions of America and the American people. That will aggressively relieve the burden of our Country’s dependency and the clutches from foreign controlled oil.

Unfortunately for the hard working taxpayers, who are labeled as the endless milk producing cow, by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party, and the Progressives are forcefully and wastefully being picked clean of their finances, without permission, to subsidize these unproductive public and private programs.

No one had the opportunity to investigate or offer any kind of a protest. In fact this project was shelved and buried during the Bush Administration as being too unstable with no facts. It was recklessly revived by our present Administration identifying it as a positive influence, extending them financial assistance, in the form of another bailout and subsidy. Why, because it mirrored their “Green Agenda”.

Government controlled private businesses have no positive means of growth in our Society. They just carry over the same mentality as any Government agency that has no incentives for success, they answer to no one. They just have an unlimited expense account of unlimited means, with the American people as their stockholders. Regrettably, the stockholders, in these cases, have absolutely no voice, control, vote or in this process. 

This gift to “Solyndra” was easily compensated with the authorization of an open door policy they had with the White House. This Administration freely donated to their cause; after all it wasn’t their money, one half billon taxpayer dollars, without due process of the proper checks and balances that would be afforded to any investment.

Most programs initiated by our present Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party have spendthrift policies of expected high exulted grandeur. They have proven to be costly failures with multiple futile attempts of incompetence and humiliation. This unfortunately was no exception; to the rule. The company went belly up, in a relatively short period of time; we’re not talking months or years, but weeks? This left a lot of questions being unanswered?

These questions are the obvious, who, what, when, where, why, and how was this lucrative donation approved and monitored? Was it just another obvious sad mistake in judgment or was it just another form of accelerated sanctioned means of runaway squander and corruption initiated and approved too frequently by key individuals of this administration.  Once again the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democratic Party has portrayed reasonable doubt and distrust. They are the true masters of fraud, spin and sleaze?

The two main characters involved, Brian Harrison, Chief Executive and Bill Stover, Chief Financial Officer of “Solyndra” were ordered to appear and testify before the House Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee regarding their company's recent and abrupt bankruptcy.  At the advice of their Council they declared their Constitutional right according to the Fifth Amendment, of our Constitution. This states that “no one shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself”.

Even though they have every right to do so, and it doesn’t presume their guilt or innocence, this was an obvious slap in the face to the American people. Why they can’t answer simple non accusing questions? What are they hiding? Are they expecting the “White House” to ride in on their “White Horse” to save the day? This is a definite show of disrespect?

They built a brand new facility, because they claimed the old one couldn’t be upgraded and accommodate production, to their satisfaction. This new facility had all the best amenities, and based in California. This needless to say was all constructed on the taxpayers’ dime.

An individual doesn’t have to be a Member of the United States Supreme Court or a licensed investigator to realize there’s an awful stench in Washington D.C., our Nation’s Capital. Could this possibly be a deliberate well thought out plan of unscrupulous motives, deceit and manipulations which had authorized underhanded secret dealings with criminal intent?

This injustice must stop immediately! We lost our way as a free people, yielding and selling our souls to the devil for a mere bag of worthless shells. A government Of, By and For the people is slowing but surely disintegrating into non-existence, right before our eyes.

Our inalienable rights are constantly being violated. The Constitution is only quoted and honored, by the left, when it defends hypocrisy and bigotry, with the voices of the people constantly being muted and compromised. We must peacefully take back what’s rightfully ours, everything that was stolen by these self centered demigods. Remember these great and immortal words of our last true Conservative President, Ronald Reagan who stated, “A government’s first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives”. God Bless America.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014

Reality Or Fiction

Are we actually seeing the big picture relating to the Wall Street Protestors? Unfortunately this clueless, something for nothing mentality and bogus outrage has spread uncontrollably and violent to other parts of the United States and the World. This spreading contagious fungus left a wide open range of theories and accusations towards certain selected individuals of modern day anarchy.

The more information discovered, the more of the picture is being revealed? The liberal news media who sing praises of this protest in one breath and condemns the Tea Party gatherings in another are well know for their two faced existence. They have no scruples in pushing the pedal to the metal in their positive rhetoric of praise towards these opponents of Capitalism. Especially when they received the approval from our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” who publicly condoned their actions?

The audacity, of their attempt, at one point,  to legitimize, by comparing the actions between the Wall Street demonstrators and the Tea Party is totaling ludicrous and ridiculous’, Their skillful acts of developing, a positive imaginary spin to the populous fell short.. Even with all their bold faced lies and misguided half truths of unbelievable magnitude; they attempted to recruit the independents to the side of these protestors enhancing their creditability.

Don’t put your trust in any poll that assumes their popularity has increased? Polls can easily be swayed to one side or another; it depends on the wording, who is being polled and who is conducting the poll?

This in their warped liberal minds would reflect Obama as an extreme intellectual leader? He would be laughingly anointed as the king of kings among peasants? Have they no shame, as to sell their Constitutional right of the Freedom of the Press, just for the chance to ultimately genuflect and bow at his feet. They’re despicable.

Their job is the report the news in a fair and honest environment instead of extending their opinions, by protecting their own self interests and liberal ideologies into the mix, confusing the uninformed as a righteous cause. This favored manipulation is only privileged to those who meet with their standards, while defending Obama’s incompetence as a guilt free intellectual miracle worker here to save humanity?

Throughout these days of turmoil, they selectively interviewed individuals from Hollywood. These unstable, illogical and hypocritical phony Marxist loving, actors, actress, directors and producers that made their lucrative portfolios and livelihood in a Capitalist environment. Now come out of the woodwork, creating an illusionary atmosphere of being sympathetic, to all those who want to be labeled as economic, monetary sufferers. The protestors are actually fooled into believing that these so-called “legends in their own minds” celebrities are friends of their movement. While they mockingly display their sincerity, as if they really feel their pain, what a joke?

Maybe this will create another award crediting them with their abilities and talents in extending their two-faced double standard hypocrisy towards their ignorant and naive followers, who truly idolize them and believes their lies.

They interviewed the homeless, the Socialist, The Communist, the Liberal Democrats, The College Professor, The College Student, as well as all those using this planned cause of stupidity as an excuse of having a good time partying. The only individuals we didn’t hear from are Wall Street themselves, why? You would think that all those being targeted would have a legitimate defensive voice and spiteful vendetta against Obama, “The Chosen One”, and his followers for these constant forms of harassments toward them. You would think that all their threats and ultimatums against them would bring out a sense of urgency in self preservation.

There are a number of unanswered questions, including how quickly these demonstrations went from peaceful to violent, in the United States and throughout the World? Is this an actual well thought out plan secretly developed and initiated as a joint effort between Wall Street, Obama, and Riot/Revolution makers such as George Sores, helping to re-elect Communist/Socialist Obama? This would not only strengthen his loony base, but would also develop a link with the renegade stragglers of social/economical redistributions of wealth against Capitalism that authorizes more power to government and less to the people?

Was Obama’s complete sanction of this movement actually now backfiring in his face, by the same people he supported with some now associating him as part of the blame?  Is this now something that’s getting out of hand, above and beyond his control? Will he now have a change in attitude and distance himself from them?

Is this a far fetch fantasy, a tale of fiction, then why would a number of associated Wall Street Giants in the Financial World and Industry of stocks, bonds and investments, contributed largely to Obama’s re-election fund? Think about it?

William P Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014

Revolutionize  With Determination

Hope and Change sounds good to the heart and soul, it gives new purpose and meaning to the despair, the bleak or the desperate. It brings a spark of cheer to a society of people that is depressed, with no future,  self esteem or leadership. This, of course should have no relationship, bearing or identification to the United States of America that was founded on strength and courage that established  a unique Government consisting Of, By, and For the People?

We the People, control our own destiny, by the powers and rights granted to us by God and our Constitution. Ever since the conception of this Great Nation, these great words of freedom were the cornerstone of independence. This will always be solidly echoed throughout the world loud and clear. We are free; we are a nation of laws founded by the people. We must never forget our duties as Americans that "we the people" rule our government, and the government with all its arrogance must be peacefully put in their place. They have only one purpose and that is to serve and only be answerable to the wishes and will of its citizenry.

No foreign influences that are adversely affecting our independence, our laws or Constitution will be permitted or accepted. No illegal immigration will be tolerated. These individuals must have no voices, business, places or rights to participate in any part of our ideology. They are non existent. They have no purpose or meaning. Only the law bidding legal residents have the right to stay at our discretion? The illegal aliens are criminals and should be treated as such. This non-sense bought forth to us by any Administration who wants to condone or justify the law breakers, grants amnesty, or tries to reverse any or all of our sacred beliefs that made our Country so special, by deliberately destroying any part through dictatorial rule must be stopped in its tracks.

Our Country was not created by Hope and Change. It was founded by courage, bravery, sacrifice and the thirst for freedom. Our forefathers did not knee, cutesy, bow or beg to the King of England, who at the time our glorious revolution was the most powerful in the world. They didn’t ask him for his permission to independently secede themselves from English rule. They didn’t ask for his consent or authorization to submit our most precious document announcing to the world our freedom “The Declaration of Independence”/

These unbelievable individuals, our brothers and sisters of the American Revolution lost a lot, family, friends, property and their own lives to preserve,  and secure the birth our Country, in the name of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. No other Country in history can equally match, our greatness, in the name of freedom, with such outstanding pride, guts, valor, and fortitude. These words, One Nation, under God, must be forever persevered, and etched into our mind.

Why are we giving in, so freely, slowly but surely relinquishing our inalienable rights by compromising to the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats and The Progressives who disgrace our Country? Why are we yielding to all those who wish to see our demise, blame America first and are elated when we bow down passively to our enemies?

Why are we allowing the illegal aliens to dictate our existence? Why are we undermining all the glorious achievements of our Patriot ancestors, our Veterans, and the American citizenry, by allowing tolerance to jeopardize our national security and sovereignty? Why are we submitting to the Minority, instead our true belief in democracy of the Majority? The American people have lost their memory; we are not servants, but leaders, of the free world

Some have sold their souls to the devil, the United States Government. They have given and accepted the Governments full control over their lives and destiny, for a mere bag of shells, thirty pieces of worthless silver. They have ignored the sacrifices made by many. They have submitted to a government that inflicts forced mandatory compliances on its people. This is totally absurd and unacceptable. This is not the American way?

So get off that submissive mentality of “Hope and Change”, replace it with “Revolutionize With Determination”. This is our Country, complacency, compromise and appeasement is our enemy. Don’t allow this to happen, stand up and be counted, let your voices, desires and demands be heard, by using the tools our forefathers gave us. Remember always, "We the People"are the Masters of our Government.

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2011-2014

     Do What I Say 

The Republican nomination fight is on; there are four corners to the ring, where each candidate stands. The tremendous blows so far are being thrown by Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney. Both gladiators are blocking the potential damage by weaving and bobbing to avoid that final knockout punch. The other two, Rick Santorum and the ever so out spoken, closer to the Libertarian views and ideologies, Ron Paul are moving ever so slowly towards the center, ready, willing an able to deliver a painful kidney punch. Their ineffectiveness to elaborate on the positives, assisted by a deaf and dumb media and lack of internal support from their own Party establishment, are proving to be a hindrance to their campaigns, except for Romney.

It seems as though the fix is in, with the death warmed over, Old Grand Old Party, fixtures endorsing Romney, jamming him down our throats weather we like it or not. There are a few renegades, supporting his opposition but for the most part it’s Romney, their anointed hand picked, controllable poster boy? As they’re battling it out, Obama sits in political luxury, relentlessly, guarded in an atmosphere of untouchable bliss, blaming everyone for America’s downfall except for himself, the number one culprit

The smart money is still being placed on the incumbent, who is the odds on favorite, even with all his incompetent Socialistic mishaps is Our President; Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”. He realizes that complacency, Republican internal fighting, and electorate ignorance is his number one asset and ally. He sits in the back ground, with unlimited financial resources and a protective shield of political spin and false praises. His cronies demonstrate a relentless obedience of personal humiliation in defending his dysfunctional existence as his obvious title and so-called Leader of the Free World. His bought and sold puppets of liberal associates in the communications and performance industries hold key spots in brain washing our youth and the ill informed albatrosses of our community.

The first Lady Michelle Obama has appeared on numerous shows from renovating homes for the less fortunate, to popular children variety sitcom, which offered help, and support to our military families. This is geared to reflect a sympathetic view of her dedication towards the American people and our Military. This smoke in mirrors tactics which will attempt to affect and sway the young and the naive that she is still proud to be an American, as long as it meets in her self imposed standards, relating to her mental capacity of maneuvering them towards her dominate demands and her way of thinking.

Yet during the tenth anniversary of 911, in New York, during one of the ceremonies, at Ground Zero where this tremendous catasophere was viciously enacted by Muslim terrorist extremists. She showed her true colors, at a respectful demonstration honoring our precious American flag. She arrogantly leaned toward her husband, the President, and was caught on camera saying, “All this for a Dame Flag”? This was mysteriously hidden and kept a secret by the main stream liberal media to the American public, why? What despicable display of disrespect? What a snake? The President just smiled, with a grin and gave an accepted yes sigh with his head.

She has the ability to be a very negative force over America and the American people, by inflicting her will on a society already decimated, by a runaway Government. She has the gall to dictate a way of life in her own image, which she controls every aspect of an individual’s dignity and independence. She even places boundaries and limitations on the consumption of food, manipulating life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, while she is constantly caught doing the opposite. “Do what I say and don’t do what I do” is a familiar quote which comes to mind, while her Kool-Aide supporters of idiocies praise her every move, and tries to wipe clean her tarnished characteristics.

Any person with a small amount of intelligence knows we are being fooled once again by the Marist Socialist Liberal Democrats and the Progressives. These familiar tactics are so clear that the most expensive costume couldn’t disguise the Obama’s shame. No matter how much they attempt to increase their popularity and regal grandeur appearances. The biggest problems we as a Nation confront are all those metal midgets, who haven’t a clue, and believe their abominations of lies.

The time is now to change America’s leadership before it’s too late? 2012 is a very important year for America. Don’t get fooled again? If we continue to sit idly by while these demigods flagrantly dismiss our Constitution and all of our Inalienable Rights, then we don’t deserve having them? Are we going to preserve and defend our liberty and freedoms, or just give them away without protest? We are in control of our destiny. This is a wonderful, fantastic Country in which “We the People” are in Control, not a King and Queen? Remember and don’t forget to exercise your power of the vote and change our course back to greatness. The time is now, to save ourselves, our freedoms, our Constitution and our Country

William P. Frasca

Copyright 2012-2014

Meet Your New Primary Care  Physician

Look Below

This Dollar Bill Is Stamped In Red " No God But Allah"

What’s happening to America? Are we becoming subservient to political correctness? Are we afraid to defend ourselves out of fear of being called or labeled intolerant, prejudice or a bigot, accepting a humiliating disgraceful existence, by all those who demand respect, with unquestionable obedience, while laughing at our naive passive behavior?

Are we freely becoming “Lap Dogs” to all those who wish to destroy our culture, our faith, our history, our ideologies? Are we relinquishing all our God Given Inalienable rights, without a fight? Why are we tolerating this? Did we lose our passion, our pride, our dignity? Stand Up America! Wake up!

This nonsense must stop! Obviously, “they want what they want”. They are unwilling to abide or conform to American ideals. They have no love for our Country. They are blood sucking inhabitants with only one ambition and that is to completely overthrow our Great Nation, hook, line and sinker, dominating us all into total submission. Unfortunately, some of our elected political Representatives are willing participants in helping and assisting them to achieve their goal.

We as Americans are being held captive, by extremist and illegal aliens. History has proven the fall of mighty Empires in the past, who didn’t read the handwriting on the wall, and thought through their own arrogance and foolishness that their civilization will never end; but before they knew it, they were annihilated, defeated and enslaved, by their heartless, unconscionable, sadistic enemies.

We are dealing with individuals who have no respect for us, our life liberty and our pursuit of happiness. Our Constitution and laws have no meaning in their warped mentality and sick existence. Any religion except their own is considered “heathen” which allows no tolerance, or option, but total submission and conformation to their beliefs or be destroyed. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. Read your history, only a few civilizations actually survived these fanatical invaders.

If anyone hands you this dollar bill with this stamp, refuse to accept it without any hesitation, freedom of religion must be preserved. All our “God Given Inalienable Rights” must be preserved. Your beliefs and worships are your own personal choosing and must never be forced to comply, out of fear or threats from someone else’s mandatory demands, wishes or desires.

This Country was founded on freedom. Don’t be afraid to say, in a loud voice, and shout it from the highest mountain top, God Bless America! In God We Trust! We’re mad as hell and we’re not taking it anymore!

William P. Frasca Copyright 2012 -2013

Brainwash Education

Do you really want our public school children in America visiting mosques, getting on their knees, being brainwashed and participating in prayers, while our Judeo/Christian beliefs, values and the Bible are constantly mocked, desecrated, disgrace and condemned, by the Obama Liberal/Progressive demigods.  

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